Light Red

Light Red
Vigne del Pellagroso
Lombardy, Italy

Beautiful garnet color. Has a bottle cap, but don’t let that dissuade you. Pop and there’s the tart cherry and a little barnyard that wanders away. Takes a little bit, but is totally worth it. Gives you a touch of the dark side funk. Bring on the funk. Slosh around in your glass, and taste the juicy fruity tangy cherry, tart strawberries, a little funky which dissipates and is refreshing and silky with a touch of good darkness (embrace it you know you want to). I want this and a picnic waiting on me after I finish rowing. Some mortadella and salami, some squishy cheese, some crusty bread, and a slab of butter. Confession there are times during lockdown, I have found myself craving Kerrygold, and eating a good slice of it in the dark. Don’t look at me in shame. You know you all have cracked, and done something like this. 

Pairs with Cheez-Its: makes it even more lively and spirited, and the cheez-its deeper

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