Keep It On Repeat

Tenuta Belvedere
Coccìnea 2016
Provincia di Pavia IGT
100% Croatina
Natural wine, hand harvested, indigenous yeasts
Montacalvo Versiggia, Oltrepò Pavese, Lombardia, Italy
Winemakers: Federica and Gianluca Cabrini

Deep ruby darkness. Let it breathe just a bit and scents of dark plums, prunes, dried cherries, raisins, a tiny bit of dried pineapple, whiff of pinesap, and earthy hillside…just rich enough. Wow, the taste, is…this is so much or should I say a powerful embrace filled with emotion. Again there are dark plums/prunes, dried figs, a pinch of black pepper, cherries and dried ones too, strawberry caps and some grass, piney pops, blackberries with seeds for the bite, and blueberries. It’s a lovely harmony of field and forest.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: deeper darker harder velvet tang

My first Tenuta Belvedere wine, was WAI 2018, Sparkling Rosé and it was a glass of bright, fun “summer love”. Coccìnea 2016, is also full of love…but it’s comforting and passionate at the same time, and creeps up on you as you sip away. Kind of like a Mark Eitzel song, the way his voice floats and wraps around you filled with such warm emotion. Yeah, the more I think about it, dim the lights and put his song “An Answer” on repeat, pour a glass and it’s a perfect romantic pair.

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Bubbles Worth Diving For

St. Donat (Szent Donát)
5BAR 2020
Brut Nature
Sparkling White Wine
Olaszrizling, Furmint
Organic, unfined, unfiltered
Csopak, Hungary
Winemaker: Tamás Kovács

Pale yellow gold with tiny bubbles tracing fictional maps on the surface. From the moment the cap is popped there’s scents of white donut peaches, yellow plum, fresh citrus spritz, a smidge of a real croissant not made in this continent, shake of salt, a little grass (the fresh cut kind). Sip and it’s crisp. There’s citrus pop of lemon/lime mix, and touch of the white donut peach that turns into apples and pears. It’s fresh and exuberant tongue tingling goodness with a touch of yeast. It’s just darn exciting, and I want this for my next birthday, but I think we’ll need a few more since it’s 375ml.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: wow it’s perfect!

So what’s the deal the antique diving helmet on the label? Yeah, I know absolutely nothing about diving, since I am terrified of being eaten by a shark. An ex-aunt (I’m so glad she is an EX) put the whole shark idea in my mind at a very young age, and I’ve spent years trying to get past it. Anyway, back to the bubbly. So happy that the winery/Tamás has a site & blog that answer it all (well, with auto google translate). It’s named 5BAR since it’s fermented to that pressure, “which is just like swimming in the sea 50 meters deep” (my brain immediately thinks 🦈). “I see this as a good balance point, less pressure, less sweeping, lots of fruit left and no foaming so much.” Also explains the small size too, “Half a bottle is often enough for two people.” Well, I’m not so sure about that because, in my world if there’s two of us, “we’re going to need a bigger boat bottle”.

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Biodynamic Cool

Mas Théo
‘L’imprévu’ 2016
Syrah (mostly), Grenache & Mourvèdre
Organic & biodynamic
Drôme Provençale , Rhône, France
Winemaker & farmer: Laurent Clapier

Ruby rimmed purple (and later so is my tongue). Breathing in deep and tart cherries, plums, strawberry preserves, and a tiny whiff of what I remember as a kid…the outside of a licorice jelly bean which then fades into herbal mix of juniper, fennel and good funk. Tarty tang and dark cherries again just dancing on my tongue, and in a little bit they’re joined by dried brown Turkish figs, forest floor earthiness with a twinge of pepper and juniper that opens into blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries. Everything melds together like a beautifully woven tapestry.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: perfect

The vineyards are only one part of Laurent’s organic/biodynamic big picture. Mas Théo has 5 different terroirs over 173 acres which give him an opportunity to diversify. They also have lavender, olives, truffle oaks, and hay which is very important because Laurent uses it as a trade with cattle farmers. Oh it’s not for beef to put on the table, but for manure to go back into nourishing the land. He also acquired the Caves Cathédrales to house his winery…a very smart move since the average temp year round is 57F. One more cool thing about the Caves (and Laurent) is that there is plenty of space, in fact enough to share, such as in space for others to age their bottles and room for new/young winemakers to create their own wines. Now that’s very, very cool in so many ways.

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Something Special Going on Here

Weingut Claus Preisinger
Puszta Libre! 2020
Zweigelt, St. Laurent
Organic, biodynamic unfined, unfiltered, spontaneous fermentation
Gols, Burgenland, Neusiedlersee, Austria
Winemaker: Claus Preisinger

Beautiful deep ruby that needs a good chill. Starting with a long whiff of smoke and salt joined with cherry, raspberry, blueberry, strawberry, orange zest, and a little all spice. Pace yourself because this is another one of those easy drinkers…like can potentially get you in trouble if you keep chugging easy, so beware of “wine goggles”. You’ll know what I’m talking about when you take a sip. There’s tart cherry along with a lemon spark of fresh followed by black pepper. Next up is juicy strawberry (like when you wait for them to hit that dark almost overripe red color and pick it and eat it in the garden), plums, blackberries, blueberries and white pepper on the back along with a bit of smoke. Just lively and lovely!

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: brings out the citrus zip and blueberries

Everything I’m finding about Claus Preisinger…he is so full of vibrant life (heck he’s a surfer/kitesurfer!) and in tune/connected with nature, and has a “less is more” ethic from the soil, the vines, and in the cellar. The winery and vineyards are settled near Lake Neusiedl, and this very modern architecture popping out of a peaceful lush countryside just somehow beautifully works, feels right and kind of looks magical. He really has something special going on there and knows it, as he said on “The Living Vine”, ‘I don’t have to go to an office; don’t have any traffic jams; am outside in nature and the vineyards as much as I want (and the vines demand); I just look across the landscape and feel the weather. All of this is a privilege that I appreciate (more and more).’ 🍷

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46 + 46 + 13 = ???

Southold Farm + Cellar
Basics of Life 2019
Red blend
Touriga Nacional 46%, Dolcetto 46%, Mataro 13%  (It’s what it says on the bottle)
Native yeasts, unfined, unfiltered
Texas Hill Country
Fredericksburg, Texas

Hazy ruby plum. Scents bouncing around of raspberries, cherries…(sound of car wheels screech!!!) holy crap! It’s filled with hay and vinegar. Sip and oh lord! Sigh…hoping my next encounter is better. I should have taken the back label as a sign since it’s 105% grapes. 🤣 For the record, I’ve had other Southold wines that have been absolutely fab, but sadly this was just an off bottle. Hey, it happens 🤷‍♀️

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Just One More

Lapati Wines
Kidev Erti
Tavkveri 2019
Natural sparkling wine rosé
60% Tavkveri & 40% of Chinuri (both from Shida Kartli region)
Natural, organic, & environment friendly, 1 month fermentation in qvervi
Sagarejo, Kakheti, Georgia
Winemakers: Vincent Jullien and Guillaume Gouerou

Pale salmon with active white bubbles dancing in patterns on the surface. Breathing in tiny strawberries and cherries (and an underlying hint of cherry Twizzlers), a little plum, yeasty bread, and all of this is super light. First sip and it’s a tart cherry seltzer, a lemon tingle blended with a little underripe apple, and just a smidge of strawberries (green and ripe). Very, very vibrating on the lips and easy drinking that you don’t have to overthink (so don’t do what I’ve been doing.) Just follow the instructions in its name “Kidev Erti” because it says for you to have “one more”.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: yeah it works. Really doesn’t change much.

I could start with the good ol’ joke, 2 Frenchmen walk into a bar…or in this case into Georgia, but its a bit more than that. Vincent was on the scene first already investigating sparkling, and Guillaume showed up for an art residency. They found mutual conversation and ground (now literally in Sagarejo) and embarked on creating Lapati Wines. They blend Georgian and French/European natural ways of winemaking and even though they’re not certified biodynamic they follow the practices because they respect nature, the environment, and very importantly the final outcome in their wine.

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When You Can’t Stay Away From Your Roots

Sambucese (The Heart of a Native Sicilian) 2020
Catarratto 70% Chardonnay 20%
Terre Siciliane IGT
Sicily, Italy
Made by native Sicilians and the man that brings them together, Charlie Verde

Pale straw and the slightest twinge of green. Drifting in are scents of honeysuckle, fresh rained on slate, and then shortly light lilacs pop up along with a blend of pears, peaches and nectarines. First sip and there’s honeysuckle, pears, peaches and nectarines again and this time very crisp with a spark of grass. Oh, this is a little fun surprise, there’s a tiny pop of Lemonhead candy (but not the sweet part) and some lime zest which is a delicious combination. You’ll be charmed by this youngster by first glass!

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: just smooth drinking

From what I’m finding, Charlie Verde couldn’t stay away from his Sicilian roots. Born in Sambuca di Sicilia, he did venture to the U.S. to seek his fortune & future. Time passed, a wife and family were included and it was time to revisit his homeland. Needless to say he felt that spark, the beauty of Sicily and it’s inhabitants and of course the wine. Now, he’s bringing the best of his Sicily to you (more than just wine too!), through Verde Imports, and as they say, “we understand that not only is quality of our products important, but quality of the people we work with, as well”. The honest, hardworking and passionate people that Mr. Verde has chosen are a recipe for delicious success.

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Magical Mixture

St. Agrestis
St. Agrestis Inferno Bitter, house-made Torino style vermouth & Greenhook Ginsmiths American Dry Gin
24% ABV
Brooklyn, NY

Dark reddish amber pour. Breathing in a mash of delicious herbal goodness (a touch of Ricola), orange peels, and a little juniper berry. Holy crap this is GOOD! My mouth is tingling. All the scents are there. Sweet and bitter herbal (this time not Ricola) mashup, sweet sipping vermouth, singed orange peels and juniper berry. And a small comforting burn that is not harsh but refreshing. This magical mixture packs a punch of joy and celebration. Has me craving a hefty slice of fresh baked right out of the oven gingerbread.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: Don’t even think about it!

So glad to have a friend point this Negroni out to me because somehow this is one of the few bottled cocktails I have missed. Once again it’s a #shoplocal (which I ❤️) Brooklyn born concoction and their dream team is formed of brothers Louie and Matt Catizone and their gin-perienced friend, Steven DeAngelo (Greenhook Ginsmiths). There’s only one regret I have about picking up this little bottle…I should have picked up the “Negroni Fountain” which is their 1.75L Bag in a box. Perfect for a party pop up!

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A Bottle of Family Heritage, Dedication & Love

Domaine Barmès-Buecher
Crémant d’Alsace
Brut Nature 2018
48% Pinot Gris, 36% Pinot Auxerrois, 16% Chardonnay
Biodynamic, Méthode Ancienne, hand harvested, no added sugar
Wettolsheim, Alsace, France
Winemaking family: Maxime, Sophie and Geneviève Barmès

Pale straw with very active teeny bubbles. At first my nose tingles and then there’s a light creaminess of pears and golden delicious apples (as y’all know is my favorite), a fresh tiny citrus squish that leans toward green fruit, next up are toasted mellow almonds, a little salt, and as it grows…whiffs of a fresh baked bâtard that go in and out. Here comes the sip. Sparkle, sparkle, zing! It’s crisp and creamy at the same time…a bite of green apples picked right off the tree with a lemon zest, Ya Li pears, nectarines, and a smidge of Marcona almond or macadamia nut on the backside which brings it all together in a glass of dry refined elegance. For the love of all things sacred, please do not use this in a brunch cocktail!!!

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: surprisingly fab and brings out the pears

The Buecher and Barmès families had wine roots in the area since the 17th century. Once Geneviève and François married along came the creation of Domaine Barmès-Buecher in 1985. Currently brother and sister (Maxime & Sophie) have joined their mother in honoring the family heritage, values, dedication to keeping everything biodynamic, respecting the terroir, and letting the moon guide them; which is quite admirable and a whole lot of hard work. They’re also keeping their wine team small with only 5 other members (other than themselves), and they look pretty bonded. If you take a peek at their social media you’ll see a recent outing they went on to what looks like an amazing spa day. With perks like that, this is a team/family that I wish I could join!

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Glub Glub Glub, Glou Glou Glou

Person Wine Co.
Mackerel 2020
Pét Nat Extra Brut
Pinot Grigio
Minimal influence
Napa, California
Winemakers: Dan and Jacqueline Person

Pale gold pour with green undertones and super active bubbles. Pop, pop, pop and out of the bubbles come whiffs of apples, brioche, a squeeze of lemon and a basket of ripe pears. Tickling my tongue are lemons and limes smashed with red apples, pears and nectarines. Oh yum there’s also a edge of full on my granny’s butter poundcake yet it’s still crisp, and a little green bitter tinge on the back with some lime zest. Oh you light and happy fishy, you are such an easy drinker and will have me going glou glou all night!

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: ugh NO!

Dan and Jacqueline want to welcome all y’all to their “Sparkling Revolution”. Carboniste isn’t trying to masquerade as a champagne copy but instead embrace its California roots, weather, terroir & beautiful fruit. They’re also keeping the wines young, modern, clean, fresh, and fun…kinda like the aquatic friends on their bottles. Side note: I’ve been googling to find out who is their label artist (No luck! Well, whoever you are nice work!) and hilariously every other image is Han Solo in Carbonite. OMG there is a life-sized statue made from the original “Empire Strikes Back” molds and it’s signed by Harrison Ford! Yes, I am swooning now, and it can be mine for only $49.999.99 on eBay, but then think of all the bottles of bubbly I could get for that $$$. I guess I’m a grown-up now if wine is now more important than Star Wars. 🥂

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