Sage Rat Wine
White Blend 2021
Riesling 70%, Pinot Grigio 30%
Sustainable, native yeasts, unfined & unfiltered
Yakima, Washington
Winemaker: Dusty Jenkins

Pale yellow with green tint. Scents of green apples, crisp pears, a lemon splash, and all floating in on a sea breeze. Delicious yet easy wake up call to my tongue of lemon/lime mix, fresh and crisp green apples & pears again, mellow white peaches, and a welcome lick of granite and salt. This is one you can drink all day and keep on loving it like the first glass.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: nice…it rounds everything out

Dusty Jenkins had an established winemaking or “cellar rat” background before he wound his path back to Washington to establish his own venture,Sage Rat Wine”. It’s one friendly and somewhat fancy little bunch of critters/bottles. I actually thought this is a fictional creature he dreamed up, and then I saw what looked like a prairie dog hanging out with a glass on their IG page…then I Googled. Oh that was not what I was expecting! They are real! Not only that they are adorable and their real name is “Belding’s ground squirrel”. I love little creatures like these furry burrowing friends, and then to my horror…there are guides you can pay to go on a hunt for them (do not look on YouTube)! Yeah, some see them as pests (ok evidently a lot of people), but well…it’s probably like the battle going on between my dad and a resident squirrel which I have refused to be a part. Maybe, they would get better press if they had the Blue Sky Studios & Disney+ treatment/makeover like “Scrat”. Well, Dusty has totally elevated them in name with his bottle of summer afternoon delight, and I can’t wait to try more of his wines that are all a taste of Yakima.

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Because I’m Happy!

Bodega Txakoli Rezabal
Txakoli 2021
Getariako Txakolina D.O.
White wine
100% Hondarrabi Zuri
Sustainable, hand harvested, indigenous yeasts
Zarautz, Basque Country, Spain
Family owned winery: The Rezabals

Yellow starlight with green interplanetary play. Wow this is lush at very first pour with scents wafting out of peaches, pears, lilies, and as time goes by all starts to level out and then tangerine creeps out and waves a tiny hello with a little lime zest. Now everything blends and grooves with some rained on slate and salt…so fresh and lovely. Those peaches and pears are still there dancing on my tongue with a tingle of crisp lime/lemon/citrus zip with a rim of salt. Full of life and even a little flirty sassy fun, a whole lot of joy that can lead to being the life of the party. I think I know who is going to be my date. ❤️

Pairs with Cheez-It’s:brings more tarty to the party

The Rezabals are rooted in their passing of the wine/vine from generation to generation and holding on to traditions while utilizing today’s technology. It’s a beautiful harmony of the people, land, their micro-climate, and of course in the end the excellent grapes that convey their whole story. As they say, “Txakoli Rezabal is a living product, with its own personality”, which is “HAPPY!” Now that is a spot on description. No wonder this catchy tune that always brings me a smile and makes my heart bubble over with joy…no matter my mood was stuck in my head for days. So pour another glass and 🎶“Clap along if you feel…Can’t nothing, bring me down.” 🎶

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Back To Bío Bío

Estación Yumbel
Pipeño 2020
100% País
Really old vines (150 years), dry farmed, hand harvested, unfined, unfiltered, (uncertified) organic & biodynamic
Secano Interior de Yumbel (Bío Bío Valley), Chile
Husband & wife wine team: Mauricio González Carreño & Daniela Tapia Berardi

Bright cherry beauty. Breathing in cherries, raisins, tart plum, violet chewing gun, a hint of an Oreo vanilla filling, tobacco, and tomato leaves. Mmmmmm what a first sip of cherries, plum, smoke, good earth, and a bit of home grown dirty cherry tomato that’s been stewing in the sun. You have no idea how much I love that bit of tomato. I’m so addicted I even have candles scented of their stems, leaves and the whole kit and caboodle. BTW could someone please grill me a steak?

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: makes it more rich and full

My 2nd  Estación Yumbel wine and well obviously different from their Tinaja 2020 (Moscatel de Alejandria) “Do I Hear Hoofbeats?” (love his horses), and it’s another beautiful expression of what you can find in Bío Bío and from the experience and vine passion of Mauricio & Daniela. I love that they use the hands off & traditional ways, especially in the case of their use pipas made of Raulí wood (beechwood) during the fermentation and aging. Shame that the government wasn’t as fond of these trees linked to their wine heritage and only thought of the paper industry, and the money they could make by planting white pine, etc. Well, at least Estación Yumbel and other like minded winemakers & families are carrying on. Cheers to this beautiful Pipeño and the history it will continue to make! ❤️🍷

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Do I Hear Hoofbeats?

Estación Yumbel
Tinaja 2020
Moscatel de Alejandria 100%
Really old vines, dry farmed, hand harvested, skin contact, unfined, unfiltered, (uncertified) organic & biodynamic
Secano Interior de Yumbel (Bío Bío Valley), Chile
Husband & wife wine team: Mauricio González Carreño & Daniela Tapia Berardi

Unfiltered warm golden goodness. Scents of orange blossoms (that grow and grow given time), lilacs, Valencia oranges and a salty breeze. Oooh! There’s a zippy zing that has my lips vibrating. Flavors of oranges and zest and blossoms, tangelo, fragrant floral, lemon, some funky fun pineapple, along with smoke, salt, a teeny tiny sprig of rosemary on the back, and lovely lavender.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: NOPE…shudder

Mauricio had a wine degree, worked in the industry but then went in search of the old enchanting vines of Bío Bío. What a beautiful place for he and Daniela to set down roots, make new friends, and raise a family. They’re all old school, low intervention and as you can see on the label this wine is fermented in an over 100 year old tinaja. Oh and Mauricio has another passion, horses (it’s evidently passed down from his father). From what I’m finding he trains majestic Arabians for endurance racing, and as you can see on his IG, he has another mature handsome friend that joins him in the vineyard…and in Mauricio’s own words: “Este caballo que viene para ayudarnos en el trabajo del viñedo, no es cualquier caballo, fue de un gran-super hombre, trabajador como ninguno, sin miedo, luchador y ejemplo para su descendencia. Es un orgullo para mí tenerlo en casa.”

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Naturally Enchanting

Agricola Foradori
Foradori 2018
Vigneti Delle Dolomiti IGT
Trentino-Alto Adige Italy
Teroldego 100%
Organic and biodynamic

A goblet of total goth deep dark ruby purple. Take a breath of cherries, plums, vanilla, cola, flowers, and some mineral earthiness. First sip and there’s tart cherries that mellow out to smooth. Next there’s plums, raisin, singed orange peel,  I do believe some strawberries, and dark rich earthy goodness. It’s as enchanting as Elizabeth Fraser’s voice.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: Everything smoothes out even more. Silky fruity goodness

This deep dark beauty had me thumbing through some of the music from my past, and here are two of my Fraser favorites.  Even now Song To The Siren gives me goosebumps and makes my heart fly, and let us not forget her lush work with Massive Attack – Teardrop.

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Fresh and Foxy

Terra di Briganti
Coda di Volpe 2019
100% Coda di Volpe
Benevento Campania Italy
Organic, biodynamic and vegan

Cloudy orange goldness and tiny bubbles cling to the glass. Go in for the sniff and wow, honeysuckle and spring grass, then a hint of vanilla cookie, smoke, and a splash of cola.  This is delightful. Swirl and sip. There’s honey, a light citrus tingle, smoke and light citrusy and tangerine tingle with a dash of smoke and salt. This is one sleek, sly, fun fox.

Pairs with Cheez-Its: tangerine mellowness continues

The more you know: Coda di volpe means tail of the fox, which refers to how this type of grape looks on the vine growing in a long tail-like bunch.

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Celler Pardas
Rupestris Blanco 2015
Penedès Spain
Macabeo, Malvasía, Xarel·lo and Xarel·lo Vermell
Winemakers Ramon Parera and Jordi Arnan

A glass of spun straw. I’m breathing in flowers, citrus and it tingles my nose. Taking a sip and there’s limes, citrus and something sweet peachy keen and a lick of granite. It’s fresh and friendly. A perfect wine to sit out back and enjoy a summer evening.

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Old School

Terre Olibani 2015
Cesanese 100%
Olevano Romano Lazio Italy
Organic and biodynamic

Glassful of garnet. Give it a little moment to breathe. Inhale and here comes the cherries, cola, some spice that I’m thinking is cloves, and orange peel. Going in for the sip and there’s tart cherry that turns smooth, raisin, orange, some smoke, a dash of white pepper and rustic earthiness. This is old school.

Pairs w Cheez-It’s: brings out the cherry orange sweetness

And here’s a little more old school: Afrika Bambaataa & The Soulsonic Force – Renegades of Funk

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Strength of a Woman

Sun Goddess 2019
Pinot Grigio 100%
Friuli DOC Venezia Giulia  Italy
by Mary J. Bligh and produced by Fantinel

Shimmering light tinged pink orange ramato copper gold. Take a deep breath and there’s a floral perfume of orange and apple blossoms, and roses. There’s also tangerine, orange peel, and finally as it opens grassy salty sea breeze. Now onto the sip…citrus, melon, mineral, and and tiny strawberries, like the small Canadian ones that we got on the side the road when I was a little kid. They were tiny drops of delicious sugar. Finishes nice and dry.

Pairs with Cheez-Itz: strawberries, melon, yet dry. It’s smooth with a kick of citrus.

Also pairs well with a song that always inspires me

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Vinyes Singulars
Minipuça 2016
Xarel.lo 100%
Penedès, Spain
Ancestral Method
Organic, biodynamic, native yeasts, vegan friendly, and from what I read…aged in a Spanish Civil War air raid shelter
Winemaker Ignasi Segui

A glass of pale lemony gold. Let it breathe a short bit and then inhale. There’s salt, a touch of smoke, then lemon, apples, pears, and slate. First sip is vibrant with lots of tiny bubbles, at first some hay, lemon, and apple. It’s crisp with a smidge of spice which may be cinnamon. As time passes it melts into grassy light sweetness.

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