Elbow Grease Guarantee

Julie Karsten
Métaphysique des Cuves 2019
AOP Côtes du Rhône
Grenache, syrah, cinsault
Castillon-du-Gard, France

Deep dark rubylicious. Plum and cherry scents weave their way out followed by something a little buttercream frosting that blends in citrus and cedar. Slowly sipping those cherries and plums again along with prunes, Fig Newtons, raspberries, cranberries, tangerine and orange peels, and a mixed bag of spice like cloves, anise, cardamon and more. This is going to be a beautiful binge worthy paring. Yeah, I’ll admit, I’m finally getting around to watching all of “The Closer” and this is a wine I could see Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson pouring post case. “Yoohooooo! Please pass me those chocolates. Thank yooouu, thank you so much!”

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: brings out a lot of dried fruit like raisins, prunes, and blueberries and also pine sap. I like it better without but I have to admit “with” is quite fun

Julie’s wines come with an “elbow grease guarantee” and “100% happy vines”. Just take a gander at her IG account for proof. Alert roses stand guard at the end of the rows. There’s also all sorts of critters enjoying and roaming the fields and farm from spiders, snakes (and their skins), toads, sheep, praying mantis, a beautiful black cat, dogs, and a majestic horse. Her passion for her “living soil for living wines” is all there captured in perfect snapshots of “work in progress” from vine to cellar. 📸

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It Don’t Mean A Thing, If It Ain’t Got That Swing!

Domaine des Terres Dorées
FRV 100
Sparkling Gamay Semi-Dry Rosé NV
Organic, sustainable, hand harvested, indigenous yeasts, méthode ancestrale
Charnay, France
Owner and winemaker: Jean-Paul Brun

Electric rose colored glasses with fine white bubbles. Nose tickling light pops of raspberries, strawberries and clean fresh breeze. Raspberries tumble out first on my tongue quickly followed by strawberries (fresh and preserves), a little cherry juice, and in the back there’s a tiny bit of dark plums that fade and blend back in with this fruited cocktail. Thankfully it’s off-dry, so the sweet is just right and doesn’t hit you over the head with a mallet. Fun and fresh and delightful and has me craving goat cheese or even a spicy pimento cheese sandwich which we all know needs to be made on Sunbeam bread.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: whoa it deliciously works

Just check out the sparkly label and it spells out what is in this bottle: Finese, Funny, Rebelle, Rire, Veritas, Vinification d’Art, Sans Mentir, a splash of Fellini, and much more. After your first glass you’ll want to smooch Jean-Paul Brun firmly on the lips. His Gamays just sing and this one has that jazzy “swing”! Doo-ah, doo-ah, doo-ah, doo-ah, doo-ah, doo-ah, doo-ah, doo-ah!

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Well Designed Enchantment

Il Censo
Praruar 2017
IGT Terre Siciliane Bianca
100% Catarratto
Organic, hand harvested, indigenous yeasts, unfined & unfiltered
Bivona (near Palazzo Adriano [where Cinema Paradiso was filmed]), Sicily, Italy
Owners: Gaetano & Nicoletta Gargano
Winemaker, architect, & artistic creative behind the label: Giampiero Bea

Deep skin contact orange copper. There’s scents of a warm baking spice, oranges and peel, apples, apricots and a nutty almondness. Tasting orange peel and  blossoms, honey, puff of smoke, apricots fresh and dried, lemon, nectarines, Mom’s baked apples, ginger sprinkle, Marcona almonds, a smidge of dried sage and this glass has a smooth depth that I’m going to slow down, linger and let the flavors build.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: nice and smooth

I stared at this beautifully designed label for some time, not knowing what to truly expect, since I’ve had a few Catarratto wines this summer and each is so unique. Some flirt, others leave me wondering and this one leaves me enchanted. Il Censo is one of those stories that an old (some would say ancient) family property was rejuvenated, there’s some replanting, and loving it back to organic life. All it makes me want to do is listen to the stories from this historic estate. What were the tenants of old like? What historic architecture still stands? What was the one moment when Gaetano and Nicoletta knew this is it…it’s time to leave banking and return to the vines? I could go on all night, but I’ll stop. If I’m lucky, maybe one day someone will join me at the table, share a bottle and reveal the tales of long ago.

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Applying Natural Science

Adega do Vimbio
O Acordo 2019
“Viños Ferales”
Sousón & Caíño
As sustainable as possible, hand harvested, unfiltered, no sulfur
Goian, Tomiño (Pontevedra) Galicia, Spain
Winemakering couple: Martin Crusat and Patricia Elola

Bright ruby stained glass with magenta pops. First sniff and there’s earthy funk that will fade and blend into raspberries, strawberries, a little cream, and white and black pepper. Going in for the first sip and mmm tingle tangle sizzle with a sprig of hay, lemon spritz in a raspberry cranberry cherry juice cocktail with a lick of jolly rancher, strawberry, boysenberry, chewing wild sour grass juicy tang, and sprinkle of salt. So fresh, happy, crunchy and luscious all at the same time. Hey! Listen up all y’all fruited beer lovers, you’re going to want this bottle.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: more fruity but nah

Wine with a biologist and environmental studies background. That is a recipe for natural perfection. The vineyards/summer home all started with Martin’s father Tito and his dreams. Years later Martin and Patricia returned from a whole other life abroad to join in on the wine and apply their science and environmental knowledge. They’re now sustainable, bio, more actual “hands on” with the earth & vines, but in the cellar more “hands off”, and taking the whole environment into consideration. All of this pure dedication brought about their signature Vimbio wine, and now their “Viños Ferales” that do not bother with “DO” restrictions which as you can see has a wild delicious outcome! 🍷

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Whole Lotta Love

Stolpman Vineyards
Love You Bunches 2020
Natural, dry farming, carbonic maceration
Ballard Canyon, Santa Barbara County, CA
Owners: Pete & Jessica Stolpman and family
Vignerons: Ruben & Maria Solorzano 
Winemakers: Kyle Knapp & Matt Nocas

“You need cooling. Baby I’m not foolin” Bright maroon-plummy-rose glass. Breathing plums, cherry, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries with a funky depth in the back. Loving it! A sip and then a gulp of fabulous! There’s bright cherry (tart and sweet), dinosaur plums, raspberries, blackberries, pomegranates, and (don’t laugh at me) a little SweeTarts and a handful of Skittles. It’s juicy, tart, and smooth  at the same time. A crisp and crunchy party in my mouth.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: surprisingly lovely

One sip and you’ll know why the back label has “So Fresh” emblazoned on it. Whole beautiful uncrushed sangiovese bunches are left to ferment in stainless, and yes, I do love those bunches! It’s like a first kiss stolen. This is one of those wines you put on a flower wreath on your head and chase each other around and end up in a sweaty mess…or as Led Zeppelin said, Whole Lotta Love!

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Nothing Added Nothing Taken Away

Cantina Cantina
Sandpaintings Rosé Pet Nat 2020
Syrah Pét-Nat Rosé
100% Syrah
Sustainably farmed, hand harvested, unfiltered, native yeasts
Vineyard: Jackson Farm, North Fork of Long Island AVA, NY

Coppery blush and a fine foam almost beer-like or sea foam. Nose tickling bubbly with scents of cran-straw-raspberry, sea breeze & seltzer, and a floating whiff of ginger beer or bread. Now this is a glass of sunshine happiness! Sipping raspberry, strawberry, lemon, sumac, oh also a fresh lemon tart, the tiniest bite off of a Jelly Baby (Would you care for one? My police box is just around the corner.), and salt. Crisp and dry, and hey wait there’s a hint of ginger kick on the back.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: meh, it’s a non-committal partner

Hands down, this is my favorite wine/Pét-Nat I’ve ever had from North Fork. As it says on the bottle “Nothing added Nothing taken away”, they just want the wine to represent the vineyard they’re rooted in and keep them as natural as possible. BTW Cantina Cantina also makes beer and co-ferments like their “Praise Both” a farmhouse ale/pressed riesling mashup which is getting raves from all I’m reading. I think I’ll be heading down this hybrid trail soon.

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Picpoul Party Perfection

Domaine Julie Benau
Chichois à la Baraquette 2019
100% Picpoul
Organic, sustainable, skin contact
Languedoc-Roussillon, France
Winemaker: Julie Benau
Painting “Julie” by Brandon McQueen

Orange tinted gold that changes from top to bottom of the pour like a blended paint roller. Breathing in orange rind, tangerine, lemon, very very ripe Kirby cucumber, salt, and grass. Taking a swish of crisp pears, honeysuckle nectar, light peach/melon mix, and at first hay that runs away, a little of those first cuttings of grass from the weed wacker, a squish of lime & lemon, a shake of salt and even a spice like hmmm, oh yeah, mace. So luscious yet fresh and vibrant! There’s layers that surprise me like how an artist builds up an oil painting. I don’t want oysters or anything, I just want this solo.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: Well who would have thought…I like it. Everything just ramps up more

Julie Benau, champion of Picpoul, and evidently a lot of fun if Brandon McQueen’s depiction of her is accurate. “Chichois à La Baraquette” kind of says it all, as it sort of translates into “wild stuff that went down at the party”. With all seriousness though, everything I’m finding about her makes her one really cool, creative and inspiringly dedicated person. Her family used to sell their grapes to a co-op, but in 1999, she changed all that by returning home and taking on bottling her own wine. This little wild party child is only one of her creations. Another is her “Robot Cochon” (also a cool label) Tempranillo, and then there’s one I bet I will never get to ever try but greatly intrigues me…“Libéro”. This Picpoul didn’t only benefit from the oyster shell fed terroir, it also got to age for 6 months in barrels while hanging out in an oyster bed “under the sea”. Oh lord, now I have Sebastian stuck in my head singing that tune.

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Reunited and it Feels So Good

Harviestoun Brewery
Old Engine Oil
Black Ale (Best Porter of 2010)
6% ABV
Scotland, UK

Deep dark of night with a small caramel head that fades. Oh man, just raise that mug and here comes that deep smell of dark chocolate, baker’s chocolate, coffee grounds, toffee, and a hint of black pepper. Memories of years past are being conjured up. Now after all that here comes the taste. There’s again cark chocolate that goes bitter super dark with a crispy dry end, burnt brownie edges, black coffee, and a smidge of vanilla. It’s just black velvet and mouth coating, and after all these years it is still a constant friend.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: oh God no!

When I saw this beer in my friend’s hand, I felt like Christmas came early! It has been years since I have had this glass of deliciousness. It was back at the old (and now gone) Mugs Alehouse, and anytime I saw it on their list, it was an immediate go to order. How on earth had I lost touch with this old bestie. I totally blame myself for not searching it out. Feels so good to be reunited!

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Listening to the Vine

Domaine Les Hautes Noëlles
hého le Rouge 2019
Val de Loire IGP (PGI)
45% Cabernet Franc, 45% Grolleau Noir, 10% Gamay
Organic, hand-harvested, indigenous yeast
Saint-Léger-les-Vignes, Loire, France
Owner & winemaker: Jean-Gabriel Tridon and his wife Juliane

Ruby pool with garnet rim. Delightful strawberries and raspberries greeting my nose, and as it warms citrus zest, black pepper & a warm spice like a bit of nutmeg (which I found the hard way, I am allergic to… It’s not pretty. It sucks because I love that holiday flavor), and a puff of vanilla. Those strawberries and raspberries are back in the sip and they’ve brought along cherries, and something a little dark rugged edgy, then a vanilla droplet appears, orange rind shave liveliness with a grind of pepper. Try it chilled, or try it slightly chilled. Either way pick up two because you’ll not want them to end.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: smoooooth yeeeesssss

Juliane & Jean-Gabriel Tridon embarked on what looks like a second act or new adventure in life with Domaine Les Hautes Noëlles. I love the fact they committed themselves fully to wine and Jean-Gabriel went back to the books and hands on experience and education (especially on working and growing organic). I’m just going to let their words from their site speak for them because there is no way I could do it better. “In a world where Man seems to want absolute control of everything, the vine gives those who dedicate themselves to it a wonderful lesson in humility. There is what we understand about Nature. There is what we know about it without being able to explain it. And then there is the great unfathomable unknown. The vine demands constant attention. In particular, it requires us to think ahead and even to prepare, today, for the generations of tomorrow. As for the wine quietly and slowly developing in the silence of a vat, it takes its time. It takes the time it needs. This is now our lives, our daily lives within this unspoilt setting; this is what we wish to share with you.” 🍷❤️

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Dalmatian Coast Dreaming

Bura-Mrgudić Winery
Rukatac 2020
100% Rukatac (maraština, malvasia lunga)
Organic, hand-harvested, indigenous yeasts and grape
Pelješac Peninsula, Dalmatia, Croatia
Family winery: Niko Bura and Mare Mrgudić (brother & sister)

Skin contact antique gold. Oh and before I forget, don’t over chill it. Scents of apples, apricot, allspice, a little grassy/hay, then out pop peaches and orange. Oh those lovely apples are there again in the taste (both crisp ones and sweet), along with tangelo peel, orangey blossoms on the backside, dried parsley and herb mix, a little apple pie too since those spices emerge. It’s clean, awake and alive but comfortably snuggly. I just want to lounge, sip this and eat my new favorite triple-cream cheese, Nimbus. If you haven’t tried Chasehome Farm’s cheese, then head to the McCarren Park Greenmarket on Saturdays, but don’t buy it all before I get there!

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: Makes it more tart…so NO! Stick with the Nimbus

Rukatac, a grape with a few names and as I’m researching I’m finding a particularly irritating one dubbing it a “chick wine”. Well buddy, let me tell you, this is an equal opportunity wine. The Bura family have cultivated this bottle into a fresh fine showing of generations of winemaking and their part of the Dalmatian Coast (which I now have a new place to dream about visiting). Their Rukatac might not be the grape they’re best known for though. That would be their Plavac Mali which one of its parents is an ancestral Zinfandel and the other another native oldster, Dobričić. Looking forward to getting my hands on one of their acclaimed bottles.

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