Butterfly Kisses

Famille Bonnin
La Croix des Loges
Anjou Blanc Sec 2021
100% Chenin Blanc
Anjou Blanc AOC
Sustainable, Terra Vitis certification, HVE 3
Martigné-Briand, Loire, France
Winemakers: Jean-Christian and Sophie Bonnin

Pale or even icy yellow green (Can you tell I’m still in the middle of a heatwave? Embracing anything icy even if in color.) Cool and fresh scents of apricots, peaches, little spring blossoms, wet granite, and mellow pear. Sip and it’s light, easy and not overly well everything. Kind of like butterfly kisses…it just gently wakes your tongue to those apricots again, peaches, pear, some honeydew straight from the cooler, a fresh twinge of citrus/tangerine spark, and a lick of that wet granite again. Just simply beautiful…

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: Gives it a kick! I like this one both ways.

The Famille Bonnin have deep roots (ok bad vine pun) to Martigné-Briand, dating back to 1920, and they’ve stayed on the wine track all these years. The current generation has kept up their momentum and passion through traditions, modernizing, and proving their love for their environment with certification & transparency. As it says on Steep Hill Imports’ site, their manifesto is “Life is beautiful!“, and this bottle will melodically remind you by each glass. On a personal note, this was a much needed nudge because I’ve had some crazy things thrown my way lately. Famille Bonnin, thank you for turning my vision back to the simple elegance of finding happiness in the little things in life. ❤️

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Pure Naked Force Of Nature

Galactic Wines
Loureiro 2020
Vinho Branco
Sustainable, indigenous yeast, unfiltered, and very natural
Minho, Portugal
Winemakers: MIguel and Leli Viseu

Warm medium golden starlight. Breathing in white peaches, hyacinth wafts, mango, salt, and clean slate…just fresh.  Sipping and here comes those white peaches joined with apricot, citrus blend spark, a rocky sort of salt, and it’s bright and full of life. It’s not like beer or cider, but If you’re into crisp beer and cider, then I think you’re going to like it. Does that make sense? I love this wine for it’s honest, pure beauty inside and outside the bottle. Seriously, doesn’t this slender tall bottle just scream, “take me home!”.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: actually pretty darn good

In the whole universe these two stars found each other and created their own galaxy or should I say Galactic in Portugal. Every time you globe trip for work/life, you bring a part back with you and in Miguel’s case he brought back Leli from Brazil (along with making way through France, Italy, Napa, and Mozambique). Their combined passion for wine, healthy food, nature, humanity (children’s education rights in particular), and now family help drive their natural Saravá (Force of Nature) and a shared project with friends Nua (Naked) Cider and I sooo love cider! Hoping that I can find a bottle and try their indigenous rare Portuguese apples. I bet they are absolutely delicious.

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Breaking The Cycle

Gabernik 23
Pét-Nat 2020
Sparkling Wine
100% Rumeni Muškat
Sustainable, organic, vegan, hand harvested
Štajerska, Slovenia
Small family owned winery passed down from father to son
Owner: Janko Bogatic
Winemaker: Nicholas Gee

Hazy warm gold with super active white bubbles dancing on the rim. Breathe in and there’s a puff of a “big fat yeast roll” (If you’re a child of the 90s you’ll remember), limes, lemons along with a little lemon hard candy, ginger liveliness, and naturally effervescent water with a little mineral sniff. Sipping and oh all the scents are here in flavor! It’s crisp lemon lime spritzy, more of that ginger, a smidge of a bit of greenery, slivers of mango & banana, and a seltzer dry feel. Yeah, this is good, and it takes me on a refreshing vacation.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: crisp cocktail and fine but prefer without

I love how Gabernik 23 keeps bringing bottles of happiness! They’ve brought me out of my overthinking funk that last week presented me with a ridiculous writer’s block. Just like how this pét-nat coaxed me out of my hamster wheel cycle of banging my head against my desk, Janko and Nicolas finessed a dry & vivacious bubbly from Yellow Muscat. As a kid picking our muscat, I would have never have thought they could be turned into something this fresh, poppy, and crisp. Bravo! 🥂

Oh and side note…Janko, love your “Zero Fs Were Given” t-shirt…seems we are of the same mind.

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Right Here, Right Now!

Terra di Briganti
Benepop Vol. I 2021
50% Falanghina, 50% Fiano
Organic, biodynamic, vegan, and indigenous yeasts
Sannio, Campania, Italy
Winemakers: Toni and Romeo De Cicco

Very orange golden and active white bubbles tracing cryptic designs on the surface. So many scents all at once! It’s s blend of creaminess & citrus, bananas (Stuart why are you looking at me like that?), papaya, lemon/lime breeze in with apples and orchard blossoms. Taking a sip and BOOM…again it’s everything! No wonder I keep hearing people love this pet. There’s a creamy feel, citrus soda (not sweet), mango, apple cider, sharp apple/pear with a twinge of bitter bite of skin, fresh, crisp & still fragrant goodness, a touch of white pepper, and a smidge of a stripped young apple tree branch (it just popped out of a childhood memory). This just vibrates of life and fun! Could I please have a fountain of this?

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: oh this is the sweet spot! Buy a box

So this is my 6th Terra di Briganti, does this make me a superfan? Benepop now takes the top spot on my list, unseating my oh so loved, Sciascinoso. I have ordered glasses of that wine so many times I’ve lost count. Well, this is definitely going to be the soundtrack of my summer. There’s so much going on with this beauty, I can’t pick just one song to sum it up. It deserves a whole DJ set from the ageless Norman Cook. This one’s an hour and a half so grab a few bottles and get ready to groove…Right Here, Right Now!

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Prawns Gone Wild

Jaume Prats
BimBollí 2020
Manto Negro, Fogoneu
Organic, hand harvested, indigenous yeasts, unfined, unfiltered
Mallorca, Spain
Winemaker: Jaume Prats

Orange red/rose streaked sunset. Breathing strawberries, cherries, and while the glass is still really cold there’s an herbal fragrance like thyme & oregano twisted together, then blood oranges, a wisp of hay, a little funk that blooms into a deeper strawberry scented rose, and as it warms up orange zest appears. Sipping strawberries at all stages, from very young and tart to just the right ripe, cherries, a minerally lick of granite with a drop of saltiness and a little sizzle. Some hay pops out, waves & says goodbye, there’s that orange zest again as it opens and a squish of lemon-lime too, and a lingering smokiness in the back.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: I was right to not want to try this pairing. ICK

Can someone please tell me the true meaning of BimBollí? I don’t care if it is naughty, but I have gone down a rabbit hole searching and well, let’s say it’s been interesting (could it be rooted in malespín, or am I the one that is the fool?). Anyway back to this scrumptious wine and Jaume Prats. He embraces grapes of his native Mallorca and naturally nurtures them (via the call vermell) to tell their own wild bottled tale. As for tales or rather tails…I go back to questioning…why is there a prawn joyriding on a scooter? This has to be a fun story, so please someone let me know!

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Historic Passion

Castello di Rubbia
100% Terrano 2013
Carso-Kras DOC
Biodynamic, indigenous yeasts, unfiltered
San Michele del Carso, Gorizia, Friuli, Italy
Owner & winemaker: Nataša Černic

Ruby with a magenta rim. Scents start off with prunes & plums, a tad of an oreo center, cherries, blueberries, raspberries, and bit of licorice, and other herbal alpine delights. Ooh I love this..tasting fresh cherries and a cocktail of raspbluestrawberry, red plums, a smidge of hay, a tangy flair and at times rare meaty feel but it’s not heavy. Also on the back there’s a mineral salt goodness that you would find mixed with a rare bloody steak so yeah, order one! And not to be left off, white and black pepper.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: eh goes all super tart so I vote no

Passion is a word you may think I throw around a lot. I don’t use it as some romance filled lovey-dovey thing, but a very deep and important emotional term. Nataša Černic and her family have exactly that and you can see it in their wines, pursuit to rebuild what war has damaged, and respect & never forget the history of their land, architecture, people, and native grapes. As said on their site, “San Michele del Carso is our place in the Universe” so what better reason for that passion. You can take a tour of the vineyards, local monuments, remnants of battle, the old castle/grounds, and view the marks that history has left, learn from the past, and see where the future will take them. I bet it’s going to be naturally and artistically beautiful.

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How To Love Your Job

Domaine François Chidane
Brut Tradition 2019
Montlouis-sur-Loire AOC
Chenin Blanc
Organic, biodynamic, regenerative agriculture
Montlouis-sur-Loire, Loire, France
Owners and winemakers: François and Manuela Chidaine

Had to wrestle for over 7 minutes to hear that pop! Then poured a glass of warm golden with light bubbles that fade and disappear. Sniffing and there’s apples, pears, guava, and it reminds me of a touch of calvados. Ginger also gently flies out over time with brioche. Sip and there’s pears, a zipping zingy crisp apple, lime, again there’s that ginger (not Mary Ann 🏝), on the back and when you exhale there’s a maltiness like the yeast you sprinkle on popcorn in a pub, and slate, salt, a tad of parsley which all ends in a touch of creamy deliciousness.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: brings all the lovely bits out so grab a 2nd bag

I think we can sufficiently say, François loves his job. “I am doing a marvelous profession that I have chosen. No one forced it on me. It’s my life! I didn’t want to do anything else…” How many of us wake up in the morning, look in the mirror, and can say the same! Imagine getting to wake up to this view and work in harmony with nature all day. Also explains this quote, “I consider the vine as a human being. We must not imprison her and always be respectful towards her.” He’s even branched out to Murcia, Spain with 2 wines (Bullas DO), which greatly intrigues me, but makes sense…his wife Manuela’s family is from there. Now I’m going to have to make this a new mission to track down these bottles, because if they are anywhere as good as this Brut, they are bound to be fab!

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Nature In A Can

Mad Med
L’Orange 2021
100% Vermentino
Organic (working on certification), native yeast, unfiltered, 3 weeks skin contact
Provence, France
Grapes selected, vinified, aged & canned by Harry et Max

Hazy rosy orangey gold, kind of like a pink grapefruit. Hovering over the glass and scents start with a poof of smoke that turns into a cocktail of valencia oranges & blossoms, honeysuckle also starts to emerge, mellow pears, salt, and here comes some light tangelo & pluots. Here goes the taste and HELLO! My tongue is loving these flavors. There’s orange & zest with a hint of smoke, pink grapefruit, pears, a touch of honeysuckle with some bitters…say parsleyesque, and of course salt. Portable summertime lively delish that stands up even when it warms while hanging in the yard.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: bleh

Over the past two years, I have stopped my apprehension of “wine in a can”. I will also say this one really took me by surprise because I had been tasting other vermentinos recently and guess which one won out? Yeah, I “can” hardly believe it. Don’t kill me for the “dad joke” 🤣. With heat like we’ve been having, just take my word for it and grab a couple. It’ll make your sweltering day so, so much better! Oh and as Mad Med says, “Chassez le naturel, il revient en canette”.

Note: I have a sneaking suspicion that this may be related to my favorite “party pig” #bobsinglar

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Now Where Did That Slipper Go?

Cantine Madaudo
Sicilia Illustrata series
Ardore di Sicilia 2020
Etna Bianco DOC
Carricante 70%, Catarratto 30%
Randazzo (CT), Sicily, Italy
Madaudo family winery (4 generations strong)

Warm golden hay. Sniffing aromatic waves of lemon, pear, kumquot zest, valencia orange, and a bit of green sprouty spring flowers. Tasting delicious crisp apples & pears, yellow plums, and a tart citrus cocktail with just the right amount of salt.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: NOOOOO

This is my 2nd in the Sicilia Illustrata series and another piece of art to add to my collection. This time it’s a glimpse of Mt. Etna its native grapes, continued activity, and terroir which then led me to the folklore. Hephaestus/Vulcan has his forge there, when Typhoeus/Typhon gets cranky you’ll hear him grouching and throwing fire, there’s also the Cyclops & more; but the tale that I stumbled upon and made me greatly raise my eyebrows is about England’s Queen Elizabeth I. Rumor has it that while the Devil was pulling her to the depths of hell through Etna, she lost a slipper. This is no Cinderella tale though…well…except for the cinders. I don’t think any of the “Virgin Queen’s” suitors are going to be her volcanic Prince Charming. 🌋🥂

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Certifiably Bat Approved

Domaine de Petit Roubié
Picpoul de Pinet Château 2020
Picpoul de Pinet AOP
100% Piquepoul
Organic (ECOCERT certification)
Occitania, Languedoc, France
Wine family: Floriane and Olivier Azan

Bright golden with green shimmers. A citrusy blend of lemon and zest pop up toward my nose along with lime & light tangerine, a salty sea breeze, and wet granite. Tasting lemon curd, lemons & zest (makes me think of that Expedia/Ewan McGregor commercial), lime, mandarin oranges, tangelo, pineapple, and a tasty rim of salt. It’s bright and free and sings!

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: pretty good

Domaine de Petit Roubié got in way early going organic and ECOCERT certified, which is cool but what’s even better is they are a part of “SOS Chauve-souris” who raise awareness for bats and promote their protection. Petit Roubié has created little homes (nesting boxes) for our fuzzy flying friends, and they pay their rent by swooping in and munching on the insects/pests of the vineyard. I’m betting they would give this Batbnb 5 stars. The Azan’s also have welcomed another dear to my heart to live in the vines…beautiful beneficial bees! Ain’t biodiversity grand! ❤️🦇🐝

#wine #vin #vino #葡萄酒 #ワイン #winestagram #Picpoul  #instawine #worldbyglass #cheezit #pairswithcheezits #organic #bats #bees #Languedoc #France @misaimports @vinewinenyc @domainesdepetitroubie @cheezit