Light My Fire!

Social Hour Cocktails
Harvest Whiskey Sour
13 yr. Whisky (George Dickel Tennessee)
20% ABV
250 ml and serves 3, so remember that and share
Brooklyn, NY
Cocktail makers and shakers: Julie Reiner & Tom Macy

Amber apple cider. Sniffing apples & cider, cinnamon, maple with a little vanilla butter cream frosting, cardamon, and a whisky spark.  Sipping and all of the scents are in the taste along with a lemon zesty twist. Calls for striking a match, setting the fireplace ablaze and cozying up because it tastes even better off someone else’s lips.💋 Baby you can light my fire!

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: don’t even open the bag

This can is Social Hour Cocktails’ 1st limited release, so I recommend grabbing a 4-pack as soon as you find them, or you might miss out. They also suggest make it hot or on the rocks, and if you want to dress it up just add some apple slices, orange peel, rosemary sprig, or toasted marshmallows. O.K. I say ick to the marshmallows and opt for a side of crispy bacon…it’s so much more sexy!

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Famille Arbeau
Rince Cochon 2021
100% Negrette
Organic, less is more
Labastide-Saint-Pierre, Sud-Ouest, France
Anne and Géraud Arbeau (sister & brother)

Ruby/cherry haze. Chill it a little, let it breathe and you’ll start catching scents of cherry, blueberry, green peppers/tomato leaves, strawberries with the caps too, young raspberries, and digging in the dirt. Sip and it’s very bright tart cherries, bell peppers, blackberries, green bitey strawberries, springy green flowers, and it’s popping full of life and light…and needless to say it’s piggy perfect! Sooie! Yes, I do actually know how to call a hog…even though I’m a city gal now. You probably don’t want to hear it though, it’s pretty ear shattering.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s:  good but rather have a fried pork rind

As with many wineries, this family has farming roots (theirs from 1878), but as they say, “already, back then, it was the vine that led the dance.” Géraud had known for a long time he wanted to be continue in these wine steps, and aligned his studies for it. Anne ventured a different path at first, receiving a PhD in Fluid Mechanics before returning to the family business based in their lovely town Labastide-Saint-Pierre, which I ❤️ their description of “where cassoulet and rugby form part of our DNA”. Sounds like my type of place! Soul warming food, a fun scrum, and damn good wines. Cheers to that vine that keeps on leading, or to quote Bryan Ferry, “Don’t Stop the Dance”. 

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Tradition, Culture & Spirit

Pheasant’s Tears
Rosé 2021
Danakharuli, Goruli-Mtsvane
Organic, biodynamic, filled with old tradition
Sighnahghi, Kartli, Georgia
Founders: John Wurdeman & Gela Patalishvili

Amber with a rose blush. Ok, full disclosure I screwed up. I put it in the red wine fridge so now waiting for it to adjust. Sigh, we all make mistakes. Anyway, chill it a little more and you’ll smell lady apples & red delicious, orange peel, a smidge of fresh cut grass, spring orchard blossoms, a little snappy cookie spice, and brown sugar that goes to a brandy whiff that floats in and out very gently. Tasting apple cider, exhale and there’s a little straw, a chew of my old outfield sour grass, a little green peppercorn along with a little lemon/orange twist, and as it breathes a moment of calvados. Mmmm so good, sparky and delicious.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: fun and matches kind of like it would with a baked apple

Years ago, a guy warned me off Pheasant’s Tears, and can’t figure out why on earth they did! Loving their wine and reading about how John (an American artist) & Gela (Georgian winegrower) connected & created their very natural winery…and it didn’t stop there. Pheasant’s Tears added a restaurant to pair with their wines, and then a 2nd, “Crazy Pomegranate” reservation only in their vines. John also doesn’t seem to be able to stay still. Along with being a painter, winemaker, & folk music collector, he also opened natural wine venues in Tbsilisi. While digging around for more info, I found a great interview with him by Aaron Ayscough “A Georgia Divided” and how Georgians are dealing with the Ukraine War which led me to @dedaenabar and their showing of the Ukrainian modern/folk/ballet film “Vodurudu” by Anatolii Sachivko (Please, at least check out their videos. It’s so good.). So glad I ignored a certain someone’s advice long ago or I would have never discovered all of this discourse/art/culture/spirit due to this wine. ❤️

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A Memory Worming Its Way In

Weingut Georg Gustav Huff
Pinot Gris 2021
Organic, green fertilizer, grapevine moth pest control by sexual confusion
Nierstein, Rheinhessen, Germany
Wine family: Dieter & Helga Huff, their sons/winemakers: Stefan & Daniel Huff, daughters-in-law, & grandkids

Starlight with a little green shimmer. Scents of melons (of all types), grapefruit and tangerine enter the room (in a good way, not smack you over the head ultra IPA way) as it warms up, lemon zest, a little honeysuckle blooms joined by orange blossoms. Tasting Valencia oranges, followed by a citrus mix, a little really ripe English cucumber in the background that just flirts a little, lovely honeydew (like the ones we used to grow. More lovely on the inside than the natural sandy bottoms on the outside), mellow cantaloupe, golden delicious apple, an herby welcome bite, and Meyer lemons. It’s bright and mildly lip tingling.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: gives everything a ⚡️

Oh this is definitely a family affair, everyone pitches in with their own unique skills & specialties. These folks love and are devoted to their land, vines, and everything living in it…as any good vineyard parents would be. They make sure it’s healthy, organically well nourished and think about its future because to have the best outcome of their wine they have to prepare for whatever may come their way. One of these preps is getting ahead of the weather with green compost & straw since too much rain can spoil a good thing. Staving off some of the erosion can also help out our beneficial buggy & wormy friends that live below and are a major part of this winery’s circle of life. On a personal note, I have always been fascinated by earthworms since childhood. My great-grandfather used to have two garden beds of them that he’d cultivate & feed every day. These were his prime fishing friends…ok maybe they were more a dangling dinner for catfish. Oh those were the carefree days. Thanks to this Pinot Gris & the Huff’s for unearthing this moment with my my dear old Poppa. ❤️

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Winemakers & Wordsmiths

Domaine des Sablonnettes
Ceci n’est pas un Rosé 2021
Chenin, Cabernet Sauvignon
Organic, biodynamic, unfiltered, hand harvested
Rablay-Sur-Layon, Loire Valley, France 
Winemakers/owners: Christine & Joël Ménard and their son Jeremy

Hazy rouge cherry cranberry cocktail. Give it and yourself a moment to chill (but don’t over chill or you’ll miss out ) and out pop scents of strawberries, raspberries, red currants (hmmm currants have been following me everywhere lately), white peaches, a smidge of butter cream frosting, that furrow smell when you’re seeding the garden in the spring, and eventually a little bit of Twizzlers. Sipping and there’s a fruity funk at first that slinks around later. Turns into a tarty party of green & pink strawberries, young blackberries, raspberries, splash of cherry, a grind of white pepper, and a little sizzle that mellows to a little lemon drop.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: oddly pretty good and I wasn’t expecting it to work

Not only do the Ménards have a way with wine (everywhere I look people are raving about them and for good reason), they also have a way with words. This label has the fun & delicious description, “Polisson gourmand, ce rose s’est régalé de tous les fruits rouges du jardin il en rougit encore de gourmandise!…” which translates to “Naughty foodie, this rose (rosé) feasted on all the red fruits from the garden, it is still blushing with gluttony”. Ooh what an image that paints in my mind! Also even though the name claims this is not a rosé, trust me they’re just pranking you because it’s a dark flavorful vibrant rosé.

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The Duck Is Magic

Luís Pato
Baga Rosé Espumante Bruto
Amoreira da Gândara, Barriada, Portugal
Winegrower & maker/Baga Whisperer & Champion: Luís Pato

Stained glass amber/orange (or some might say pink grapefruit cocktail) with a magenta glow and tiny active bubbles tracing designs on the surface and as I glance am I nuts or does one look like a standing duck. I swear this is my first glass. Scents of strawberries & raspberries with a splash of faint orange peel & cloves/holiday spice. First sip and woooweee! Tingling & tart strawberries, raspberries, red currants, a little squeeze of lemon way in the back, and a mineral lick. Crisp, light and delightfully dry.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: surprisingly refreshing & not exactly what I expected

Loving this lively sparkler from the Duck Daddy himself, Luis Pato. I’ve tasted and written about many different forms of his & his daughters’ bottled flock; and each are so unique, delicious, and filled with a spark of life that runs throughout. Some flap their wings in joy, others soar, and then there’s always that duck that walks its own path and leads you down a good wild side. They’re serious about their Barriada land & grapes, as Luís says in the trailer for “Pato Pathos” celebrating his 40th harvest in 2020, “We always have to innovate, always do better, we cannot stop in time.” Well, they’re also serious about having fun and a good laugh, which you can see from Luís’ signature expression of hands/palms up by his ears & tongue out in silliness in pics and on his “Pato Rebel” bottle. There’s even a t-shirt which if I can find out where to buy one, will proudly wear because in all ways, the Duck is magic!

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Beautiful, Romantic & Bubbly

Château Moncontour
Tete de Cuvée Brut
100% Chenin Blanc
Vouvray AOC
Méthode Traditionnelle
Vouvray, France
Owners: Feray family

Gold bullion warm with fine lively bubbles. Pop the cork in the kitchen and scents of vanilla and “hot & ready” old school Krispy Kreme doughnuts hit your nose first. Give it a little time, walk back to the bedroom to relax with your pour, and tasting bits of brioche that lead to apricots fresh & a little jam emerge with dried pineapple & golden raisins…mmm elegant & cozy. Sip and again apricots (dried & fresh), dried pineapple, a splash of young tart yellow plums, Nilla wafers, and a bright lime twist. Toasty and zippy delight.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: sharpens everything

Bubbly is so often seen as romantic…a thing of beauty…and so is this historic Château. King Charles VII of France gifted it to his very influential “Dame de beauté”, Agnès Sorel. (Have you seen the paintings of the lady and designs of the tops of her dresses to give you a peek at what may be waiting for you? Ooh la la, they are quite titillating!) Honoré de Balzac fell in love with the structure and so badly wanted to own it and share it with his wife & inspiration, Ewelina Hańska. Sadly buying it was out of the picture, so he memorialized it in “La Femme de trente ans”. Now the Feray family are caring for the domaine, cherishing its history, and creating their celebrated wines so we can all taste a bit of that romance. 🥂

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Always Remember, Support & Love

Castello Conti
Spanna 2019
100% Spanna (Nebbiolo)
Colline Novaresi DOC
Alto Piemonte, Italy
Winemakers & sisters: Elena, Anna & Paola Conti (2nd generation)

Lovely bright ruby. Let this bottle breathe and scents emerge of a mix of cherries, plums, mountain herbs with that touch of Ricola, some earthiness, and as it opens orchard blossoms with a toasty or oaky bit, and a whiff of petrol that turns into a dried fruit vibration. First swig and here come dark plums & cherries, herbal bitter bite that smoothes, raspberries & strawberries, and then goes deep and dark again yet isn’t heavy and cycles round & round.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: mmmm juicy and yum

This bottle ended up into my hands last year by chance or maybe providence, through a “UKRAINE 6 PACK” put together by @vinewinenyc and all revenue was donated directly to Jose Andrés’ World Central Kitchen (for me, he is one of the most inspiring people we have in the world today and his energy and giving kindness is never ending). Who would think that it’s almost a year since the war in Ukraine escalated last February into the beast it has become. Some of you know that I have deep feelings about this tragic & devastating war. As we all get bombarded with 24 hour news/entertainment/sports cycles it’s easy to let the magnitude of this war slide out of our minds since it is so far away. My hope is that we all remember those giving their lives for their country, the innocents losing their homes, the brutality inflicted on the citizens tortured & murdered on their native soil, families huddled underground in train stations, and also the resilience of the Ukrainian people. They still need our support whether it be through @wckitchen or or any of the many deserving legit organizations out there. 🇺🇦 Slava Ukraini!

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Spark It Up

C. Cassis
CC Spritz
Sparkling blackcurrant canned aperitif
Hudson Valley grown blackcurrants (many from Greg Quinn’s crop who helped get overturn their ban in NY State)
5.4% ABV
Catskill, NY
Made by Rachael Petach

Vibrant bright cranberry glass cocktail with teeny bubbles. Nose tickling black currants pop up & if there was a Jolly rancher version of it then that too, and a slight mint vibe that heads into alpine herbs floating around. All the scents are in the sip with a blend of citrus peels, raspberries, seltzer sizzle with a tart pop, a little lemon squish, and a touch of honey

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: ugh blerg NO

So for those of you who may have some bubbly leftovers from the holidays…who am I kidding…how can there ever be any bubbles left behind? Well, at least not in my place. Anyway, say you do want to spark up your sparkly. Just pour a 50/50 cava, champagne, or sparkling wine with CC Spritz and that blush in the glass will soon be spreading to your cheeks and maybe even the tips of your ears. It’ll make you want to as Salt-N-Pepa says, “Get down with the party”!

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Festive Redemption

De Stefani
Refosco 2021
100% Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso
Veneto IGT
Sustainable, Biodiversity Friendly, indigenous yeasts, no added sulfites (which they are very proud of and I applaud)
Fossalta di Piave, Veneto, Italy
Alessandro De Stefani (4th generation)

Deep royal ruby. Sniffing and there’s cherry with a creaminess at the start, then all of a sudden blackberries bounce out, and after a good bit of air a raspstrawberry blend, licorice, pinch of cedar/pine needles, and as it continues it’s softer and more gentle. Now tasting those blackberries again with a little boysenberry, dried & tart cherries, Baker’s chocolate bite, a single pine needle that winks and then disappears, and a little dried fig too w a touch of balsamic reduction. A glassful that’s dry, rich and perfect for my evening with a good book.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: surprisingly smooth and beautiful

The Redentore line of De Stefani wines honor Venice’s yearly “Festa del Redentore” that celebrates the end of the 1575-57 plague (who wouldn’t want to celebrate post such an horrific time of illness, death & grief). Started as a religious festival/feast and a promise to God to build a the Chiesa del Santissimo Redentore (Church of the Most Holy Redeemer), it’s now a beautiful weekend (3rd in July) that is filled with fireworks that people will talk about for ages, incredible food, music, boat parties & historic ships, festive decorations, and a city filled with joy and of course wine. 🍷 If you want to get a quick glance of 2022’s locals and tourists partying down, check out Venezia Unica’s clip.

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