Naturally Digging Deeper

Domaine Arsac
Rosé La Chaumette 2023
Coteaux de l’Ardèche IGP
75% Grenache Noir, 20% Syrah, 5% Viognier
Biodynamic/organic farmed, horses working in the vineyard, compost from their own cows, native yeasts
Saint Jean Le Centenier, Ardèche, Rhône Valley, France
Winemaking family: Sebastien & Dimitri Arsac

Dainty pale rosé with pink and lightest orange gold warm splashes. Scents start off delicate & gentle of strawberries, touch of cream, lemon squeeze, peaches, biscotti, mandarins & kumquats. It’s an inviting sip of strawberries, peaches & that creaminess with raspberries, cranberry, a citrus sparkle, instead of biscotti it’s more like baguette, and toward the end a salt/mineral almond moment that balances everything.

Pairs with Cheez-Its: absolutely delicious and a perfect pair!

“Wine is an incredible social bond, and in order to introduce it to a wider audience, it is important to have an uninhibited, sharing approach. A glass of wine is a story of the lives of men, of territories, but also a story between friends.” The Arsacs’ shared story on their site took me by surprise. Their history begins with Gaston (the grandfather) and his return to France after being a POW in WWII. Honestly, I can’t even imagine what he saw, went through, and then the feeling of returning to his homeland, getting married and channeling his energy & passion into the farm & vines. The latest generation of Sebastien & Dimitri have followed in their grandfather’s footsteps by adhering to his old school teachings which has led them to becoming organic & practicing biodynamic. I know, I know…everyone says “organic”, but this family really cares about keeping tradition, digging deeper & expanding their natural knowledge for the good of all even in our hectic contemporary times. 🐄🐎❤️

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Who Doesn’t Need…

La Petite Robe Rouge
Côtes du Rhône AOC 2020
Grenache 75%, Syrah 25%
Villedieu, Haut-Vaucluse, Provence des Papes, France
Jacques Cattin & Anaïs Sirop (husband & wife)

Ruby garnet red beauty. Breathing in dainty violets, plums, fresh cherries & dried too, a jam mix of berries like strawberries, blackberries, etc. green pepper, and a bit of earth & fig leaves from my granny’s trees. Sipping and this is smooth, a cherry plum combo, bit of granite, touches of pepper green & otherwise, bit of raisin, dried cherry, plum but none of it is too heavy, and that jam is back in the groove along with a sprinkle of salt on the back.

Pairs with Cheez-Its: juicy fun and more pepper

Everyone needs a little red dress in their life. One that can make you feel sexy, sleek, sassy, and definitely flirtatious. One that gives you that Provence flair, pairs well with so many occasions, and carries a touch of rustic history & romance just like this wine and the people that created this smooth operator. It takes my mind to a simpler time of not so long ago, slow dancing/swaying under the stars & tiny lights strung in the trees to the sounds of Françoise Hardy singing “Mon Amie La Rose” with my heart full of the anticipation of love. ❤️🍷

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🎶Won’t You Be My Neighbor🎶

Noël Bazin
Blanc des Blancs
100% Chardonnay
375 ml
Villers-Marmery, Champagne-Ardenne, France
Noël and Magali Bazin and their son Hugo

Light straw gold with active fine bubbles. Floating up are scents of a french bakery like croissants, brioche & even fresh baked baguettes, butter cream frosting, baked pears & that Poire Williams smell, apricots, apples fresh & baked, and a teeny squeeze of lemon way in the back. Slowly sipping and it’s so crisp. There’s a lemon/lime sparkle along with a touch of Lemonhead candy, as time goes by there’s the apples & pears waving from far away but they keep venturing closer, the before mentioned bakery goodness, a lick of limestone, and a shake of salt. So delicious!

Pairs with Cheez-Its: really really good!

The Bazins sound like the type of people you’d love to have as neighbors. On their importer’s site (Vom Boden) they’re described as incredibly nice & kind, normal, devoted to spending a lot of time in their vineyard, and probably not of the hipster bent with a record collection and tattoos. Well, my view of that changed when I clicked on their IG and boom, there’s tat pics but they adorn the next generation…Hugo. Take a look for yourself, and you’ll see a man totally into the vines & all the hard work and passion that Noël & Magali have for their 3 ha (25 plots) and also their beloved champagne. Bet he’d make a great neighbor too because who wouldn’t want fabulous bottled bubbly just steps away. 🥂

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Bringing The Party

Domaine Villa Noria
Basic Instinct
Pet’Nat’ Blanc 2022
100% Pinot Noir
Organic, biodiverse, HVE 3, unfiltered, low carbon footprint
Montagnac, France
Vine grower: Cédric Arnaud; Winemaker: Fabien Gross

Light yellow slightly hazy starlight with green shimmers with tiny bubbles. Breathing in pears, apples (and pie), a little forest floor funk that turns into a light allspice with a puff of smoke, mango, mellow pineapple, vanilla/bakery goodness, touch of lemonade and tangelo. First sip and Whoo! There’s a lemon/lime zip, light orange, salt & lick of granite, and crisp pears & apples (again a little pie). Just so crisp, dry and pert.

Pairs with Cheez-Its: hmm makes it s bit more rich and then it’s like citrus fireworks

“Villa Noria is the dream-come-true of wine enthusiasts who have known how to unite their skills to create an estate from scratch.” Cédric & Fabien both came from vine & wine backgrounds, and when they formed Villa Noria they each brought their passion and individual creative strengths with a goal of going organic, sustainable, and overall naturally healthy. They also are the people you want to invite to a party especially if they are bringing Nori’Art Pet’Nat’ Blanc de noirs that’s IN A KEG! Which is said to be the first of its kind. It also can make a great conversation piece not just for what’s deliciously flowing from it but also the artwork wrapping the outside of the container by MOTTE (Mathieu Bonnet). He’s a fabulous graffiti/visual artist and illustrator and his work is colorful, vibrant and perfectly pairs with a zippy bubbly. Check out their video here and get ready to start your own sparkly fête. 🥂

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Back To The Origin

Mas del Serral de Pepe Raventós
Viñya del Mas 2018
100% Xarel·lo
Natural sparkling wine
No. Bottles 1863
No disgorging, no dosage, brut nature, organic/biodynamic, vineyard work all by hand or horse
Sant Sadurní d’Anoia, Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain

Hazy yellow gold with a little sheen of green (kind of IPAish) with fine bubbles & deepens over time from the bottom up. Sniffing and it’s creamy at first like an Oreo center and later turns into a tiny drizzle of honey on top of sourdough, lovely pears (reminds me a bit of Poire Williams), white peaches, apple pie, and a light citrus blend (like Valencia oranges smooth & Mandarin). Tasting all of the scents are there…especially the pears with a twist of lemon & lime tingle/sizzle on my lips and tongue, there’s even a little Key lime pie, pinch of salt & mineral lick, and smidge of hay that fades fast. Very bright and full of life.

Pairs with Cheez-Its: just don’t

When you see Pepe’s last name you know he comes from a long line of winegrowers and the prestigious winery Raventós I Blanc (documented since 1497 & one of the oldest wine producers in the world). His grandfather Josep Maria championed the creation of DO Cava and passed the torch to Pepe’s father Manuel who was joined by Pepe who like his grandfather had a dream and withdrew from the DO Cava in favor of a being recognized for their Conca del Riu Anoia that would rise to a higher standard. To be included there would be a higher min. paid to growers, vineyards must be at least 10 yrs old, native & organic, smaller yields, and a longer time on the lees (18 month min). Pepe’s project Mas del Serral is a plot within the Raventós vineyard (Clos del Serral) where they return to the ancestral farming traditions. It brings together humans, vines, and animals living & working together in harmony to tell the story of their and their land’s origin. As he is quoted, “What I love is to taste a wine and that it takes us to the place where it was made”. ❤️🥂

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Always Time For More Wine

Nicolas Carmarans
Fer De Sang 2021
100% Fer Servadou
Organic, hand harvested, unfined & unfiltered
Aveyron, France

Shining garnet with a bit of ruby depth. Let this breathe a little. Sniffing in honeysuckles & white spring blossoms that mingle with cherries, bell peppers, cayenne pepper, white pepper, a then comes plums, raspberries, and cranberries. Tasting tangy cherries, raspberries, and again that bell & white pepper, plums, cranberries, young Turkish fig, an iron lick (or if you’ve face planted after tripping over a flattened bike lane guard that the city should have replaced….a slight taste/smell of blood), blackberries, boysenberries, and red currants.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: brings out some more assorted berries

This bottle just called out my name while I was browsing. Maybe it was the font, the name “Iron Blood” or “Iron from Blood” (my French is rusty 🤣), the fact I have never tried Fer Servadou before, or maybe it’s all three? No matter what, it brought me to learn about Nicolas and his trail from being an owner of Paris’ Café de la Nouvelle Mairie (natural wine bar), heading to beautiful & enchanting Aveyron, juggling his time between the café & starting to make wine, finally acquiring his own vineyard, and now solely focus on his vines & wine. Oh and the land had been abandoned for years and needed a heck of a lot of work to dig out, rebuild & go organic. In the end that must have been pretty satisfying to look out and know this was all his…now’s the time to make more wine, and boy is it darn delicious & elegant! Cheers and looking forward to the next Carmarans’ bottle that falls in my path. 🍷

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Jump On The Train

Signature Jean Charles NV
Brut Sparkling
Crémant d’Alsace AOP
Pinot Blanc 60%, Auxerrois 30%, Pinot Gris 10%
Dambach-la-Ville, Alsace, France
Ruhlmann-Schutz family

Gold with tiny active bubbles. Floating up to my nose are pears, winter/dark apples, apricot, a smidge of Spanish peanuts, a light citrus blend, and teensy funk that fades. All of the scents are in the taste with a depth I’m trying to figure out along with salt, again a touch of good fading funk, and everything is dry, crisp & delightful.

Pairs with Cheez-Its: Everything becomes more alive so perfect!

The Ruhlmann-Schutz family has over 300 years of history in Dambach-la-Ville that started with one Hungarian knight planting a few vines. Over the years, their family grew and so has their expanse from a few hectares in Alsace to now around 40; and then in 2015  added a new winery (30 ha) in Corbières, Château Valmont. This family is filled with enthusiasm for their wines and Dambach-la-Ville, They even have a “petit train” that will start in the town where they’ll teach you about it and their history, the vineyards, why each grape is special, and then to a tasting in their cellar. What a lovely way to spend a day. 🥂

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Allô, Wine Calling

Domaine Les Foulards Rouges
Octobre 2023
Syrah, Grenache
Organic, indigenous yeast, hand harvested, unfined & unfiltered
Montesquieu-les-Albères, Rousillion, France
Jean-François Nicq

Shining garnet stained glass. Breathing in a big bowl of mixed fruit like raspberry, cherry, blueberry, blackberry, smidge of figs, plums, and next up are irises, white pepper, a tiny puff of smoke/earth & tomato leaf. Taking a sip and wow! All of the aforementioned is there including tomato leaves, now joined with green tomato (fresh not fried) & tart young cherry tangy, a little sizzle on the back, and it’s light, bright, fresh and obviously young in a good way.

Pairs with Cheez-Its: more flowers emerge

When I first saw this label, my brain went straight to Pet Shop Boy’s “My October Symphony”, but it actually refers to the month it’s released each year. The Domaine’s name was a what I should have been paying more attention to…Jean-François Nicq and Bijan Mohamadi (childhood friends) originally bought the vineyard property back in 2001, and decided to dub it with the name of the Prix Maison de la Presse winning historical/thriller/adventure novel “Les Foulards Rouges” (The Red Scarves) by one of their favorite authors, Fréderic Fajardie (also known for his political leanings, works of noir, and screenplays). Let’s just say learning about him took me down a rabbit hole this past weekend. Then I stumbled into another one or should I say a whole prairie dog burrow, when I found out about the documentary “Wine Calling” that includes Les Foulards Rouges along with other like minded natural winemakers. Check it out, there’s a Bourdain soundtrack vibe, it’s free on Tubi, and also it’s “Un film produit sans sulfites.”

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Rescued From The Sun

Chateau d’Issan
Margaux AOC 2018
Cabernet Sauvignon 60%, Merlot 40%
Hand harvested
Cantenac, France

Deep purple of the most dark metal band feel with a cherry/maroon rim. First sniff and there’s cherry, plums/prunes, oreo cream, a little cola, and after that it’s off to the races with all the berries…blueraspstrawboysen, black currants, pinch off light cinnamon, touch of myrtle, and an oak whiff. Sipping and there’s cherry (fresh & dried), same goes for the plums, cassis, blackberries (pits & all), cedar & oak shave blend that is waaaaay in the back and hide and waves and hides again, smidge of juniper, and a touch of darkness but not scary…like that sexy brooding bad boy from college that has that wry smile. It’s still fresh and continuing to morph…over time that berry jumble emerges blueraspstrawboysen, dried figs, a little forest floor, slight puff of smoke, and then the sweet part I’m tasting reminds me of chewing sugar cane….so pure. This is a smooth operator with a welcome teeny tiny burn in the back and pairs great with Good Omens Season 2.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: actually pretty good

I had no idea what to expect with this bottle. It was originally found in an abandoned shopping cart in a parking lot and had been there for hours in the blazing summer heat 🥵. Can someone please tell me how anyone can forget and leave a wine behind especially one with a pedigree and history as Issan? It was supposedly poured at the wedding of Eleanor of Aquitaine & Henri Plantagenet, enjoyed by Thomas Jefferson & many other illustrious figures, dubbed 3rd Grand Cru Classé en 1855, and as their motto says, “Regum mensis aris que deorum”(For the table of kings and the altar of Gods). Anyway since no one ever came to claim, it was rescued, delivered to me, and ended up on my table where it was greatly appreciated by this humble wine lover who is neither a king or a deity. Oh and as you can tell it didn’t get a sunburn. 🍷

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Sailing Into Love

Château Frédignac
Coince Ta Bulle
Pét-nat 2022
Merlot 100%
Organic (Nature & Progrès), unfined, unfiltered, indigenous yeast
Saint-Martin-Lacaussade, Blaye Gironde, France
Vincent L’Amoulier & Ludivine Lemaitre

Deep electric magenta streaked with a touch of orange sunset and teeny white bubbles. Scents start flowing out of strawberries, raspberries, cherries of all sorts, a touch of good natural deep funk, balsamic reduction, blackberries, spring flowers, cherry blossoms, orange & zest, shake of salt, and pinch of white pepper. Taking a sip and there’s such a lovely bright citrus combo sizzle, all the before mentioned berries along with cherries, a natural depth, smidge of balsamic, pinch of cinnamon, pineapple gummy bear, salt kick, and it’s all just delightfully fresh and crisp.

Pairs with Cheez-Its: fabulous so just do it

Château Frédignac is a winery built on love. Several generations ago in 1919, a sailor (Jean-Marie L’Amouller) while visiting Blaye liked what he saw in both the area & a young lady. As love for both bloomed, he decided to put down roots on dry land and a farm was born (cows, grains, & vines). Over time it became all about the grapes and how they thrived due to the Gironde terroir. The current couple/generation (Vincent & Ludivine) stepped up to the helm in 2012, and achieved organic farming certification on 2014. They look to the future and how they can shape, respect, and grow together with their environment & biodiverse flora & fauna (they planted 100 olive trees in 2023 too). They also remember the past & their estate founding great grandfather, and as a tip of the hat to Jean-Marie they have named “Cuvée La Favorite” after the ship that brought him to the land & family they all love then & now. ❤️

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