A Creative & Delicious Solution

Les Filles des Fêtes
Afternoon Disco 2022
Chardonnay 66%, Viognier 34%
Natural wine, zero/zero
Greenport, NY
Leslie Merinoff

Warm gold just like a perfect ring on your finger. First sniff and there’s a natural seaside tide pool whiff that departs and then heads into a pinch of light pie spice, next up are spring flowers & fruit blossoms, apples, pears, and overall it’s just light, bright and uplifting. Sip & swish and apples & pears appear again with s little zing of lime & zesty tart bit of liveliness, lick of mineral rock that has a small shake of salt sea breeze, and smidge of mace on the exhale with a little sprig of hay. This glass is super chill and comfortable and perfect to ease into an afternoon DJ set.

Pairs with Cheez-Its: bleh. don’t bother

I’ve become quite a fan of Matchbook Distilling & Leslie Merinoff’s creations, and this wine makes me fall a bit harder for them, or maybe I should say it makes me want to get up and dance. Reading on how it all came about and turns out it is a creative solution for what could have been a big problem. Originally it was to be all about Viognier, but in order to keep the ferment process at just the right spot cool they needed more juice to fill their tank. Since Leslie sources & works with local farmers/growers, North Fork Long Island’s Macari Vineyards provided the beautiful Chardonnay to balance everything out. BTW, I’m really glad these two grapes had their chance to mingle because oh they do shine so well together kind of like bright daylight shimmering on a spinning 🪩.

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Modena Magic

Torre Tusini
Sparkling wine
Modena, Emilia-Romagna, Italy

Rosy berry orange magenta dappled sunset (sailor’s delight!) with teeny white bubbles. Floating upward to my nose at first is a beautiful creaminess, raspberries, strawberries, boysenberry, blueberries, heck…all the ripe berries! Also a splash of cherry & plum, that Easter morning scent of a bag of jelly beans being popped open (Hoppity, hoppity down that trail) and some fresh cut really ripe red watermelon. Those same scents are right there in the taste with a bite of lemon spitz, with a lick of watermelon Jolly Rancher on the exhale, and all that fruit flows in the taste yet crisp & dry at the same time. Best of both worlds and this is a really good bottle on this steamy night.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: delightful and sparky

As I’ve said before, Modena, what a city of magic. Is it something in their water (or maybe the famous Balsamic vinegar) that births great artists in multiple fields, such as Luciano Pavarotti, Enzo Ferrari, and Massimo Bottura? Now from this label I’ve learned of another, Ernesto Maranesi and “his writings… ‘Il Piccolo Vocabolario del Dialetto Modenese’ is a work of great historical and cultural value…he guides us to discover the expressions and idioms of the local dialect, providing a valuable testimony of the richness of the language spoken by ordinary people in the Modena area.” ❤️ the play of the name “Petnè” which led me to think of pét-nat, but as I found in the small type from Maranessi’s dialectology studies tucked down the side of this bottle, “Petnèr – Pettinare. Ravviare i capelli. -Petnerès Pettinarsi. Fig. Accapigliarsi, accapellarsi, acciuffarsi. Pigliarsi a capelli.” it’s more about styling or combing hair and maybe even getting caught up in it. Now I wonder which “do” would I rather get tangled up in while sipping this glass…Mohawk, Beehive or Flapper? What’s your vote?

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Powers Of The Sun, Moon & Stars

Domaine Apostolidi
Assyrtiko Agia Triada 2021
100% Assyrtiko
PGI Kavala
Biodynamic & organic certified, indigenous yeasts
Kavala, Greece
Efthymios and Vasiliki Apostolidi (brother & sister)

Light twinkling golden starlight. Breathing in a gentle lemon/lime/citrus blend along with a smidge of peeled tart apple, and wet cool granite. Taking a sip and there’s lemon & old school Lemonhead candy, zingy lime, a honeysuckle drop & fresh clean honey (no comb), crabapples, good shake of salt with a lick of conglomerate rock, a smidge of ginger, and on the exhale a friendly herbal blend of thyme, oregano, basil & more.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: more rich and very delicious

Each generation of Apostolidi have worked to move their winery forward. Their starting point was back in 1958, when the first vines & vineyard took root and by 1981, the 2nd generation (Ioannis) began their expansion. 3 hectares (2003) then grew to 10 and a new winery (2007) filled with ambition. Now the 3rd generation (Efthymios & Vasiliki) are up to 13 ha and a new outlook where fresh ideas mingle with the past. After their wine studies in Germany, both returned to add their own push further forward with going certified biodynamic & organic (which has had a delicious outcome). Their words sum it up best, “We consider a vineyard to be a living organism. Behind it is a complex ecosystem, in which the microcosm is related to the macrocosm. By taking into account the rhythms and cycles of nature, that is, cosmic influences such as those of the sun, moon or stars, we use their powers, for us. In this way we work with and not against nature and work for a successful agriculture. In the 21st century, we humans have forgotten how to understand and use the knowledge our ancestors taught us from thousands of years of observation to accomplish our work.” ☀️🌙✨

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“Get On Your Bikes And Ride”

Tenuta San Marcello
Movimento 2021
Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi DOC Classico
100% Verdicchio
Organic, sustainable, and indigenous yeasts
Marche, San Marcello, Ancona, Italy
Winemaker: Massimo Palmieri

Golden spun hay. Breathing in pears, pineapple, mango, citrus oomph (like a good IPA), a little hey, hey, hay & cool wet slate, and a little mace with a smidge of crushed coriander. Sipping and here comes ripe fat bottomed pears, mango, pineapple splash, on the exhale a little fresh oregano, then next up are yellow ripe plums & a little twang that the skins give (just enough not overpowering), and after time a sliver of starfruit. Fresh, easy going, and I could sip this all afternoon swaying in a hammock under a tree.

Pairs with Cheez-Its: goes musky and loses the finesse & beauty

Tenuta San Marcello’s wines have always been a delight. I’ve written before about how Massimo & Pascale Palmieri left the city for a country, natural lifestyle. Massimo did have a lot of wine studying to do, and reached out to a specialist in soil and crops and also an oenologist. Trial, error and reflection on his grandfather’s love of making wine for family and friends, spurred him on to his beautiful bottles filled with heart and emotion. You can also get a chance to experience this life/dream they’ve built through their “Agriturismo e Cantina con Cucina”. Stay a while, learn the organic/sustainable ways, have some traditional meals, and of course enjoy the wines or as they call it, “Magic potion that transforms people in more attractive ones and stupid ideas in brilliant ideas”. I love that quote. You also might even meet the donkeys, and if catch sight of the one on the label, please send me a pic, join in and “Get on your bikes and ride”!

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A Big Smooch To The Future

Staffelter Hof
Jan Matthias Klein
Kiss Kiss Maddie’s Lips
Rosé Pét-Nat
100% Fruhburgunder (early-ripening variant of Pinot Noir)
Kröv, Mosel, Germany

Rose plum orange with bubbling activity and natural haze. Oh, also open over a sink with a towel near because they’re might be a chance of a pink bubbling fountain. Wafting up from those bubbles are scents of plums with some creaminess, tree blossoms & roses, and citrus zest blended with a touch of a running down that hill grass stain. Sipping and here comes tart bright plums & that touch of cream again, a swish of pomegranate-blackberry juice, smidge of cedar in the back, touch of kumquat, green wild strawberries, and a kick of wild sour grass that fades in and out…dry, fresh and fun!

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: delicious and brings out more fruit, who would have thought?

Staffelter Hof just may very well be one of the oldest wineries or companies documented in the world (that is still in business), with a mention of it in legal paperwork back in 862 A.D. It went from an abbey to a winery/farm with the size varying over the years, and adapting with the times by modernizing the buildings (including central heating!). As of the latest generation Jan Matthias Klein (eldest son of Gundi and Gerd) they’re organic (2023 is their 10th year), and expanding into natural wines with also very cool new label art…just like this delicious pet-nat which carries on the family heritage image of a wolf from their coat of arms (albeit frolicking, imbibing & carefree). Oh and look here, Jan & team are adding fungus resistant PiWi grapes to their vineyards. That’s a good move for keeping this historic winery moving forward into their delicious, sustainable & organic future, and for that they do deserve a big smooch! 💋

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It Takes A Village…Or A Region

Les Vins Pirouettes
Le Pet Nat de David 2020
Organic, biodynamic, indigenous yeast, no sulfur, unfined & unfiltered
Rosheim, Alsace, France
Winemakers: Christian Binner, David Koeberlé (also grower) & team
Cultivated & Vinified by Domaine Muller-Koeberlé

Hazy gold with a lot of unfiltered goodness…almost like sea monkeys. Sniffing a combo of orange, tangerine, lemon, allspice, apples, pears…ok it’s pie along with citrus zest, and a hint of fresh picked Kirbys. Taking a sip and it’s a good wedge of that above pie…crisp & fresh with an extra squeeze of lemon, touch of pineapple, papaya, white pepper, and all sends your tastebuds kicking up their heels in a flying dance.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: delicious

You know the saying, “it takes a village” or maybe a whole region as in Les Vins Pirouettes’ case. It’s a project/collaboration with a lengthy list of Alsatian organic & natural growers/winemakers with the encouragement by Christian Binner & his wine team. David’s Domaine Muller-Koeberle, definitely fits the membership requirements and then some, with dedication to biodiversity, permaculture, agroforestry, and he also creates a gentle safe nourishing space in his cellar with classical music (which sounds like a perfect grape spa for me). You can really taste and feel the artistic beauty of nature being allowed to run free through “Le Pet Nat” and it’s just a start for me from this grower/wine team’s line. Really hoping my next encounter will be with their, “Ultra Violet” because I’m reading it’s “ultra glou” and who doesn’t ❤️ a good “glou glou”. 🍇

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Pairs with Fosse

Weingut Wurzinger 
Früg Orange 2022
Grüner Veltliner 70%, Roter Traminer 30%
Tadten, Burgenland, Austria
Owners & winemakers: Josef & Pia Wurzinger

Shining rose gold just like my great-great-great grandmother’s ring I still have. Breathing in tangelo, lemon & lime, a salty breeze with a little aromatic white pepper, crisp apples, roses and a touch of good old wisteria, peaches, and fresh rained on slate. Sipping away and all the scents are in the taste with more peach, orange rind, lovely pears & apples, and in the back a little fresh cut grass with puff of smoke & mineral lick. This is delicious and very easy to drink so call a friend or two to join in because it’s a whole liter.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: so perfectly smooth

Ok maybe I’m just not that cool, but I had never heard of the 60’s dance called the Frug. Massive thank you to Weingut Wurzinger and Jenny & Francois for leading me down a YouTube rabbit hole. It’s a hip shaking stylish groove that if done right can make you look pretty suave & mod (in my case probably looks more like Elaine from Seinfeld dancing). When I first saw Fosse’s, “The Rich Man’s Frug”,  I have to admit the first thing that popped into my head was the courtship maneuvers of the Hooded Grebe 🤣. Please check out these two videos and definitely grab a liter to start your dance party right. 🪩💃🕺

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Stained Happy Feet

Bodega de Forlong
Blanco 2021
100% Palomino
Organic, biodynamic
El Puerto de Santa María, Cádiz, Andalucia, Spain
Alejandro Naváerez & Rocío Áspera

Yellow starlight with blinking green bits. Breathing in blossoms floating out, banana & some of it toasted, apples, light lime, fresh crusty plain bagel, gentle hazelnut, a pinch of dried fennel, and a dash of salt. All the scents are there in the taste along with smoke, apple & pear blend, crisp lemon/lime splash, more of that very welcome sea salt breeze, puff of smoke, mineral lick of rock, mild hazelnut, and ends in the back with a tiny piece of green pecan from my Granny’s backyard.

Pairs with Cheez-Its: gentle and smooth

This is one of those lovely tales of two friends (both with wine degrees) that end up falling in love, rescuing an abandoned farm, and nurturing it back to certified organic life. Sounds like a perfect dream life to me (I’m not jealous…well maybe a little…maybe a little more than a little), but I’m sure it’s also a ton of hard work. Through their own words, you can see how rewarding it all is. “We make wines with love, always with feet stained with Albariza and with a heart that pumps the fruit of their work.” Now, onto addressing Victoria Cerezo Doello’s label art of a serious looking business-fish decked out in a pinstripe suit, pocket square, and briefcase. He’s letting you know that you can pair this bottle with any fancy-schmancy sea loving gastro creation to fish & chips takeaway, or even just a Krabby Patty (just don’t forget the secret ingredient a pinch of King Neptune’s Poseidon Powder). 🐟🐠🦀🦪🦑🦞🍤🦐🌊

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Devoted From Beginning To End

Vinos del Viento
Rosé 2022
100% Garnacha
Campo de Borja DO
Sustainable, unfiltered, hand harvested
Aragón, Spain
Winemaker: Michael Cooper

Electric 80s magenta watermelon rose salmon. Sniffing and it starts off gentle with red currants, strawberries, a bit of very ripe watermelon, an orange zip, some blossoms float by my nose and a whiff of salt & smoke. Sipping and it’s bright, bold and delightful! That citrus zip comes forward along with cranberries, pomegranate,  strawberries (red, pink & green), watermelon rind, and smidge of herb (including fennel) with a touch of heat on the back. Damn delicious!

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: meh

Ah love…it comes in many forms and so does passion. First Michael (originally from CA) found romantic true love while studying in Italy and then before he knew it he also fell hard for wine. I love that he threw himself fully in with studies, working in the industry, and just learning on his own by drinking to see what grapes and flavors spoke to him. Now, he calls himself a “vine hunter” which is very accurate since he “has searched out high altitude, old-vines and dry farmed vineyards. Their unique microclimates and indigenous century-old clone strands make some of the most original wines in the world.” They vines are dry farmed and no pesticides are used. There’s another very important thing I’m seeing more and more, caring about the container the wine is delivered. He uses “locally fabricated lightweight bottles made from recycled materials.” He’s totally devoted from the beginning to the end with his “Wines of the Wind”.

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Bubbling Romance

Château de Minière
Bulles de Minière
100% Cabernet Franc
Sparkling Red Wine
Organic Agriculture Ecocert, HVE
Bourgueil, Loire Valley, France
Kathleen Van den Berghe & Sigurd Mareels

Deep maroon purple with pretty in pink bubbles. At first sniff there’a a bit of creaminess (kind of Oreo center) followed quickly by raspberries, fresh picked pink & red strawberries, boysenberries, spring house mineral fresh, cherries, tiny tarty plum, and after a bit a bouquet of spring flowers pop up. Sipping raspberries, blackberries & seeds, blueberries, strawberries, dried cherry & cranberry, a touch of lemon spark in the back and a crisp end. This bubbly is pure romance, so go ahead and shoot that arrow…through my heart!

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: brings out a bigger depth of berries

Well, this is truly a bottle of romance…after honeymooning Kathleen & Sigurd (originally from Belgium) began searching for a vineyard to call their own. Once they saw Château de Minière, well just take a look at the site for yourself, the home and grounds are just gorgeous (it’s like living in a fairytale setting), and has centuries of history with women at the helm of the manor. Kathleen has joined that line, not only with rejuvenating the castle while keeping it true to its historic roots, but also tending to the environment and all that resides in it. Even with the organic & biodynamic you would expect for the vines, there’s also a LPO bird sanctuary, bee hives, rainwater recovery, and more. Oh and not to be forgotten, “Careful thought has been given to the bottling of the wine, for instance: lightweight bottles, unbleached cardboard, strict traceability of corks, nothing is left to chance.” What started out in my mind as a bottle of romance, I now see as a beautiful passionate labor of love. ❤️

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