Créé Avec Passion

Croix d’Irval
Premier Cru Extra Brut
Pinot Meunier (primarily), Chardonnay, Pinot Noir
Sustainable, indigenous yeast, hand harvested
Coulommes la Montagne, Marne, Champagne, France
Owner & winemaker: Jean Servagnat

Golden with tiny very active bubbles tracing geographic patterns on the surface. Once the cork is popped elegant & rich/savory fragrances flow out. There’s biscuits/scones (maybe even almond scones), a soft blend of cherry, raspberry and dark plums almost heading toward dried, and a warm toasty vibe. All of the scents are in the taste joined with a squish of citrus, Marcona almonds, and a savory dry toasty depth that makes you feel special. Comfortably festive and romantic!

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: crisp & delightful

Créé avec passion (created with passion) greets you when you first visit Croix d’Irval’s site. Reminds me of a quote by Elle Woods (“Legally Blonde” don’t judge I can see you shaking your head….)if you want to see why see below*. “On our very first day at Harvard, a very wise Professor quoted Aristotle: ‘The law is reason free from passion.’ Well, no offense to Aristotle, but in my three years at Harvard I have come to find that passion is a key ingredient to the study and practice of law — and of life.” Jean Servagnat has incredible passion for Pinot Meunier. He’s one of the few growers in Champagne making that grape his home grown star in his own label bottled creations. Hey, he even left a life in finance to follow that dream, and when you taste his bubbly, you’ll know what a wonderful thing that is for the rest of us that have a chance to experience his artful collaboration with nature.

*After 9/11, due to my job, my office was temporarily relocated out of state due to our building being damaged…very damaged…and holed up in a hotel for a very long stretch. “Legally Blonde” was one of the happy movies accessible to us, and I kept it on repeat. Was a good end to the day(s) of wondering where life would take us and you know what…I still love it.

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Cheers To A Warmer New Year!

Dr. Lippold
Moselle Riesling Brut 2018
Organic, sustainable, hand harvested
Ürzig, Moselle, Germany
Owner & winemaker: Dr. Enno Lippold

Pale starlight with fine bubbles. Sniffing dainty lemony cream, pears, a little green grass, and toasty wheaty goodness. All those scents are there in the taste and the lemon grows and is joined by a little Lady Apple as it breathes. Clean, crisp and sparky.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: perfect!

I know we’ve all been complaining about this bone rattling cold weather…at least I have. Who would have thought that a well chilled sparkler would warm my spirits, but this delicate yet rambunctiously joyful celebration of riesling totally did the trick. Oh, and it would be really scrumptious with unagi nigiri on a cozy evening in or a festive celebration out. 🥂

Cheers to the New Year & to Dr. Lippold!

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Always Moving Forward

Antonelli San Marco
Contrario 2015
Umbria Rosso IGT
Montefalco, Italy
Owner: Filippo Antonelli (5th generation)

Deep ruby and just the perfect color that would make a gorgeous ring. Scents float up of deep cherries along with a bowl of strawberries, raspberries & blackberries, a bit of orange rind fresh & singed with a touch of roses so let’s say cassis, and a small bundle of alpine herbs. Sipping and again there’s dark cherries with a holiday orange/peel that take my memories flying of youthful December vacation days filled with freedom, also blackberries (seeds and all), raspberries & strawberries, some deep plums & their skins, and at last a pleasant herbal bite. Delicious!

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: darkens and sharpens everything in a very good way

Antonelli San Marco’s lands have quite a long history way before Francesco Antonelli purchased the estate 1883…all the way back to medieval times. Ever since it first became part of the Antonelli family, each generation has constantly worked to turn it into the best it can be and move forward with continued success…from replanting, making “improvements for the tenant farmers’ welfare” (in days long gone), turning to organic in 2009, and now including cooking classes in traditional Umbrian recipes. Just think, you can go visit a historic spot, taste their wines, book an apartment in their “Casale Satriano”, learn some regional dishes, take a dip in the pool or if it’s too cold out just sit by the fireplace, listen to it pop & crackle and enjoy a cozy moment with one of their bottles. Sounds pretty heavenly to me! 🍷

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Waiting For The Rain

Domaine du Possible
En Attendant la Pluie
Tout Bu, or not Tout Bu
VDF Rouge 2021
Grenache 70%, Mourvèdre 30%
Organic, hand harvested, indigenous yeasts
Lansac, Roussillon, France
Winemaker: Loïc Roure

Deep ruby/magenta with blue electric pops and rim. Sniffing cherry, strawberry starbursts, red Twizzlers, and blood oranges & zest that has been singed. Ooh this is yummy sipping…dark cherry, strawberries, those Twizzlers again & a cherry jolly rancher with a touch of licorice that leads to a welcome herbal bitter bite. This is so chuggable chilled or not.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: meh

I asked a friend to recommend something delicious, something with character, and boy is Loïc Roure a character. Just from his labels, you can already see he makes the best of what the world throws at him and has fun doing it. Right there in print is “En Attendant la Pluie” aka “Waiting for the Rain” which at times he’s had to do and source grapes from other vignerons/friends he respects and live up to his standards. From this blending of grapes and friends leads to “Tout Bu, or not Tout Bu” “Drank (drink) all, or not to be drunk” (from my poor translation which I’m sure is a mess) and I say double thumbs up to drinking it all. Then there’s the name “Domaine du Possible” and he’s one of those winemakers that has proven all is possible, because he wasn’t always following the vine but previously worked for Amnesty International before getting bit by the natural wine bug. And one more thing about him that makes me smile are the pics from his cellar that’s covered in rocking stencil art & marks of his love of music. He’s definitely très cool!

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Expanding Education

Fondazione Edmund Mach
Müller Thurgau 2020
Trentino DOC
San Michele all’Adige, Italy
Winemaker & professor: Enrico Paternoster

Shining straw yellow/green. Scents immediately pop up of fresh sliced honeydew & cantaloupe, a citrus blend, lovely magnolias & a breeze of butterfly lilacs…just refreshing. Sipping and here comes bright citrus that sizzles on the back, mix of melons, cucumber, mellow & crisp pears, white peaches, and honeysuckle. It’s crisp yet luscious…it’s a glass of spring (which I so need right now) that’s sealed with a flirty kiss.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: pretty good

When I opened this bottle, I didn’t know the education that came with it. Turns out it all started back in 1874, with a different name “Istituto Agrario di San Michele all’Adige”. Now as “Fondazione Edmund Mach” they are still researching & conducting experiments, nurturing indigenous grapes, developing the best ways to farm & protect the vines and other fruits while still ensuring the quality of their land & wine, and you can also get a PhD with them. Actually the deeper I dig through their site, the more impressed and somewhat overwhelmed I get because they are truly innovative, dedicated and award winning (2022, The Bernard Blum Award for their research for the “Shindo Trap” that captures a detrimental & invasive stink bug by vibrations & pheromones instead of using pesticide. Now how cool is that!). Pulling myself away from this rabbit hole of wonderment, and reminding myself to just kick back, and enjoy this bottle because it’s one of their special, delicious & elegant gifts to the world.

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Like Father, Like Son(s)

Casa Favöt
Croatina, Barbera
Natural wine, sustainable agriculture
Oltrepó Pavese (PV), Italy
Owners: Fraschini Family

Deep ruby/purple with only a tiny bubbly tingle. Sniffing and there’s a balsamic whiff at first that fades and turns into dark plums, dried cherries, and blackberries. It’s rustic and charming…kind of like it can be your comfy jeans & tight t-shirt you love to kick back in or a night on the town in sequins. Light tingly on my tongue with lively cherry, raspberries & blackberries, as it opens strawberries and blueberries shine, and then there’s a little edge of bitter bite to even all out. Fun fruit and still dry. Has my lips vibrating.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: it’s ok but better without, so NAH

As they say, “like father, like son…”while actually this time it’s like the whole family. Before Casa Favöt became known for their wine, everything produced was mainly for their family until Alfredo Fraschini decided to try his hand at it and realized, “hey, this stuff is really good”. Off to the market they went, and off to wine studies for his son Emilio, who is now in charge and has also included his wife and sons (Giulio & Enrico who are also studying to keep the tradition moving forward). It’s like each generation is born already passionate for their Oltrepó Pavese roots. 🍷

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A Natural Find In The Park

Furmint 2017
100% Furmint
Organic, biodynamic, hand harvested, spontaneous fermentation
Fruška Gora, Srem (Syrmia), Serbia
Owner & winemaker: Ernő Sagmeister

Yellow with a touch of springy green. Breathing in and so light at first. There’s pear, green apple a little bit of the leaves too, mango, faint lemon, and a touch of cream. First sip and whoa this is no shrinking violet. Pineapple, guava. Light Coconut round pears, mature apples, lemon & zest & even Lemonhead candy, a sliver of oak, and a salty shake. Definitely has oomph to go along with the dry so it checks all the boxes

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: Don’t even

I find it so fascinating that Sagmeister’s has vineyards growing in midst of the oldest national park in Serbia, “National Park Fruška Gora”.  Ernő’s devotion and enthusiasm for the old traditions & organic ways, along with the vines being in this “untamed area where nature rules and wild animals are often seen” (side note to my feathered friend lovers, it’s a great place for birding!) can’t help but bring him successful and unique wines. Oh, and if you’re lucky to get your hands on one of these wines, you have Steep Hill & Fearless Finds working together to thank. 💋

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Continuing To Write History

Cantine Bregante
Vermentino 2021
Golfo del Tigulio-Portofino DOC
Sestri Levante, Liguria, Italy
Owners/winegrowers: Sergio & Simona Sanguineti

Springy gold with a touch of green. Lovely scents of pears, apricots, a touch of white peach, apple, lilacs & wisteria, and at lat a gentle sea breeze salt. Rolling it around in my mouth and it’s crisp, fresh, light & dry yet luscious the same time. Delightful blend of peaches, pears, apricots, apples, honeysuckle, touch of salt, and an herby ending like basil. An easy drinker.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: delightful

Cantine Bregante’s history dates back to 1870s. They were not only making wine, but also transporting their barrels via a group of their own ships departing from Sestri Levante. During unloading the barrels were tossed into the sea, rolled up the beach and into the old cellar. “Not only the crew but also those on the ground helped in this operation and every time a landing occurred, it was almost like attending a party.” Sounds like hard work but somewhat festive too. Now their cellar has moved further away from the beach since so much has changed in moving wine and bottling it for that matter, and Sergio & Simona Sanguineti (the latest generation) are keeping their heritage growing, “Now it’s up to us to continue writing our history based on tradition and passion to continue producing wines that are able to express the typicality of our territory, the warmth of our sun and the lively sea.” I just want to hug them for sharing from afar their beautiful and heartwarming town Sestri Levante. Due to their Vermentino, I went on a mini virtual vacation enjoying learning of the colorful architecture, their magical “Baia delle Favole” & “Baia del Silenzio”, and wish I could take a stroll on one of their beaches and just listen to the sea.❤️

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Creative Perfect Pairing

Podere Sottoilnoce
Valtiberia 2020
Vino Bianco Frizzante
70% Trebbiano Modenese, 30% Trebbiano Di Spagna
Biodynamic, organic, indigenous yeast, minimal intervention
Modena, Emilia-Romagna, Italy
Owner & winemaker: Max Brondolo

Warm golden sunshine with tiny bubbles. Breathing in a gentle creamy vanilla start that morphs, next up are pears, green apples, a smidge of berry, and musky touch that fades on day 1 and leads to light melon, and a smidge of anise. On the tip of my tongue it’s dry, with crisp pear & apple, lemon/lime squeeze, a bit of berry, that spice/anise is still there but joyously light & fresh, and a bit of almond on the back

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: oh this is gooood

As I said in my previous post, Max Brondolo is a Renaissance man. Earlier in life, he had an successful and cool career in advertising/communications/digital media. I wonder how it felt to start his new life in wine which seems to be an old love. Must be exciting, freeing and satisfying to start a 2nd act by working & growing in many ways with nature…to channel and pour a new creativity into these bottled moments in time that you share with family, friends, and the world. Have to also write about the artist whose paintings grace his labels. Something about these birds just pulled me in and I went down the google rabbit hole. Denis Riva is brilliant. It has been a while that I’ve found a “new to me” artist that pulled up such emotions that I can’t even put into words what I’m feeling. Please take a look at his website. I don’t know what brought these two creatives (Max & Denis) together but they are a perfect pairing.

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Small & Natural Celebration

Les Vins Pirouettes
Le Brutal De Jean Marc
Gewurtraminer, Pinot Gris, Riesling
Organic, biodynamic, indigenous yeast, no sulfur added, unfined & unfiltered
Rosheim, Alsace, France
Cultivated and vinified by Jean-Marc Dreyer

Hazy electric orange with that’s heading toward magenta as it breathes…so mid 80s robe. Do any of y’all remember “Merry Go Round”? Breathing in and ooh so much at once…there’s a blend of citrus, pinch of allspice that mingles well with the rest, orange blossoms along with a bundle of spring flowers, some funky fun, and a shake of salt & puff of smoke. Sip and there’s blood orange and tangelo sizzle, tart plums, apricots dried and fresh, a super tiny piece of dried pineapple (I ❤️dried 🍍), pinch of spice, dash of salt, and that good natural punk funk again.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: mmm more rich

This wine is a 2 in 1. 1st part is Les Vins Pirouettes, a project/collaboration started by Christian Binner with enologists Xavier Couturier and Pierre Sanchez to assist small growers to celebrate their grapes and the organic/biodynamic, and this beauty is a collaboration with Jean-Marc Dreyer. 2nd part you’ll see noted on the label, “Brutal Wine Corporation” which is another natural movement. It’s an international group of winemakers (including Pirouettes) that share an “open-source label” with signature font, colors & a Grim Reaper slashing SO2 (on Jean Marc’s it’s a Reaper Stork: symbol of Alsace and believe me it is eye-catching). To be a part in this group you must be 0/0, organic/biodynamic, and can only have 1 “Brutal” experiment a harvest. So with this bottle, you’re drinking a wine with a membership in 2 wine groups of integrity, creativity, lively & free fun, and devotion to the small winemakers and their artistic creations. This wine also led me to discover Barcelona’s “Bar Brutal” and I can’t believe in all my travels I didn’t even know it was there. Next time around it is definitely on my list!

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