Foxy Stole My Heart

Wild Nature Wines
Valpolicella DOC 2018
Corvina, Corvinone & Rondinella
Certified vegan, organic & biodynamic
Verona, Italy
Winemaker: Emilio Fidora

Shining ruby glass. Inhale and there are cherries & cherry cola, tiny roses & gentle bundle of spring flowers, raspberries, as time goes by a blackberry touch, and boysenberry. Tasting and this beaut is light, lovely and dry. There’s cherries (fresh & dried), blackberry (seeds & all bite), boysenberry, blueberries, tart fresh young plum and the pits, a tiny lemon squeeze in the back, a greenery exhale that’s a bit forest but not juniper, and a little reduction of it all. Even on a steamy summer night, I can really dig this…perfect for a backyard under the stars with a gentle breeze. Ok it’s still as lovely in my apartment near the BQE while the DOT rips up the asphalt under it for the umpteenth time. I’d prefer the sound of frogs to this cacophony of whirring & grinding machines along with the beep beep beep. I swear it seems like they do this so often. Wonder why city? 🤔 Future archeologists will unearth the truth.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: I like it. Deeper, darker, smooth

This is my 3rd “Wild Nature Wines”, but my first from their Valpolicella – Verona estate, and I’m so excited to have this little fox fall into my life. He’s just one of their beneficial neighbors that roam, hop, fly over, or buzz through their land, and grace their bottles. Must be wonderful to watch & listen to the wildlife, the breeze through the leaves and enjoy a moment of peace in such a beautiful part of the world (and not hear that infernal beep beep beep). Makes me grateful that the the Fidoras who took the care to insure their longevity by being the first estate to go organic in Veneto and Emilio to continue to further that path with going biodynamic & vegan certified. Thank you for making space for this little frisky 🦊 to be part of your wine family. He’s wiggled a way into my ❤️.

I’ve Found My Island

Kills Boro Brewing Co.
Plain Jane Pink Guava
Kettle sour brewed w pilsner & white wheat conditioned on pink guava
4.9 % ABV
Staten Island, NY
Sean Torres, Michael Caridi & Vincent Lima

Rose tinted orange with a lovely white head and active bubbles tracing designs on the surface as it breathes. After the pour here come scents of Valencia orange with a blend of other citrus, orange & cherry blossoms passing through on a breeze, guava, a little pineapple, and a little touch of a Mexican cookie I used to get at that long gone bakery on Grand St. Well this certainly wakes up my mouth…wooo! Tasting that tangy citrus cocktail again with a delicate sweetness (just the right balance), guava, papaya, and don’t laugh but a little mix of Sour Patch Kids. I want to know why on earth such a fabulous Berliner Style Weiss is called “plain”. She’s a true beauty.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: NO!

Full disclosure, I have not spent a lot of time on Staten Island (shhhhh not even the ferry). This may have to be remedied soon because this can has me totally intrigued. Kills Boro has a great tag line 🍺🏝️ FIND YOUR ISLAND! 🏝️🍺. Not only do they showcase their fabulous brews but also where you can find them at local pubs, restaurants and even when you go catch a Staten Island Ferry Hawks home game. It’s a win-win for both parties. Speaking of parties, they have a very cool pizza one coming up that’s not just a reason to drink in the sun but also for a good cause. “Join us on July 29th for “PIZZA PARTY!,” a craft beer and pizza fundraiser aimed at raising money for Snug Harbor Cultural Center & Botanical Garden.”

What can you expect?

  • 4 Hour, Outdoor Picnic-style event
  • Unlimited Beer Samples from Kills Boro Brewing Company and other Local Breweries!
  • Fresh Pizza made by some of the best Staten Island Pizzerias in NYC.

Get your tickets while you can!

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A Romantic Character

Cantina Valle Isarco (Kellerei Eisacktal)
Grüner Veltliner 2021
Alto Adlige Valle Isarco DOC
Chiusa, Italy
Co-op with 135 members
Enologist: Hannes Munter; Agronomist: Alexander Damiani

Yellow golden green starlight. Breathing in delightful peaches, pears, green apples, a breeze of grapefruit, bell peppers, honeydew, winter melon, and a few blades of fresh cut grass. It’s a bit of a steamy night here so it’s a welcome refreshing sip of peach, pear, apple, again that grapefruit drop & melon along with cool cucumbers. This glass is just begging for a dozen  oysters.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: brings out the crisp

Oh this wine co-op resides in such a perfect setting. Valle Isarco’s steep verdant vineyards is just so naturally breathtaking and beneficial. As they say, “In these winegrowing areas, the northernmost in Italy, where glaciers meet the gentle rolling hills of the Mediterranean, vines have been grown for centuries producing wines of great character. Thanks to variety in soils, cultivation areas and sunlight exposures, as well as to the particular microclimate, each vineyard develops a personality and special character of its own.” There’s another “character” I have to point out…the town of Chiusa (Klausen). Its tiny streets are wedged between colorfully painted medieval looking buildings that are varying to the point of a pastel rainbow and make me feel like I’ve dropped into a period piece flick. It’s a vision of sheer romance; and I can only imagine how much that is heightened with their Christmas Market where you’ll walk by candlelight & strands of holiday lights, sip mulled wine, and maybe even run into a night watchman.

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Fruit With Wild Attitude

F.W.A Straight Outta Dalby 2019
Fruit Pét-Nat (Fruit-Nat)
Apples from an old abandoned orchard in Dalby: Ingrid-Marie, Ribston and wild heirloom varieties
Unfiltered, unfined, no additives
Malmö, Sweden
Karl Sjöström & Mikael Nypelius

Hazy IPA orange with a whole lot of sediment at the bottom of the bottle. Sniffing a married mix of sweet & tart apples rolling down that hill while carrying a bouquet of wildflowers, and embraces a warm pie spice along with cider tingle tangle. All of the scents are right there in the taste & exhaling a little clove, apple tree twigs whittled down to the green, touch of lemon, mild white & black pepper & a little green in the back (but just warm enough and not the type that gives me hiccups), and a salty swig.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: wildly fragrant

F.W.A Straight Outta Dalby” is my second fruit pét-nat (cider) coming out of Sweden and both have been very surprising, fun, and lend themselves to be musically inclined. Mikael & Karl, are a very busy & creative team, who both have backgrounds in wine (they’re sommeliers), the restaurant industry, and a passion for keeping it natural, working with apples both old and young, & rescuing abandoned orchards when the opportunity arises. Oh and they have a very witty naming convention…not only is there “F.W.A”, there’s also “Draft Funk/Daft Frukt”, “First We Take a Manhattan, then we Take a Berliner Weiss”, “Plumenian Rhapsody”, “Britney’s Pears” and the “set list” goes on. Question is, do these DJs take special requests? Maybe…🍏🍎🍐🫐?

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A Festive All-Nighter

Bodegas Navarrsotillo
Gaupasa 2022
Navarra DO
Organic, biodynamic
Beire, Navarra, Spain
Andrés & Ramón Serrano Arriezu (brothers)

Salmon with s touch of magenta gradation. Sniffing and there’s strawberries, raspberries, a moment of roses, cranberry/pom cocktail, and a watermelon Jolly Rancher. Sipping and tasting strawberry, raspberry, teeny bit of cranberry, boysenberry, splash of watermelon, a lemon squeeze spark and an orange zest crisp. This is a total summer easy drinker, so be prepared for the consequences.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: NO

After pouring a glass, turn the bottle around and get the skinny on its name. “Gaupasa is a Basque word for staying out until daybreak, to maximize time with friends and family especially during a village’s yearly fiesta, wise alternating of excellent food and local wine is key. On the best nights you lose track of time, notice the bakeries have opened, and that it’s time for breakfast.” So anyone ready for a festive all-nighter under the stars with me? We can keep it going till the cows come home! ✨

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Making My Day!

La Battagliola
Gran Pignoletto DOC Millesimato
Spumante Brut
100% Pignoletto
Sustainably produced
Piumazzo, Emilia Romagna, Italy
Owner & wine family: Alberto Salvadori and his children (Beatrice & Tommaso)

Deep gold (kind of the color of an IPA/lager not hazy blend that my friend Bob orders at The Gutter) with active bubbles tracing continents on the top. Breathing in and it starts off with a vanilla puff on the first pop that turns into memories of Mom’s pineapple meringue pie, firm pears, golden delicious apples that as it lingers takes on a little caramelization, teeny tiny lemon tingle, and old time Texas toast that goes brioche. Going in for the sip and again there’s pears, my favorite apples with that crunch, sliver of pineapple & a little of it grilled, a tiny drop of honeysuckle in the back with a bit of lemon sizzle that happily grows to a perfect balance, and a touch of that toast reappears here and there.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: good but better without

I just love learning how people end up living the life of the vine, but I will admit sometimes I am a bit jealous. How wonderful it would be to inherit like Alberto and end up with their mother’s country house and realize your life is going to change. He went from logistics to farming! Once again another wine family living the dream. Just makes me smile and yes, yearn for that lifestyle. Oh and they’ve given me a little wine education from this bottle since this my first Pignoletto. Turns out after some genetic testing this grape is also known as Grechetto Gentile (or di Todi) which I have met in the past. So pleased to meet you Pignoletto through such an addictive delicious sparkler. You’ve made my day much brighter and lighter! 🥂

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Pining For The Mountains

Vinos Malaparte
Montón de Piñas 2021
100% Tempranillo
Natural farming, no pesticides or herbicides, indigenous yeasts & spontaneous fermentation & skin contact, unlined/infiltered
Segovia, Castilla y León, Spain
Winemaking family: Mariano de Frutos, Elisa de Frutos, Ruben Salamanca

Plummy ruby with a wash of blue. Breathing in strawberries, raspberries, a little gentle creaminess, cherries, plums, a twist of black & white pepper, and a good fern touch. Tasting and this is as delicious as I anticipated…red & green strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, cherries, plums, a smidge of skittles, lemon bright squeeze, and a peppery dash that reminds me of the wild pepperweed. Perfect chilled drinking to kick back or kick up your heels.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: juicier mmmm

When I first saw the name, Montón de Piñas, I wondered what on earth is this about a mountain of pineapples? Is it named after a trek Ruben & Elisa might have had to Pineapple Mountain (Por Lo Shan) in Hong Kong? Does SpongeBob live here while on vacation? Nope, if I had just looked on their site first, I would’ve seen it is one of the 2 small areas (other is El Canalizo) that make up their vineyards that are “near the Virgen de El Henar Sanctuary, and surrounded by pine trees”, so it’s more of a mountain of pine cones. I always have to make things so difficult for myself 🤪. Anyway, this is another one of their smashing good bottles, and as I’ve said before I’m a Malaparte fangirl. They’ve never steered me wrong!

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Wine = Magical Destiny

Franchere Wine Company
Split Infinitves
N/V (2022)
Grüner Veltliner 74%, Chardonnay 26%
Sourced from sustainably farmed & organic trusted vineyards, definitely unfiltered and very natural
Woodburn, Oregon
Owner & winemaker: Mike Hinds

Hazy orange slightly pinky that reminds me of the smoke we’ve been seeing here drifting from Canada. Just opened and sniffing a bit of dragged through the forest floor funk that will head out and a touch of smoke (not from the aforementioned fires), citrusy zest mix, a bit of fresh rain that clears the air and cools things off, apricots, peaches, mellow pears, and a hint of cinnamon. First sip and there’s a delightful natural sizzle, next up are pears along with an exhale of that bit of peat/smoke that fades, lemon & lime kissed, crisp apples, bright peach, apricots, kumquats, and a touch seltzer salty. All of this together blends into a magical mixture of a tangy homemade orchard blend pie that reminds me of my mom’s pastry concoctions.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: eh nah

As I’m learning more about Mike Hinds, I get where he’s coming from with his inspirational moment. Just the right wine encounter can awaken all sorts of emotions. For Mike it was a Vouvray as he says on his site, “’What is this? Why is this so magical with my food? How did this wine come to be like this?’ It launched an obsession.” This led to his path in wine education from working in shops, taking classes, working as a “cellar rat”, and eventually to his own company. Honestly I don’t know if I would have the courage to follow his path, but he  has proved it’s his destiny. Even when I picked this bottle up (it had just been unpacked with no shelf talker) I was told how excited they were about his new pét-nat. Ok, you know I have to mention the label. First off the artwork is gorgeous and I would love to know who is the artist. Secondly, something about this cat really grabbed my heart. Not yet but at some point I may need to add to our 🐈‍⬛ family, so casting that out into the universe.

wine #vin #vino #vinho #wein #葡萄酒 #ワイン #PétNat #petnat #winestagram #instawine #winelover #winetasting #winetime #cat #catsofinstagram #oregon #worldbyglass #organic #cheezit #pairswithcheezits @cheezit @francherewine @vinewinenyc

Between Two Seas

Chateau Turcaud
Blanc 2021
50% Sauvignon 45% sémillon, 5% muscadelle
Entre Deux Mers Blanc AOC
La Sauve, France
Purchased by Maurice & Simone Robert (1973) and now passed to their daughter & son-in-law Isabelle & Stéphane Le May

Yellow with green shimmers. First scent speeding out of the gate is grapefruit followed by tangelo, lemon/lime (just a lively citrus mix), a whiff of pine needles, mango, hmmm lychee, and crushed pineapple. Whee it’s a whole cocktail, where’s the little paper umbrella? Sipping and all of the scents are right there in the flavor yet pulled back & leaves me craving coconut, a little almond on the back, and the taste when you walked into our old spring house with all the cool fresh mineral driven water bubbling. I really miss that delicious so naturally clean water source that I totally took for granted as a kid and into my teens. There was truly nothing like it.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: ooh delicious

Chateau Turcaud purchased only 50 years ago is progressing & growing with the passion of the 2nd generation. Residing in Entre Deux Mers (between two seas) they have a nearby neighbor in the historic La Sauve Majeure Abbey which is now a part of an UNESCO World Heritage site. Through centuries it suffered damage from war, storms & earthquake but in 1960, France’s govt. took over in order to keep what was left stable. Now you can visit the beauty that is left and also this Saturday (June 10, 10am-10pm) for 8€ you can join in a wine tasting celebrating 38 local growers, check out games & other wine activities, and get your groove on with a DJ under the stars. ✨

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A Chilled Happy Dance Of Life

Les Conques
Nonette 2021
Villemolaque (cellar), Roussillon (vineyards), France
Owner & winemaker: François Douville and family

Strawbluecranberry cocktail color with tiny bubbles. Lovely scents of natural slightly fizzy sizzle depth at first along with smoke & little earth, smidge of balsamic vinegar, and it all grows into a blend of strawberries, raspberries, bright cherry and lemon squeeze. Sipping along and there’s raspberries, strawberries, a whiff of smoke & spritz of seltzer, cranberry, a kick of cherry and a little lemon lick. It’s a zippy & tongue tingling chilled happy dance of life.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: nope

I swear, lately I’ll grab a bottle and not even look at the back label before bringing it home and once I get ready to open and turn it around, lo and behold there’s Super Glou’s logo. They really know how to pick winners. Les Conques totally knocked my socks off if you can’t tell from my description above. Somehow they bottled the essence or interpretation of their enchanted land. Just check out their IG page and you’ll see for yourself (oh and pour a glass of Nonette too for full effect). You’ll find images of truly natural happiness including their Jack Russell, horses, all sorts of beneficial insects & other wildlife, family and the surrounding watchful trees such as cork oaks & something I have never heard of before “arborescent heather” which is my namesake that is usually a shrubbery but evidently has grown to higher aspirations. Enough of my flights of fancy babbling, take a good long well chilled sip and experience it for yourself. 🍷

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