Love Can Lead To Controversy

Viña Laurent
Polemico País 2022
150 year old ungifted vines, organic
Secano Interior, Valle del Itata, Chile
Winemakers: Damien & Lorena Laurent

Ruby cranberry cocktail. My nose is first hit with blossoms & smoky toasty goodness that lead to ripe & dried cherries with a light creaminess at first that hides later. Sipping lovely cherries, smoke that fades as time goes by and goes a little nutty, tart plums, dried cranberries, and as opens raspberries breeze in along with strawberries, a blackberry bite & a few blueberries dropped in, and an herby bit of thyme and/or smidge of anise. Overall light, chillable (just a little), and even with the name “Polemico”, there’s nothing controversial going on here…just damn good wine!

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: yummy

Oh País, how you’ve made me love you over the years. Speaking of love…while Lorena was on vacation in France where as she says, she found her winemaking “prince charming” and now she & Damien are keeping the ❤️ &🍷going in Chile. Their words explain it best, “We seek to do what we like, to express our passion, to make wines with a soul, with our own identity, we do not seek to be pretentious in it, it is simply to look for and interpret what nature gives us. That is why our wines are different every year, every year the imprint that nature wanted to leave us is impregnated and therefore as a result what matters most to us is to share our wines.”

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A Good Cat Scratch

Viña Echeverria
Pét-Nat Wild 2022
100% Chardonnay
Single vineyard grapes, from ungrafted selected clones of prep-phylloxera French rootstock
Curicó Valley, Molina, Chile
Organic (practicing), sustainable (certified), wild yeasts, unfiltered, family owned & managed winery
Technical Director Chief Winemaker: Roberto Echeverría Jr.

Hazy yellow gold with a shimmer of green and a bit of bouncing bubbles. Going in for the sniff and wah! whoa! There’s mango mellow, pears, with salt & touch of smoke, apple, citrus spritz, and a something green. First sip and whoa again! All of the scents are in the taste with that green that’s a fresh stripped apple tree twig & lime zest. It’s crisp, vibrating, and a tingle tangle kiss of the wild or a good cat scratch satisfying that itch.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: dances together well but I prefer going solo

Just have to say I love the fun the Echeverrias bring to their natural wines. There’s always a little tidbit, fanzine, instructions, or like this pet’s label giving you and heads up about what you’re about to get hit with “aromas & flavors up to 11” and that its open & inclusive and pairs with Waldorf salad, BFFs, and true crime podcasts🕵️🔍. Oh this is so my regal feline groove. 😽

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Gothy Goodness

Weingut Müller-Ruprecht
Pet-Nat Rouge 2022
100% Dornfelder
Organic, wild yeasts, unfined, unfiltered
Kallstadt, Pfalz, Germany
Winemaker: Sabine & Philippe Woehrwag

Let it breathe and just give it a little chill. Deep dark vein blood purple ruby with little bubbles clinging to the sides. First sniff and there’s prunes and then next up is citrus zest & a trail of blossoms with a little fresh grass, a bit of farmy darkness funk, blackberries, raspberries, fizzy zip, and a smidge of spice…maybe a gingersnap or a little nutmeg. Sip and ooh sparky! There’s citrus soda zip, cherry, boysenberry, rhubarb, raspberry, blackberry, bubbly mineral water lick with white pepper dash, and a lavender exhale. Also a nice naturally earthy funk that leads to a bottle of Strawberry Switchblade.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: NO

Sabine’s family has been in the grape/wine business for centuries, and now she & her husband Philippe are still seriously dedicated to their land and their wein but are also having fun! C’mon they nicknamed this stuff “vampire soda” which just makes me laugh but still speaks to my younger kinda gothy self. Totally can see why since it leaves a deep dark bit of purple of unfiltered goodness at the bottom of the bottle. It’s so, “I Vant To Drink Your Blood” 🤣🧛‍♀️ Also they have a cool little thing you can do for yourself or someone you love. You can become a sponsor of a vineyard and they’ll post your name there & you’ll get a 3 pack of wine. 🍷

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Making Friends

Aida i Luis
“Girò” Maboi 2020
100% Girò
Alicante DO
Organic, indigenous yeast, dry farmed, hand harvested
Grapes sourced from single vineyard in Sierra de Bernia Natural Park
Xalò, Alicante, Spain
Winemakers: Aida Cisnal Roig & Luis Serra Bernabeu

Stained glass crimson-ruby. Scents pop out of plums, dried cherries, a spritz of perfume that turns into a bouquet of violets, dainty roses, magnolia depth, and after time a roll on the forest floor with some old pine needles. On the tip of my tongue there’s tangy blood orange/lemon/mandarin/lime squeeze & zest, followed by cherries, strawberries, blueberry, a little blackberry, raspberries, and on the back there’s a tingly herby thing like a smidge of eucalyptus/mint and other forest goodness “digging in the dirt” dark depth, and that bit of floral returns on the exhale.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: juicy, tart and floral mmmm

When I first met this bottle, I was greatly intrigued by the costumed fete figures on the label and of course the name. Turns out “Maboi” from what I’m finding, is actually Maori for “come and see” or/and “my friend”. Well, you’ll definitely want to come and see this wine and the beautiful elevated area from where their Girò comes and thrives. Will you make a friend? My bet is yes. Just share a glass with someone and a conversation is bound to bloom. 🍷

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Vacation In A Can!

La Lata
Wine Spritz
Organic, vegan, gluten free & no chemical additives
Created by Álvaro de la Viña & Ana González (Selections de la Viña)

Light gold (with some green) starlight with a tiny active pop pop pop! Curiously sniffing and there’s hazelnut & a bit of coconut that expands into creamy sherrylicious with citrus sparks that waft in and out. Sipping full and crisp apples/sherry, a nuttyiness (squirrel approved) like a dry Nutella, vanilla splash, light seltzer, and a spritzy citrus cocktail (including delightful grapefruit without the funk). This is a waaaay easy drinker.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: easy as pie

Ooh my friend was right when she said this would be my new warm weather go to can. Definitely a perfect match because I love just about anything related to Spain and of course anything related to festivals! 💃 This little can is Álvaro & Ana’s version of the sherry cocktail “rebujito” that is often used to cool revelers off during Sevilla’s April Festival and other hot days and nights of dancing, hitting the tapas, and just celebrating life. It’s also their “goal is to take you on a virtual trip through their native country with every can you open” which totally matches with why I started @worldbyglass “Traveling the world through one glass at a time”. Cheers and crack that can!

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Lust For Life

Cantine Polvanera
La Marchesana
Primitivo 2021
Puglia IGT
Gioia del Colle, Puglia, Italy
Owner & winemaker: Filippo Cassano

Ruby purple loveliness. Breathing in cherries and all the berries, a touch of butter cream frosting, and as it opens a pop of cherry cola. First sip and there’s cherry & pit depth, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries…like I said before all the berries and a fresh picked violet with a hint of cola. It’s a dancer that glides through a tango and then has a youthful kick that can do backflips on the dance floor in socially conscious pleather chaps. Also a bit of zest or as Iggy Pop says, “Lust For Life” (little side note I am a big Iggy fan and had a larger than life shirtless BW poster of him right at the foot of my freshman dorm room bed 😍 Love the lean & lanky ones).

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: smooth and dark

Thank goodness for stainless and Cassano’s love of Primitivo. He lets this little grape show us just how elegant and lively it can be and express the land and environment it resides. Makes me really want to find out where I can pick up a bottle of their Spumante Rosè Brut IGT “A” to see just what song the método charmat brings out. I bet it really sparks! 🍷

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Pair ‘Em Up!

Alsace Blanc 2021
65% Pinot Blanc, 15% Muscat, 14% Riesling, 6% Gewurztraminer
Biodynamic, organic
Alsace, France
Owner & vigneron: Jean-Baptiste Adam
Winemaker: Olivier Raffin

Yellow gold and a little green shimmer. Lovely scents of yellow melons, mango, a well shaken citrus cocktail, and pineapple,  All of the scents are their in the taste with pears, Lady apples, kirbys, and fresh basil herby in the back. Crisp, dry and hits the spot.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: oh so smooooth

This young Kuentz-Bas blend just sings of its Alsatian roots, tradition & terroir; and plays well with just about anything from a romantic candle light dinner of seared tuna in a black pepper crust to an afternoon in the sun backyard grilled cheeseburger with a side of onion rings. Actually this domaine got its start from a pairing. First there were the Kuentz from back in 1795 that blended through marriage in 1895 with the Bas family. Now it’s in the hands of Jean-Baptiste Adam (since 2004) and he and his team take great care of their lands and all that inhabit it with their biodynamic ways. If you want a moment of zen, watch this video of them prepping and applying the “Bouse de Corne”. With a workout like that you’ll never need a gym membership. 💪💪💪💪

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Rocking & Rolling With The Next Generation

Raïmones Wines
Engrescada Sparkling Orange 2020
Marina, Pansa Blanca (Xarel-lo)
Organic, hand harvested, wild yeast, unfiltered
Penedès, Catalonia, Spain
Winemakers: Montse Carbó, Jordi Jané & Marti Sadurní 

Neon sign on the fritz zingy tangerine orange gold…frrrzzp…white bubbles…frrrppp. Sniffing and there’s Mandarin orange that has a mellow cream soda bit, peachy keen mango flow, a touch of gingersnap with a pop of lemon, and a natural wildness of Queen Anne’s lace. Whew that was a lovely lot. Now onto the taste…apple cider, lemon/lime crisp, tangelo & singed rind, orange blossoms, splash of pineapple into the mix, seltzer & salt, touch of light comfy cardamon, and a green grassy herb on the back. This truly is a bottle of unedited enthusiasm 🤸🏻‍♀️or wheeeee (engrescada).

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: crisp and clean

Ok this one is so fun! These 3 friends/winemakers are the offspring from La Salada, Mas Candí and Raimon Sadurní. Now how cool is it that the kids are “keeping the band together” or in their case the project rolling along, and cultivating & keeping the rare Marina growing. Now as for where they came up with their name…well, here’s what they say on IG:

“Where do you think “Raimones” come from?

a) Two of our partners are called “Ramon” 👬

b) “Raim” means grape in catalan, while “Ones” means waves. RaimOnes, grapes really close to the Mediterranean sea 🍇🌊

c) We like Rock and Roll and its our little tribute to the “Ramones” band 🎸🤘

Or maybe the three of them are correct…😜”

My bet is all 3 because these winestars are definitely rocking. 🥂

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A Real Work Of Art

Las Jaras Wines
Superbloom Cuvée Zero Zero 2022
California Table Wine
Co-ferment of red & white grapes sourced from Sierra Foothills
Sebastopol, CA
Winemakers: Joel Burt and Eric Wareheim (yes, that foodie & funnyman Eric)
Label art: Jade Roche

Deep very ripe watermelon juice fresh from the garden. Sniffing and right off there’s so many layers of goodness. There’s watermelon, raspberries & strawberries, bell pepper & a little slice of French breakfast radish (as it opens up), fresh rained on cement & granite in the early summer warmth, squeeze of lemon & lime, and orange zest. Ooh I love this stuff! Dancing on my tongue are those watermelons again with not quite ripe strawberries, zippy citrus blend, kiwi, fresh rhubarb, green gooseberry, maybe even little twinge of tomatillo, a tiny green peppercorn, and a little wild fling. It’s bright, vibrant, so alive, and full of multiple personalities.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: NOPE

I have walked past this cheerful looking bottle (the label made me think of what Rothko would paint if he’d microdosed) so many times meaning to pick it up but for some reason always getting distracted by something else. I have so been missing out! Joel & Eric’s wine is a rollicking good time. Just watch their videos and you can see how enthusiastic they are about the whole grape growing/winemaking process and also the art that graces their bottles & cans. Love that they asked friends to come up with imagery to pair with the wines and actually give them credit that is easily found and I don’t have to run around going nuts searching. Now I can just spend that extra time enjoying another glass of Superbloom. Cheers!

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