Beer is Our Food

Moody Tongue
Scotch Barrel Aged Peated Scotch Ale
2019 Vintage
Aged in Laphroaig barrels
11.8% ABV
Chicago, IL
Brewmaster Jared Rouben
Executive Chef: Jared Wentworth

Mahogany with a small pale beige head. Pop the cap and oh yeah baby it smells like toffee, caramel, brown sugar, and warm smooth peat. This is sooo sleek! Tastes of smoky peat beautiful scotch, toffee, and something with a bitter herbiness or a little burnt cinder edge of a brown sugar cookie that balances it all out. This bottle is freaking fab and I’m glad I took the chance on it!

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: BLEEP NO!!!!

What do you get when you pair a brewmaster with an established culinary and brewing background with a 10 time Michelin star executive chef…well you get a Michelin 2 star brewpub. You can either go relaxed and laid back in “The Bar” or fancy it up in “The Dining Room” where you can get a tasting menu/beer pairing. Either choice you’re going to get a unique experience with their “culinary brewing” and as they say “Beer is our food”. I so want to get my hands on their “Shaved Black Truffle Pilsner”. Yeah, yeah I can hear some of you shaking your heads, but if it’s as good as their “Scotch Barrel Aged Peated Scotch Ale”, I’m all in.

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A Creative Solution

Tenuta delle Terre Nere
Etna Bianco DOC
60% Carricante, 25% Catarratto, 10% Grecanico, 5% Minnella
Organic, sustainable, and vineyards are located on the northern slopes of the Etna volcano, 600-900 meters a.s.l.
Randazzo (CT), Sicily, Italy
Owner: Marc de Grazia

Light gold starlight. Scents grow while sitting for a little of peaches, pears, winesap apples, blossoms/lilac, and a fresh salty seaside bit. Beautiful! Now sipping yellow plums, apricots, ripe soft pears, oddly a little oregano on the edges (it’s good trust me), granite-volcanic fed/mineral, and salt. Now I’m craving unagi and west coast oysters and a mortadella (or if you can’t find it substitute bologna & salami) grilled cheese. Yeah, there’s nothing like a good grilled cheese.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: absolutely delicious

Marc de Grazia is a man with his hands on two sides of the wine industry. He started out as a wine importer and from what I’m reading it was spurred from not being able to find the wines he loved while studying in the US. Now that’s a creative solution! After working with all of these wonderful winemakers, he then became one of the early “pioneers” revitalizing winemaking in Etna with buying the land and creating “Tenuta delle Terre Nere” aka “Estate of the Black Earth”. From eruptions and destruction came this beautiful opportunity to work with unique soils which they continue to research. They’re thinking about what is coming next, and how to adapt since climate change is very real.

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Loving the Flip Side

Face B
Pif Paf
Brut Nature NV
Blanquette de Limoux AOP
Mauzac  & Chenin Blanc
Organic, hand harvested, Méthode Champenoise, bottle aged for 18 months
Calce, Roussillon, France
Winemaker: Séverin Barioz 

Pale pretty yellow. Ooh breathing in sweet wisteria, magnolias, honeysuckle, apples, and creamy mellow pears. Those apples and pears reappear in taste and also a creamy feel. Next comes some honey but not overly sweet because there’s fresh crisp citrus bits with a little hazelnut, and grass.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: it’s an ideal pairing

From what I’m seeing the name Face B comes from the B-side of a single. You remember those…right? Well, can you believe the Smith’s “How Soon is Now” was a B-side? Seriously, it was on the back of “William, It Was Really Nothing” in 1984. See just because it’s the flip side, doesn’t mean it’s 2nd tier. Just like this bottle of bubbly give it a chance and you’ll find that your “B” is really an “A”.

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No Chemistry, No Technology, Just Nature

Vini Conestabile Della Staffa
Grecorange 2020
Umbria IGT
Organic, vegan, unfiltered, native grape, 20 days of skin contact
Monte Melino, Italy
Winemaker: Danilo Marcucci but the winery and land are from his wife’s side of the family

Electric orange…very orange…like Cheez-It orange. Breezing in are orange blossoms, magnolias come out after a bit and fade back, oranges and a twinge of lime. First swig and tastes are of lemon/lime/mandarin zest and a citrus squeezed mix. Give it a little time and then there’s something mineral, and a touch of real saffron threads (not that fake stuff that’s metallic). Just dry enough, fresh and light, and a glass of sunshine.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: pairs up fab, but I prefer the wine solo

It’s pretty obvious how much I love wine, but it’s also the tales, the history, and what drew people to work the vines. Reading about Danilo Marcucci on SelectioNaturel’s site and they write he’s the first to say this is his wife’s land and “he is merely a guest, married to the vines and his wife Alessandra’s noble lineage” (dating back to the Middle Ages w an arranged marriage in the 1700s sealing the families’ deal). He just rebooted everything, and was lucky that  chemicals were never used on the land, since he’s been called “Italy’s Lord of Natural Wine”. He learned from old school masters after being introduced to a glass of nature, and his philosophy is “No chemistry in the vineyard, no technology in the cellar.” Can’t get better than that.

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A Stellar Pour

Fifth Hammer Brewing Co.
Moons Of Jupiter
Oatmeal Stout
5% ABV
Long Island City, NY

Crack the can, pour and it’s a glass of dark chocolate/black coffee with a caramel head. Smells like unwrapping a chocolate bar along with a chip of baker’s chocolate, roasted coffee beans, and a little toffee. Kicking it back and there’s tastes of deep very dark chocolate and almost bittersweet baker’s, really roasted toasted black coffee (but not Charbuck’s) and burnt brownie edges. It’s a crisp yet smooth easy drinker and not overly heavy. I would love work on a pint for a while and follow up with another. Delicious!

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: NO!

It’s that time of the year again! No not that darn pumpkin spice crap. It’s stout season. Actually I ❤️ stouts 365, but then I’m a chocoholic. If I could I’d swim in a vat of it but that might end up a bit messy. A better idea would be to cue up some old Armin van Buuren and take a 4-pack of these cans for an evening dancing under the twinkling night sky.

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Kitty, What’re You Meowing About?

Viña Echeverria
Pét-Nat Rosé 2020
98% Chardonnay, 2% Cabernet Franc
Organic, sustainable, vegan friendly, wild yeasts
Curicó Valley, Molina, Chile
Sustainable, low yield vineyards, estate grapes, wild yeasts, unfiltered, family owned & managed winery
Technical Director Chief Winemaker: Roberto Echeverría Jr.

For a rosé this is quite warm hazy antique gold with fine bubbles creating morphing shapes on the surface. Btw what’s up with the side-eye glancing cat. Is a selfie being taken? Breathing in wildly herbal magic, field flowers (like dandelions and daisies), smoke, dried and fresh apricots, peaches, bananas, and silt. Hello you adventurous wine, where are you taking me on a fun ride? Hay and grass tangle on my tongue along with apples, pears (calvados), citrus spritz, apricots, deep peaches, smoke, honey, and dried banana chips.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: ACK ACK ACK (hairball sound effect) ACK

So excited to get my 3rd wine by Viña Echeverria (Es Pituko Cabernet Franc & Es Pituko Chardonnay) and they’re definitely consistent in delightfulness and instructions on the label. This little kitty says to “shake me, chill me, drink me.” I’d listen to her advice…this family knows what they’re doing. Roberto Sr. revitalized the family winery, brought it into the modern age and dedicated so many years of his life to this passion. He had to completely replant and rebuild, but as you can see, it was worth it for his children (Paulina, Viviana, Roberto and Diego) and for of course us. Miao y’all! 😺 Oh and I just have to add, this label is just asking for a little good ol’ Tom Jones.

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Stumbling Upon a Rare Find

Bodega Viña Ijalba
Tempranillo Blanco 2020
Rioja DOC
1st ecological certified winery in Rioja, native yeasts, native grape
Logroño, La Rioja, Spain
Founder: Dionisio Ruiz Ijalba and his winemaking family

Shimmering yellow with green hints. Scents of coconut sunshine and reminds me a little bit of a piña colada (oh no now that song is stuck in my head), wisteria, orange blossoms, pineapple, bananas, lemon/lime, and Valencia oranges. Sipping lemons, limes, pineapple, and as it rolls around a smidge of honeysuckle nectar with slate and a shake of salt. It’s crisp, and a tropical vacation in a bottle.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: oh yeah baby this is a good one

Tempranillo Blanco is one youngster of a mutant. I guess you could say it was born on 1988, or at least discovered in a vineyard in Murillo de Río Leza. Seriously what an amazing thing to be checking out your vineyard and in a sea of bluish-purple you stumble upon a bunch of yellowish golden beauties. Viña Ijalba was the lucky winery that were first to introduce this as a single varietal (along with Maturana Blanco, Graciano and Maturana Tinta). They worked with the Rioja government and university research to revitalize these native grapes. Also their vineyards were built on old rocky and poor soil so the vines have to go deep for water which may cause low yields but better. Quality is more important than quantity to this family, which makes me love them even more.

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A Golden Island Cocktail

Vinícola Taro
Blanco 2019
DO Lanzarote
Organic, hand harvested, indigenous yeasts
Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Spain
Winemaker: Pablo Matallana
Label artist: Carlos Matallana

Pure spun gold. First sniff and something a little wild jumps out to say “hello!”, then follows singed brioche, smoky goodness along with a citrus blend w an IPA grapefruit floating in and out and after time warm honey follows…also some freshly rained on concrete and a salty breeze (yeah it really does, I’m not quoting a cheesy greeting card). Drinking a cocktail of orange, tangerine, and lemon with an IPA twist, melon, pears and apples, serious smoke as time goes by with a kiss of salt, and a granite/mineral (volcanic soil fed) lick. This is crisp yet complex and damn wonderful!

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: digging it!

As much as I love this bottle, just looking at it and all I can think is of La Palma’s volcano which is causing evacuations, destruction and terrible air quality. I know Vinícola Taro is from Lanzarote which is fortunately one of the eldest islands (technically dormant) and placed far enough away that so far they are currently safe, but according to El Pais is eventually (far, far in the future) “destined to sink under the effects of erosion”. If you are interested in the birth of the Canary Islands, their growth, and what is currently happening, check out their very informative article/infographics.

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Gravity’s Pull

Nicolas Arnou
Chouette! 2020
100% Chenin Blanc
Organic, natural wine, no filtration or pumps, gravity cellar, and following lunar patterns
Les Champ-sur-Layon, Pays de la Loire, France

Deep gold warmth. Scents of apples, oranges, pops of hay, all spice, hazelnut hints, and honeycomb (my great-grandfather was a beekeeper and oh how I love those bees…nothing like chewing the comb). There’s also an underlying funk that fades. First sip and dang that’s natural! Here comes hay, apples, apricots, green pluots, orangina and a light taste of circus peanuts…hmmm. Just lively moon-dappled vibrance!

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: mmmmmm crisp

Turning from the life of an electronics engineer to winemaker, now that’s a nice career change. Nicolas definitely doesn’t have bats in the belfry, but he sure does in the cellar. When he took on his 10 hectares of vineyards (part of Domaine de la Raimbaudières) there was also an old 3 level gravity cellar housing his new bio beneficial friends. More new buddies can be found inhabiting (and assisting in) the organic grounds from the small ladybugs to the haunting owl on the label. So, I have to say this is a first for me, another of Nicolas’ wines “Le Canon à moutons” makes an appearance in a comic book (“Sauvages!!!”). Ok, this isn’t like L&R or Deadpool, but the artist Otto T. depicts Thomas Ferrand collecting wild edible wonderments and what is better to pair with a foraged finds menu than natural wine? 🥂

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Grooving Into Fall

Disco Special 2020
Grenache Noir & Shiraz
Grapes sourced from McLaren Vale
Organic, indigenous yeasts, unfined & unfiltered
Winery: Lenswood, Adelaide Hills, Australia
Owner & winemaker: James Erskine; Farmer: Fiona Wood

Maroon-violet chilled beauty. Pop the cap, pour, and a whiff of Oreo cream center heads out followed by pine needles, juicy plums, cherries, blueberries, and a little natural funk on day one that blends out to a dark foresty fairyland. Ok, so here’s all the flavors that are dancing and grooving around in my mouth. There’s cherry, forest floor and pine needles, citrus peel (mixed bag), blueberry, blackberries, a big boom of raspberries, boysenberries, tart plums, dried brown figs, and moroccan dry cured olives. Just juicy delicious but a dry bit at the back and has me craving salami and of all things onion rings. Perfect easy drinker to slide into Fall.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: Smooth and bright

Hmmm what music pairs up with “Disco Special”? My first thought was Blondie’s “Heart of Glass”, but the more I sipped, nope…It’s Faithless or rather Maxi Jazz. Needle is dropped on “God Is A DJ”.

This is my church

This is where I heal my hurts

It’s in natural grace

Or watching young life shape

It’s in minor keys

Solutions and remedies

Enemies becoming friends

When bitterness ends

This is my church

This is my church

This is my church

This is my church

This is where I heal my hurts

It’s in the world I’ve become

Contained in the hum

Between voice and drum

It’s in the change

The poetic justice of cause and effect

Respect, love, compassion

This is my church

This is where I heal my hurts

For tonight

God is a DJ

For tonight

God is a DJ

This is my church

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