This Is Not That Story

Valdisole Wine
Helios 2019
Organic, biodynamic
Corneliano d’Alba (CN), Piedmont, Italy
Giuseppe Amato & Kyriaki Kalimeri

Shining garnet pour. Sniff and it starts off a bit wild but it’s just been opened so over a short amount of time it tames, tart cherries, young raspberries, blackberries, tomato leaf, tiny roses & violets, over time there’s plums of all sorts, red apple, and a rugged bit of peat/earthiness. Tasting and it starts out light & delicious that grows into a richer moment, cherries (tart & sweet), red currants, plums, a touch of peat or smoke, raspstrawblueberries mix, a drop of blackberry, tiny reminder of sugar cane that turns into violets, smidge of green tomato, and touch of grounded earthiness.

Pairs with Cheez-Its: sweeter

You know the usual tales of growing up in a wine family and inheriting land…this is not that story. Giuseppe & Kyriaki’s strength in finding their way in wine is curiosity. She had a background in computers & electrical engineering but that curious spark led her to getting an education as a sommelier & a diploma. He had a great appreciation for cuisine so ended up taking cooking classes and realized the attraction of pairing food & wine so he also ventured into sommelier courses, but that a wasn’t enough. The whole wine experience grabbed his attention and they both jumped full in to buying a vineyard…oh, and it was an online site where you can buy stuff secondhand. The vineyard was a half ha of “abandoned & shabby Nebbiolo”. (Makes me think of people who buy a house for $1 in an old town and when they get there they see the full extent of the repairs needed 🙀.) They’ve expanded, added varying grapes, are keeping it all natural, and I have to say this Nebbiolo is definitely not shabby now. 🍷

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Returning To A Sparkling Nest

Domaine J. Laurens
Le Moulin
Blanquette De Limoux AOP
Mauzac, Chenin Blanc, Chardonnay
Sustainable agriculture, HVE 3
La Digne d’Aval, Graimenous, Languedoc, France
Jacques Calvel and team

Very light yellow-gold with a green sheen and very fine white bubbles. Breathing in and it starts cool, clean and creamy smoothness (or a poof of meringue). Next up are pears (fresh & baked), green apples, lemon blossoms, light white peaches, and toasty brioche.  Sip and there’s green apples again with a few crab apples thrown in, firm green pears, apricot, a lemon/lime spritz, and mineral lick. It’s lovely, dry, crisp, and very lively.

Pairs with Cheez-Its: absolutely delicious

I always love stories of being able to reboot your life and return to your roots, just like Jacques Calvel. He grew up near Limoux and learned the satisfaction of a good day’s hard work from childhood. As often happens a person will leave the nest or in his case even France to venture to Switzerland, build his expanding venture and then after success, sell the business and return back to his homeland. Sparkling wine was his calling, and his business acumen & exporting knowledge were a perfect pairing. When he purchased Domaine J. Laurens it had a history of making sparklers, he just needed to rethink how they (he & his team) would work to better the lands, the winemaking process, and quality which is very important to all of them over quantity. They’ve achieved the 3rd level of HVE, and are working constantly harder to achieve organic. As Jacques says on his site, “Our next goal, which is not a small one, is to become organic. We are just at the start off our organic conversion; however, I am excited to work hard to provide a cleaner environment for the next generation.” Cheers and raising a glass J. Laurens caring enough to plan for the future of the next generations. 🥂

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Back To The Origin

Mas del Serral de Pepe Raventós
Viñya del Mas 2018
100% Xarel·lo
Natural sparkling wine
No. Bottles 1863
No disgorging, no dosage, brut nature, organic/biodynamic, vineyard work all by hand or horse
Sant Sadurní d’Anoia, Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain

Hazy yellow gold with a little sheen of green (kind of IPAish) with fine bubbles & deepens over time from the bottom up. Sniffing and it’s creamy at first like an Oreo center and later turns into a tiny drizzle of honey on top of sourdough, lovely pears (reminds me a bit of Poire Williams), white peaches, apple pie, and a light citrus blend (like Valencia oranges smooth & Mandarin). Tasting all of the scents are there…especially the pears with a twist of lemon & lime tingle/sizzle on my lips and tongue, there’s even a little Key lime pie, pinch of salt & mineral lick, and smidge of hay that fades fast. Very bright and full of life.

Pairs with Cheez-Its: just don’t

When you see Pepe’s last name you know he comes from a long line of winegrowers and the prestigious winery Raventós I Blanc (documented since 1497 & one of the oldest wine producers in the world). His grandfather Josep Maria championed the creation of DO Cava and passed the torch to Pepe’s father Manuel who was joined by Pepe who like his grandfather had a dream and withdrew from the DO Cava in favor of a being recognized for their Conca del Riu Anoia that would rise to a higher standard. To be included there would be a higher min. paid to growers, vineyards must be at least 10 yrs old, native & organic, smaller yields, and a longer time on the lees (18 month min). Pepe’s project Mas del Serral is a plot within the Raventós vineyard (Clos del Serral) where they return to the ancestral farming traditions. It brings together humans, vines, and animals living & working together in harmony to tell the story of their and their land’s origin. As he is quoted, “What I love is to taste a wine and that it takes us to the place where it was made”. ❤️🥂

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Intersecting Generations

Langhe Nebbiolo DOC 2022
100% Nebbiolo
Canale (CN), Piedmont, Italy
Faccenda family

Deep ruby with a garnet rim. Give this bottle a little breathing room, inhale and there’s tart cherries, cranberry (fresh and dried), plums, jumble of blueberries, raspberries & blackberries, violets, the more it opens a warm spice, and on the back orange zest. Tastes swirl on my tongue of all of the scents joined with pomegranate and a little cedar.

Pairs with Cheez-Its: smooooth

The Faccenda’s purchased their winery just over 20 years ago and have proceeded to celebrate their love for the land and vines(30 to 40 years old). They sum it up best on their site, “The vineyards of the Rorero are our family’s home, where we both live and work. In keeping with our respect of nature, we use the ‘integrated farming’ agricultural practices set by the EU. Our winery is also a proud participant in Piemonte’s ‘Vino Sicuro’ project, aimed at keeping our region’s wines free of harmful pollutants.” Now onto their branding/labels which piqued my curiosity. Kept wondering why the clean lines forming an X or cross & also a metallic diamond/square (each wine has a different color) at their intersection. Turns out they worked with a very cool art director, Derrick Lin. He used the crossing lines to symbolize, “the generational bond between grandmother Velia (the vineyard’s first owner) and her children who have carried on the business; as well as the meeting point between the dedication of her grandchildren — both winemakers — and the generosity of extraordinary regions such as Roero, Langhe, Barolo. Guidobono wines emerge from this “intersection” of lives, affections, people and territories.” Perfect packaging and an even more perfect wine. 🍷❤️

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Sharing Traditions

Cantine Su’entu
Su’aro 2018
Marmilla IGT
Native grapes
Sustainable, hand harvested
Sardegna, Italy
Pilloni family (currently Valeria, Roberta & Nicola are running the winery)

Bright gold with almost a light touch of orange/amber and gets deeper the more it breathes. Sniffing and there’s a citrus mix of tangerine, lemon, touch of grapefruit, hibiscus, honeysuckle, honeydew & more blossoms swirl, an apricot/peach blend, salt, and as it’s been open a good while caramelized sugar cane. Taking a swig & swish and here’s that citrus blend & honeydew again with orange zest, touch of smoke, a little honey & honeysuckle, smidge of sweet mellow pears, and salt shake. Bright & luscious all at the same time, and makes me dream of warm night outside under the stars just sipping and enjoying good company.

Pairs with Cheez-Its: so darn good!

“Working the land and making the best use of its fruits is a family tradition, and we’re delighted to have given new life to this value set, with regard not only to wines but also to our small olive oil output and the raw materials for the Estate’s Restaurant, Arieddas” – Salvatore Pilloni

I ❤️ Su’entu for so many reasons, and finding out about their restaurant Arieddas has me wanting to pack my bags. They work with what they have within the estate and if they don’t they source from other artisans/farmers. It’s a celebration of Marmilla’s (Sardinia’s) food, wine and culture which has a special place in my heart and belly. One pasta (on their menu & btw each dish comes w a wine recommendation) I have never had a chance to try are handmade lorighittas originating from the women of Morgongiori in the 16th century. They would gather to prepare the braided pastas formed into circular or O shape ahead of All Saints Day. It was also a chance to catch up on news, gossip, and camaraderie. It’s truly an art form that I hope doesn’t get lost in the hustle and bustle of modern times. Check out the Pasta Grannies to see how it’s made. They make such a hard task look easy.

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Always Time For More Wine

Nicolas Carmarans
Fer De Sang 2021
100% Fer Servadou
Organic, hand harvested, unfined & unfiltered
Aveyron, France

Shining garnet with a bit of ruby depth. Let this breathe a little. Sniffing in honeysuckles & white spring blossoms that mingle with cherries, bell peppers, cayenne pepper, white pepper, a then comes plums, raspberries, and cranberries. Tasting tangy cherries, raspberries, and again that bell & white pepper, plums, cranberries, young Turkish fig, an iron lick (or if you’ve face planted after tripping over a flattened bike lane guard that the city should have replaced….a slight taste/smell of blood), blackberries, boysenberries, and red currants.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: brings out some more assorted berries

This bottle just called out my name while I was browsing. Maybe it was the font, the name “Iron Blood” or “Iron from Blood” (my French is rusty 🤣), the fact I have never tried Fer Servadou before, or maybe it’s all three? No matter what, it brought me to learn about Nicolas and his trail from being an owner of Paris’ Café de la Nouvelle Mairie (natural wine bar), heading to beautiful & enchanting Aveyron, juggling his time between the café & starting to make wine, finally acquiring his own vineyard, and now solely focus on his vines & wine. Oh and the land had been abandoned for years and needed a heck of a lot of work to dig out, rebuild & go organic. In the end that must have been pretty satisfying to look out and know this was all his…now’s the time to make more wine, and boy is it darn delicious & elegant! Cheers and looking forward to the next Carmarans’ bottle that falls in my path. 🍷

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When Life Brings You Smoke Make…

Matthiasson Family Vineyards
Rosé Bubbles
Sparkling wine
Dunnigan Hills
Napa, CA
Winemakers & Farmers: Steve and Jill Klein Matthiasson

Crack the can and it’s a rosy/orange amber pour (or you could just drink straight from the can). Sniff and everything is light & breezy with cherries, raspberries, strawberries, boysenberries, a lemon/lime spritz, and a touch of funk that fades. Kicking back and sipping and again there’s cherry, raspberries, strawberries, boysenberries, orange/lemon/lime zing & zest with a little tangelo, seltzer sparky salt, and just so bright and light.

Pairs with Cheez-Its: NO

This perky and easily transportable sparkler came about from the Matthiasson’s ability to persist through the 2020 West Coast wildfires which caused devastation and trouble for so many and gave them a fear of smoke taint. Instead of making any reds that year, those grapes went into their rosés. A smart move and here’s to hoping in the future all those fires and smoke fade away.

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More Than Wine

Cantine Statti
Lamézia DOC
40% Gaglioppo, 40% Greco Nero, 20% Magliocco
Lamézia Terme, Calabria, Italy
Antonio and Alberto Statti

Deep dark goth ruby. Scents of rich cherry, dark plums, a touch of raspberries & strawberries, baker’s chocolate, marigold blossoms, and a light bit of fenugreek & I think a smidge of toasted anise. Sipping and everything I’ve been smelling is right here on my tongue along with a more of a juicy bit of cherries, plums & berries, squeeze of citrus blend on the back, and that baker’s chocolate starts to go into just lovely dark chocolate

Pairs with Cheez-Its: just makes everything bigger

Since the 1700s the Statti family (Baron Statti) has resided & worked on these lands (500 ha), but it took Antonio and Alberto to instigate making wines from their own grapes (local & international) in their 100 ha of vineyards which leaves 400 more ha to enjoy and nurture with olive & citrus groves, and cows for dairy, natural fertilizer for the vines, etc. They also blend tradition with modern…working in sustainable ways and using renewable energy such as biogas, etc, and some of this goes over my head as to how it actually works but they have “Photovoltaic panels are set up on the roofs and a trigeneration system comes into operation to cover the company’s heating needs” (article on La Repubblica by Alessandro Gassmann). They work with their neighbors for more “processing by-products” to turn into biogas and “thus creating the conditions for developing a network model in which it is possible to share operating machines and equipment, invest together and manage common agricultural land. And last but not least, hiring all staff permanently and not just seasonally, guaranteeing dignity to workers and professionalism to companies. This is how the Cauro Agricultural Network was born , which today has 55 businesses, 500 cultivated ha and over 120 engaged families.” They’re doing good for their neighbors, the region and even the world.

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Mediterranean Answer To Happiness

Curii Uvas y Vinos
Una Noche y Un Dia 2021
100% Giró
Organic, hand harvested
Xaló, Alicante, Spain
Violeta Gutiérrez de la Vega & Alberto Redrado

Ruby with garnet gem rim. Let this baby breathe a bit and floating up are aromas of cherries, tomato leaves (I swear this trend is a coincidence), red apples, blackberries, raspberries, boysenberries, lilacs & violets, and a pinch of anise. Taking a few sips and all of the above (especially the tomato leaves) and it’s smooth over time with a little twang, bit of peat smokiness, pit of a cured Moroccan olive, grassy wild flowers, and it keeps growing so much over time and still has a rustic flair but a vibrant juicy vibe. Delicious!

Pairs with Cheez-Its: meh not really digging it

Just reading about Violeta & Alberto’s family backgrounds it’s no wonder their wine project was born and is smashing. Violeta’s comes from growing up & working with her father in her parents’ winery Bodegas Gutiérrez de la Vega (known for celebrating traditional wines of their land), heading off to enology studies & work in France, and return to Alicante where she will take the reigns of the family winery. Alberto’s family also took him down a tasting route with their Michelin starred restaurant L’Escaleta as a sommelier and in 2010 was honored as Spain’s Premio Nacional de Gastronomía al Mejor Sommelier. Together they keep a tight focus on local grapes and working traditionally, especially like in this bottle of Giró which is an Alicante clone of Garnacha (one of my favorite 🍇). Actually it is their main focus uva, which Violeta is also implementing back at Bodegas Gutiérrez de la Vega. All in all, these two are creating & nurturing bottles of rare magic. Stealing a quote from de la Vega’s site, they are making “Mediterranean wines capable of making the unhappiest of mortals happy”. ❤️ Now that’s a gift for the world.

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Birds Of Different Feathers

Kontozisis Organic Vineyards
Innocent Dove 2019
PGI Karditsa
Xinomavro 50%, Merlot 50%
Certified organic, hand harvested, unfined & unfiltered
Karditsa, Thessaly, Greece
Andreas Kontozisis & Aphrodite Tousia 

Shining garnet glass.Let this baby breathe! After that time out, smelling raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, tomato leaves & vines stewing on a sunny day, plums, cherries, and lavender mixed with mild rosemary. All of the scents are there on the taste but a bit more rustic. There’s also lilacs, irises, & lavender, and finally a little white pepper with even a smidge of bell.

Pairs with Cheez-Its: NO STEP AWAY FROM THE BAG

Kontozisis Organic Vineyards has been certified organic in the vineyards & cellar since 1991 (one of the earliest ones in Greece) which truly shows Andreas & Aphrodite’s passion and dedication for their land, vines and wines. Their Innocent Dove “draws from the Greek folk phrase for ultimate innocence” which is perfect for their honest, natural way of winemaking. This winged wonder from Karditsa led me to another one that is definitely a bird of a different feather. Karditsa’s Pafsilipo Park has wandering peacocks, and everywhere I read it mentions relaxing in the grounds with them. They are such graceful and beautifully adorned creatures, but relaxing? If you’ve never heard their call here’s a video by @NatureWalk1 (not from Pafsilipo). Now I’ll let you be the judge. Still would love to visit them but think I’ll pass on hanging out and reading a book in the park. Would much rather chill out with another glass of this quietly cooing “Dove”. 🍷

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