A Novel Surprise!

Marine Dubard (Famille Dubard)
Sauvignon Blanc
Coeur du Mont 2020
Sustainable, HEV
Saint-Méard-de-Gurçon, Dordogne, Sud-Ouest, France
Winemaker: Marine Dubard

Twinkling starlight and I made a wish & got it! My nose is wiggling in anticipation! Sniffing a splash of light grapefruit, lively lemon/lime, pineapple, pear/apple smash, and apple blossoms carried on a spring breeze. Sipping lime & zest, pears, apples, that grapefruit again with a dainty touch of musk, a smidge of fresh sliced ginger but not a kick in the pants…just enjoyable, pineapple, and a lick of a rock or should I say limestone.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: didn’t get a chance to try since I was out and about

Oh this is one glass caught in the wild that rocked my weekend. I have such a soft spot for anything Dordogne/Bergerac, sustainable, and to top it off a female winemaker; and did I mention it’s at my local Sugarburg. Seriously what a surprise, when I strolled in last Sunday and found out they had switched to a new blanc(this goes so well with their shrimp tacos) and it is so darn delicious! There’s more than one reason I have affection for Dordogne, but a special one is the writer Martin Walker (I love his books, fictional & non). His “Bruno Chief of Police” series transports me with every page to a region that you can smell, feel, taste and fully immerse yourself in and begin to feel a part of this world. If you love a good mystery, better food, and fabulous wine…please check these out. I didn’t discover them till his “Black Diamond” which isn’t the start of the tales but you can still plunge in headfirst*. Who would have known that the books I’ve been carrying to read while solo would meet their perfect pairing just steps from home. ❤️

*Side note in case you’re still following along this far: “Black Diamond” was a life preserver of a book for me when I was sorting out a diagnosis to why my faulty body was such a hot mess that I now know is Chiari Malformation & Ehlers-Danlos. I don’t know what I would have done if I didn’t have Mr. Walker’s novels while I was dealing with my own physical mysteries. In a way they are part of my life that inspired @worldbyglass. Travel any way you can! 🇫🇷

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Art The Sicilian Way

Cantine Madaudo
Sicilia Illustrata series
Passione Siciliana
Cerasuolo di Vittoria DOCG
Nero d’Avola 60%, Frappato 40%
Vittoria (RG), Sicily, Italy
Madaudo family winery (4 generations strong)

Stained glass shimmering cherry. Breathe and in floats cherries, plums, raspberries, and not fully ripe strawberries. Tasting a tart cherry start then blackberries (seeds and all), a good swish of cranberry juice, tangy plums, a touch of tobacco (no I don’t chew, but I have had my share of cigars), and as it opens dried cherries too. Fresh, awake and alive and a bit juicy but dry at the same time.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: nah

“Sicilia Illustrata” is a beautifully depicted bottle series of 4 wines and 1 Spumante Brut (check them out on their site). Not only do you have a wonderfully crafted wine but also a piece of art from the creatives, Lelio Bonaccorso & Tonino Donato to add to your collection. The blend of the native grapes and the visuals weave and capture glimpses of Sicily, and honestly fascinate me even more to raise a glass to this enchanting island in person. Cheers! 🍷

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When Life Brings You Grapes

Commune of Buttons
Gloria 2019
100% Pinot Noir
Organic, biodynamic, indigenous yeast
Basket Range, Adelaide Hills, South Australia
Winemakers, owners & farmers: Sophie & Jasper Buttons (sister & brother)

Shining ruby with purple splashes. Ooh what’s that waving at my nose…strawberries, cherries, some forest floor with a dash of cardamon, and then back to blossoms. Tasting strawberries ( both ripe and green), cherries…and oddly a little of a cherry starburst (over time), lemon (fruit & zest), a splash of mandarin orange, red currants, and a pinch of white pepper. Just remember give it a little breathing room…don’t crowd it…a little extra space and time is a good thing.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: yummy

Jasper and Sophie came back not to get into winemaking but to revitalize their parents’ farm. Well..sometimes life just throws you a new route. You know how the saying goes, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”, and in their case it brought them grapes and influence & knowledge from natural winemaker Anton van Klopper, so then hey, make organic/biodynamic wine! Not only did they make wine but Jasper was voted in as the 2016 Best New Act at the Young Gun of Wine Awards. Guess they were really fast learners and got into the rhythm of the vines to the cellar. Also in 2016, they branched out past the farm to become a partner in the restaurant/wine bar and communal conversation place, “The Summertown Aristologist” which added on their “Cellar Door” in 2020, where you can do a wine tasting and if you like, take some home. Sounds like they are keeping quite busy in a beautiful way of life. 🍷

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An Intergalactic Gift

Gönc Winery
Grape Abduction Company
Orange 2021
Pinot Blanc, Pinot Grigio, and Riesling
Hand harvested, natural winemaking
Štajerska-Slovenia, Eastern Slovenia
Winemaker: Peter Gönc (and maybe there’s some help from Walter?)

Amber with some lovely natural detritus. Breathing in decadent orange blossoms, a little pie spice, mandarins, honeysuckle blooms, peaches and apricots…so lovely! Now on to the sip and it’s Winesap apples, Bartlett pears, apricots (dried & fresh), squish of lemon with oranges & zest, white & a little black pepper (so shake, shake, shake…shake your…), and a little greenery herby flare and granite that checks everything on the end.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: warm goodness like cheddar cheese on pie

This is my first introduction to the intergalactic gift of Gönc wines (shhh another is coming up soon too). According to their IG there’s help from beyond the stars from their otherworldly buddy Walter. ”Grape Abduction Company 👽 is a story of aliens who, in secret missions on planet Earth 🌍, abduct the best crops 🍇 in vineyards and produce them into earthy wine drinks 🍷 in their extraterrestrial laboratories.” Well, thank goodness it’s a liter! It’ll come in handy on the Mother ship 🛸. BTW is this where they put the chip in, because if so count me in…just no probes please.

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Following The Sun

Cantina Canu
Bibi 2020
Cannonau di Sardegna Rosato DOC
Hand harvested
Luogosanto, Sassari, Sardegna, Italy
Family winery; Co-founder: Carla Cualbu

Pretty dancing pink coral. Giving it a sniff and raspberries & light grapefruit breezing in along with salt, rained on granite on a spring day, and a bit of smoke or peat. Sip and zing! That sure wakes up my mouth with lovely raspberries, tiny wild strawberries, light citrus mix twang, a lick of granite, and a smoke hint on the back mixed with salt. As time goes by it’s lively, fresh and goes smooth only to have the zing zip awakened again.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: surprisingly delightful…ramps all the flavors up a notch

I wonder if I hold this wine glass up to my ear, can I hear the ocean because this rosé sure takes me right to a sun drenched beach. Oh Bibi, you are sweeping me right through a fast spring and then a let’s party summer vibe! So glad I waited to try you last out of the 3 bottles of nicknames (previous ones: Deispanta & Porteddu). Evidently Carla’s sister Clara was dubbed this as a tot since it was the first word to pop out of her mouth. Such an infectiously joyful sound when you say it over and over. Just try it! Or just grab another glass and join me following the sun. ☀️

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Fresh Breath Of Life

Weingut A.J. Adam
Riesling Trocken 2020
100% Riesling
Hand harvested, indigenous yeast
Neumagen-Dhron, Mosel, Germany
Brother and sister winemaking team: Andreas Adam & Barbara Gudelj

Springy pale yellow-green. Sniff and it’s a yeasty start…like a fresh baked croissant that goes all mellow or pie crust and skirts in and out, sliced pears, apple wedges, pie spice, blended mellow citrus pops, and a bit of grass. Sip and again mixed citrus tang, a little Orangina, tart apples & pears, honeysuckle, some peaches along with mango a bit of papaya, lick of slate, and a smidge of oregano. It’s just a fresh breath of life.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: it’s ok. Brings out a lot of citrus

This is a story of the young cherishing and returning to the land of their family. Andreas and Barbara each came back when the time was right to work and devote themselves to their grandparents’ small plot. They even expanded at an insanely low price per sq. meter. At that time, people were just more interested in heading to the city, but it’s an area filled with ancient winemaking history (well, it is called “Germany’s Oldest Winemaking Centre”). The Romans left their viticulture mark and would transport wine by rowing boats on the Mosel, and there’s a really cool sculptural depiction of one of these double dragon headed vessels (date 220AD), “Neumagener Weinschiff” which was part of a tomb/gravestone of a Roman wine merchant. If you want to experience just a touch of that old Roman boating tradition and take in the beautiful view of Neumagen-Dhron, a wooden replica has been built to let you cruise in style. Don’t forget to bring the wine!

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Good Connections

Cantina Canu
Porteddu 2020
Cannonau di Sardegna DOC
Hand harvested
Luogosanto, Sassari, Sardegna, Italy
Family winery; Co-founder: Carla Cualbu

Deep ruby shining glass. Ooh breathing in and it’s creamy smooth. There’s plums, cherries, and a delightful fruit tree blossoms, next up are raspberries, strawberries, and hmmm a little passion fruit. First sip and it’s so inviting…cherries, raspberries, ripe strawberries, plums & prunes and for that matter of fact dried cherries…can you dry a raspberry? (just checked and evidently you can freeze dry them.) Back to the rest of the flavors, there’s some earth but just like a pinch and a little bit of black olive pit. This is so smooth and makes me soooo happy

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: sharpens everything

Totally enchanted by my 2nd Cantina Canu wine, but then I’m sure you could tell from what I wrote above. As with “Deispanta”, this is another bottle that carries a family nickname. Don’t even bother trying to Google Translate “Porteddu”, it’s not going to get you anywhere, but this is what I’ve found from their IG. In Sardinian, it means a connection between places or locales, and in their own words and interpretation “We like to think that the Porteddu family have been our “connection” with the project we are carrying out today, because, having fallen in love with Gallura several years ago, they have laid the roots of a dream that today has resumed life thanks to the new generation.” For me…this glass I’m staring into is a connection between my senses and their passion. Thank you for letting us all in on your dream. ❤️🍷

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Naturally Engineered

Pinot Noir 2014
McMinnville AVA
Biodynamic, native yeasts
McMinnville, Oregon
Owners: Moe & Flora Momtazi and their 3 daughters: Tahmiene (winemaker), Naseem (sales manager), Hanna (events & hospitality)

Ruby stained glass beauty. Breezing in are fresh & dried cherries, puff of smoke, plums, prunes, very ripe strawberries, roses, and dried marjoram. Tip and tasting cherry, a tobacco tingle, prunes, singed orange zest, raspberry, rhubarb, a pinch of earth, and a good berry darkness. Alive, bright and smooth all at the same time and stays that way over several days.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: mmmm silky

“Pure, female-made biodynamic wines: grown with intention, crafted in harmony with the land we farm.” Reading a statement like that always piques my curiosity, so I wondered about how did the parents of these brilliant young women start this wine dream, and it was more than I expected. Moe was originally from Iran, but had come to the U.S. for an engineering degree, and after finishing he returned home with his wife Flora in 1978. I was a kid back then and remember my parents having the news on at dinner and hearing about unrest and upheaval and then the “Iran hostage crisis” so I can’t imagine how their family felt when they knew it was time to leave. Luckily they did get political asylum in the U.S. and in 1997, they bought their farm because it turns out Moe did have more than just an engineering background…his dad and grandfather both used to make wine. From the start they were dedicated to biodynamic, so as for the pesky weeds…no problem just plough and turn the earth over and over and let it rejuvenate. Also instead of chemicals they use natural tea concoctions. As they say”90% of the winemaking is in the vineyard”, and it’s so gloriously natural with such a delicious outcome!

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Full Of Personality

Bodegas Altolandon
Enblanco 2020
Manchuela D.O.
Amber Wine
Garnacha Blanca, Garnacha Gris
Organic, biodynamic, indigenous yeasts, unfined, unfiltered
Landete, Cuenca, Castilla-La Mancha, Spain
Wife & Husband winemaking team: Rosalia Molina & Manolo Garrote

Golden orange or amber without any little critters trapped in it. Scents flow out of orange blossoms, honeysuckle, orange zest, peaches, a bouquet of spring flowers, apricots, mango, and heady goodness. So this is one of those wines where you’re hit from all sides, but in a good way. Tasting honeysuckle nectar, wisteria, peaches, those reddish yellow plums from my grandmama’s trees, oranges and orange zest, peaches, apricots, papaya, mangoes, smidge of fennel, whiff of pine needles, salt, blade of grass, white pepper, and a tart citrus pop hangs out to make this even out with a good round way. This would be so good with unagi kabayaki.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: makes it sharper but I like it better as a full open burst of flavors

Remember the old tale of “The Three Bears” where Goldilocks tastes the porridge and one was too hot, another too cold, and then finally hits the one that is “just right”. Was just listening to Rosalia speak on a video for Simply Spanish Wine, and I think she and her husband found that “just right” place to set up their organic shop at 1,100 meters above sea level (highest part). They have the advantage of cooler climes which is a good thing with climate change being very real, lots of wonderful sun exposure, and also later harvests. They even have a REAL ice wine (Dulce Enero) which I am dying to try. This magical setting also has varied soils, so all of this combined together is the perfect grape recipe for as they say, “wines with their own personality”.

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A Responsible Way Of Life

Bosman Family Vineyards
Generation 8 Chenin Blanc 2021
Chenin Blanc (mostly),and a little bit of Grenache Blanc, Viognier, Vermentino
Wellington, South Africa
Vine growers & wine producers: Bosman Family (8 Generations so far)
CEO Petrus Bosman

Pale greenish gold. Hovering over the glass and gentle blips of pear & peach emerge along with a little tangerine that mellows out and then here comes  spring blossoms. Ok let’s find out how this baby tastes. Again there’s pears & peaches, mellow apples, a fresh citrusy zing in the back, a little salt, and it all circles back to the beginning again.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: oh yeah, it’s even more full fruit

I had no idea how this bottle factors into so much social responsibility. The Bosmans have been an accredited Fairtrade producer since 2009, and back then their 260 employees received a 26% stake of the business. They really care about their workers, community and growing healthy vines that can be spread to other producers which can also be seen with their work with the Adama Trust. Each bottle sold gives back a percentage to the Adama foundation and the community can sort how to allot the funds, such as education, child care, housing, healthcare, a choir and so much more. As Petrus Bosman said, “We have lived together, worked together and cared for each other on this farm for centuries, passing on values and skills from one generation to another, over and over again. For us creating opportunities for advancement within our community is not simply a good idea, it is a way of life.”

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