Enjoy The Silence

Companyia Vitícola Sileo
Sileo 2020
Grenache 90%, Carignan 10%
Cornudella de Montsant, Montsant, Catalunya, Spain
Winemaker: Agustí Torelló Sibill

Maroon crayon with cranberry shimmers. Breathe in and there’s a gentle creamy start, cassis, cherry, raspberry, and a little oak chip that adds a bit of rugged oomph that leads to back cherry, and a tiny eucalyptus lift. Sip and cherries, raspberries, blackberry, blueberries and it’s at first a rugged in a good way that turns into a suave velvet song. Also all that berry goodness gets mixed in with that eucalyptus that now am realizing is more hyssop and a lick of limestone.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: makes it sooo smooth, so go on and grab a wedge of really good sharp white cheddar

When I grabbed this bottle, I honestly wasn’t paying a lot of attention except that Monstant D.O. was on the label. Well, well…we meet again Agustí Torelló Sibill. Last time was a lovely AT Roca sparkler. Sileo is a whole other delicious nurtured creation, that means to be still or silent (Latin). Silent isn’t exactly what I feel about this wine. It’s so alive and develops the longer you spend the evening with it. Maybe that’s what the label is telling me to do…stay still…enjoy the moment and let the the flavors whisper you the tale of their land.

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Graceful Composition

Georgas Family
Retsina of Mesogia
Black Label
100% Savatiano
Biodynamic, organic, hand harvested, unfined, unfiltered, skin contact & fresh local pine resin
Spata, Attica, Greece
Family winery in the hands of latest generation: Dimitris Georgas

Yellow gold that deepens over time. Tickling my nose upfront is citrusy (lemon, tangerine, valencia orange) pine, yellow roses, wafts of wintergreen, eucalyptus and a bit of Ricola. It totally clears your sinuses in a good refreshing way. All of the smells are in the taste and it really wakes up my mouth, and the citrus blend becomes more prevalent. It’s a unique and delightful glassful that is full of surprises, and right now I’m thinking there’s some smoked piggy this would match well with and heck even a hot pastrami on rye.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: NO

Filled with tradition, the Georgas Family winery has been passed through the generations. The latest, Dimitris, originally followed another path with degrees in geology, oceanography, and environmental management, but returned after inheriting from his father. My guess is that his studies had a bit of influence on where their vineyards, wines, etc. are now with organic and biodynamic. So, the more good retsinas I try, I’m discovering they are at times fun & delightful and also can be structured & full of depth but always bursting with creativity. In this bottle it’s reverberates and vibrates like a Zoë Keating composition filled with passion and emotion. ❤️

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Flying Through Time

Vína Herzánovi
Pét-Nat Rosé 2020
Cabernet Moravia, St Laurent
Biodynamic, indigenous yeast, unfined
Kobylí, Moravia, Czech Republic
Owner & winemaker: Jakub Herzán along with sister Zuzana and girlfriend Sandra

Shining electric 80s magenta rose. One sniff and…swoop!…I’m transported back home (as a kid) on a hot summer day. It’s that smell of wild berries picked in the heat and the stems/brambles around them, tomato leaves and also field flowers that share that earth/greenish smell, and a sprinkle of warm spice. Sip and hello, I’m instantly back in my apartment (and the adult me but I still know how to have childlike wonderment & fun) it’s a delightful fresh raspberry and blackberry cocktail blended with cranberry, a dash of peppercorn, a spritz of lemon and a tongue vibrating tingle. Well, you can definitely time travel with this bottle without a “Folding”.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: nah

Vína Herzánovi is a small family winery now in the hands of the 2nd generation that believe less is more and treat their environment with genuine care so nature can do a lot of the nurturing. Love that they have a dream of one day having a horse to help out in the vines instead of some big green tractor. I also think there’s also a touch of magic in this bio bottle, since it took me traveling through space and time. BTW needless to say it pairs incredibly well with “Paper Girls”. If you haven’t gotten around to reading or watching, just pop open this Pét-Nat Rosé, pop your favorite mixtape into your Walkman, and keep your eyes peeled for the purple glow.

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Special Enough For A 2nd Look

Lectores Vini
Pomagrana Red 2021
100% Trepat
Conca de Barberà
Organic, hand harvested, native yeasts
Penedès, Cataluña, Spain
Winemakers/Owners: Fredi Torres & Marc Lecha

First and very important…chill this baby! Deep shining rose with blue pops. Creamy plush scent start that heads into raspberries, strawberries, pomegranates, cherries, and nice shake of white pepper. This is a lovely flavorful fruit cocktail of strawberries, raspberries, pomegranate, and a citrus splash of lemons & blood oranges. It’s juicy with a little granite/cement floor and shall I say flirty “you hoo, hey there!”…that makes me give a 2nd over the shoulder glance, turn around and go back for more. It’s just delicious, not too sweet/just the right fit, and easy drinking,

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: makes it even more juicy

Well I got my wish…the 2nd Pomagrana. It’s a whole different beast (ok beast really isn’t the right word because it’s more of a glammy, fun beauty). Mr. Torres & Lecha bring their talent to the party again (see Artistic Expression By Bottle & Street), and also the design work of Goho Studios. The labels for the Red & Blanco gracefully guide you to the secrets that await, and I’m going to have mention Goho Estudio’s film “BCN Rise&Fall” again, because just like these wines, you’re going to want to revisit it again. I always love giving art/wines a 2nd gander to find something special I might have overlooked. Check it out, bc it’ll give you an insight on Barcelona’s street art history, the zines, shops for cans, the culture, the govt. that at times wipes it out and “penalizes genuine artistic expression”, and most of all the human side of it.

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Drink Well, Live Well

Domaine Chasselay
Quatre Saisons 2020
Appellation Beaujolais Controlée
100% Gamay
Châtillon d’Azergues, France
Family winery: Jean-Gilles & Christiane (parents), Fabien & Claire Chasselay

Give this one a nice cave chill. Ruby with a little bluish coating kind of like those questionable yet so loved rubber coated jeans I had from the 80s. I wish mom hadn’t put them out at a yard sale. Sniffing a pretty bouquet of lilies, lilacs, iris, violets & a sprinkling of other flowers, cherries, raspberries, a fennel frond, snd give it a little time and here comes that welcome forest floor. Wait a bit more and there’s salt cured black Morrocan olives and their pits, and then the flowers creep back in with orange zest. Tasting a blend of cherries, raspberries & orange zest (not heavy at all but full of flavors), that bunch of flowers again, alpine herbal, elderflower, anise, and that olive pit comes back to even it all out.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: darker deeper funkier, yeah!

How far back can you trace your family tree? The Chasselays, at least in wine growing date back to 1464, which is pretty darn old…in fact they’re one of the oldest wineries in Beaujolais, and one of the early ones going organic (certified in 2006). Obviously there’s no weedkillers and those other nasty chemicals, but plenty of natural love for their vines through cultivating beneficial flora and fauna. I love their “Drink Well, Live Well” part of their site because it just shows that this family truly cares for their friends. You’ll find not only the Domaine’s goodies in their cellar store, you’ll also find wine and beers they’re promoting for their friends. Now that’s just beautifully neighborly.🍻

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