Marriage Of Art & Wine

Tenute Orestiadi
Molino a Vento
Carricante 2022
Terre Siciliane IGP
Organic, biodynamic, native yeasts
Gibellina, Sicily, Italy

Bright very festive orange. Breathing in oranges, mandarins, Circus Peanuts, orange blossoms & other orchard blooms on a hot evening, a creamy Orangesicle touch or vanilla, magnolia headiness, and over time persimmons and kumquat join in. Sipping and it’s just like the scents and ALL the different oranges, fun orange and pineapple gummy bears, ripe pears, and a tart zest pop. This carricante is purely delicious and very chuggable.

Pairs with Cheez-Its: walk away from the bag and don’t ruin this wine

Back in 1968, the Belìce earthquake shook and crumbled Gibellina; but from the devastation an idea of necessity was born that became an inspiration for the future. A new city was planned a little away from the old ruins, and these designs/buildings have now grown over the years into a contemporary art destination both open air and indoors. Early on it was championed by Ludovico Corrao (politician, lawyer & art lover) who convinced artists to come & create, and also helped launch the Orestiadi Foundation which led to the Estate, and Tenute Orestiadi (Molino a Vento is their line of monovarietal wines with organic grapes). All of their work is a beautiful marriage of art, wine, exhibitions, and a festival including artists in all forms from visual, music, poetry, theater, etc. There’s also a very cool collaboration with the Brera Academy of Fine Arts to be found in the cellar where the barrels are now wooden canvases, “immersed in the suspended time of the slow evolution of wine, contemporary art finds a new temple” in the “Barriques Museum”. Orestiadi are building and preserving this “essence of contemporary stories”.

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Bringing The Party

Domaine Villa Noria
Basic Instinct
Pet’Nat’ Blanc 2022
100% Pinot Noir
Organic, biodiverse, HVE 3, unfiltered, low carbon footprint
Montagnac, France
Vine grower: Cédric Arnaud; Winemaker: Fabien Gross

Light yellow slightly hazy starlight with green shimmers with tiny bubbles. Breathing in pears, apples (and pie), a little forest floor funk that turns into a light allspice with a puff of smoke, mango, mellow pineapple, vanilla/bakery goodness, touch of lemonade and tangelo. First sip and Whoo! There’s a lemon/lime zip, light orange, salt & lick of granite, and crisp pears & apples (again a little pie). Just so crisp, dry and pert.

Pairs with Cheez-Its: hmm makes it s bit more rich and then it’s like citrus fireworks

“Villa Noria is the dream-come-true of wine enthusiasts who have known how to unite their skills to create an estate from scratch.” Cédric & Fabien both came from vine & wine backgrounds, and when they formed Villa Noria they each brought their passion and individual creative strengths with a goal of going organic, sustainable, and overall naturally healthy. They also are the people you want to invite to a party especially if they are bringing Nori’Art Pet’Nat’ Blanc de noirs that’s IN A KEG! Which is said to be the first of its kind. It also can make a great conversation piece not just for what’s deliciously flowing from it but also the artwork wrapping the outside of the container by MOTTE (Mathieu Bonnet). He’s a fabulous graffiti/visual artist and illustrator and his work is colorful, vibrant and perfectly pairs with a zippy bubbly. Check out their video here and get ready to start your own sparkly fête. 🥂

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Magically In Tune

Kelley Fox Wines
Nerthus 2022
Willamette Valley A.V.A.
Early Muscat 34%, Pinot Gris 34%, Riesling 18%, Pinot Blanc 14%
Gaston, OR

Pinky peachy pale amber. Oh these growing scents are so lovely and lush. There’s heady magnolias, wisteria & jasmine, grapefruit, cantaloupe & honeydew, pears, peaches of all sorts (that bring back a childhood memory of fresh hand cranked ice cream made from our peaches), smidge of baking spice, and honeysuckle. Sipping and all the scents are here with orange, pineapple, mango, tangerine zest & a little of it singed, joined with a blend of other citrus both sweet and sparky.

Pairs with Cheez-Its: Step away from the bag

Why have I never had a Kelley Fox wine until now? It was like opening a long awaited present that only kept getting better the more time I spent with it. My curiosity of course led me to her site and I found such a calming sense of peace from the photos and beautifully drawn illustrations that just spoke to my heart (I think whenever I stress out I’ll pull this site up to reset my mood). Then I found out that Ms. Fox had another life before wine. She was an undergrad & grad student in medical/science/research with multiple degrees & accepted in a PhD program in Biochemistry, but she turned to another form of learning and growth. She went to the source…Oregon winemakers, who taught her by being hands on or off if that’s what is needed by the vines, cellar, etc. I truly admire anyone who has the strength, belief, and brains to follow their calling and especially when they are so naturally in tune & good at what they do that it’s almost magical. ✨✨

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A Welcome Kiss Of Spring

DOC Superiore 2021
Grechetto, Procanico, Malvasia, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc
Orvieto (just NW), Italy
The Bonollo Family
Latest generation: Giulia di Cosimo

Shining straw yellow with a green shimmer. During the pour scents start emerging and growing of mango, pineapple, guava, jasmine & freesia, grapefruit, splash of tangerine, limes, a salty breeze, and fresh rained on slate. Now onto the taste. There’s a lemon/lime spark, pineapple, mango, crabapples, drop of grapefruit sizzle, salt and that lick of slate again. It’s dry, fresh, zingy, and feels like a welcome kiss of Spring.

Pairs with Cheez-Its: blerg

“Our terroir is our soul and our main source of inspiration. It discloses all our potential and draws all our limits.”

Terroir was so important in Giuseppe Bonollo’s decision to buy land in Umbria. Their soil is comprised of clay, sand, limestone, rocks and something else very special…fossils. These creatures that rambled or swam back in the Pliocene period now bring the magic to Argillae’s wine. The estate’s name even is a nod to their earth, since Argillae = clay in Latin. The Bonollo family and their team also look out for their whole surroundings with their “project” of sustainability that spreads from farming, the cellar’s 1st floor is underground so they don’t waste energy on temperature control and when they have to turn up the heat it’s powered by green energy, and then there’s the bottles made of 80% recycled glass & are lighter to transport so less CO2. They are making choices that not only benefit their environ and wines, but also the world. I can raise a glass to that!

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An Artistic Blend

Frequency Wine Company
Artist Series 2021
Grenache 35%, Syrah 35%, Graciano 30%
Santa Barbara County
Los Alamos, CA
Winemaker: Zac Wasserman
Producer: Almond Wasserman
Intuit: Maria Wasserman
Muse: Nicole Wasserman
(As you can see this is a family thing)

Deep maroon with garnet rim. Breathing in a familiar cola scent along with cherries, plums, raspberry jam, blueberries, shave of cedar, pinch of wintergreen /mint, and toasted coriander. Sip and there’s cherries again, cranberries, plums, blueraspblackbosenberry jumble, red currants, grind of black pepper, a teeny sprig of spearmint that vibrates a little, and over time out comes a mellow moment of RC Cola.

Pairs with Cheez-Its: it’s ok

A friend of mine told me I’d love this wine since she did, and she was spot on. The Wassermans sum up their venture best on their site, “Frequency Wines was born in the belief that positive energy can be created, bottled, and shared throughout the world to be sown and harvested for a vast influence.” They also have an “Artist Series” (which is near and dear to my heart) where they work with an artist they appreciate for the label. In 2014, they collaborated with Toro Y Moi’s Chaz Bundick, and he not only created the label art but also a playlist to enjoy while sipping the wine which in my book is very cool, but I can’t find the music anywhere, so if anyone has a link please send it my way. The work gracing this 2021 is by Aria Dean. She’s a writer, critic, curator, and above all amazing artist. Her visual art varies through multiple medias such as 3D printed sculptures, digitally rendered/manipulated drawings, theatrical pieces/videos, and combinations of all set into incredible installations. Her “Abattoir, U.S.A.!,” (2023) is built with Unreal Engine and has a feel of a first-person video game set in an empty slaughterhouse with a haunting soundtrack, and political, historical & cultural meanings. Currently it’s on view (along with her conceptual sculptural work/installation, “Vitrine”) in her UK solo show “Abattoir” through May 5th at London’s ICA. Check out ICA Short Docs | Aria Dean ‘Abattoir’ for a glimpse into her vision behind the show. She and Frequency are quite the pairing and just brilliant.

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Location, Location, Location & ❤️

Mae Son
Orange 2021
Müller Thurgau
Organic, biodynamic, hand-harvested
Povo, Trento, Trentino-Alto Adige, Italy
Owner & winemaker: Matteo Furlani
Project is a collaboration with Matteo Furlani’s other label Cantina Furlani, Claudio Coronato, and Jenny & Francois Selections

Warm shining orange-gold amber. Give it a little space, let it breathe, and scents start growing of orange blossoms, honeysuckle, oranges, limes & light grapefruit, fresh picked apples and their blossoms, river rock mineral and a shake of salt. Sipping and there’s oranges, limes & their zest, mild grapefruit, apples, and the mineral & salt combo again. So delicious and chuggable.

Pairs with Cheez-Its: Nope, nope, nope

Whenever I see a wine that’s picked by Jenny & Francois Selections, it’s an instant buy for me. They always find fabulous winemakers to work or collaborate with on projects…like Matteo. He originally grew up in a wine family so it’s in his DNA, and he followed that up with studies in oenology & agriculture. When time came for him to take on the family’s vineyards in the Dolomites, he established Cantina Furlani that in total has 14 ha, but 6 of them were used for grapes to sell, but Mae Son changed that course starting in 2022 with their wines that sing “location, location, location”. They’re also wines with heart as depicted in the very well thought out label by John Shirk (J & F sales rep) that echos the same locale sentiment with a road sign similar to what can be found in their mountains, and is also “a tribute to the importance of family and family work, as well as the careful craftsmanship of their wines. The name is a playful nod to the beginning of each family member’s name: M for Matteo, A for his wife, Annalisa, and their daughter, Alessia, and E for their son Edoardo. The pronunciation further sheds light on the intimate story behind the label: in English, it’s pronounced ‘my son,’ while in French, it can be read as ‘maison,’ meaning ‘my home.’” See full of ❤️

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Living Stress Free

Domaine Tatsis
Limnio 2020
Limnio 100%
P.G.I. Macedonia
Organic, biodynamic, native yeasts
Goumenissa, Macedonia, Greece
Winemaking brothers: Periklis & Stergios Tatsis

Ruby stained glass. There’s scents of cherries, raspberries, strawberries, plums, a little vanilla frosting, hyssop, juniper, and a pepper blend. Everything I’m sniffing is there in the taste along with an orange & mixed bag of citrus twang, young pink strawberries with their green caps, white pepper, and an exhale of peat that wanders off. It’s light on its feet with a smooth elegance.

Pairs with Cheez-Its: even bigger berries

This quote greets you on Tatsis’ website, “Companionship with the vine is a lifelong relationship, it is family. Together we grow, vines and people, in good times and bad.” Periklis & Stergios grew up in a wine family (they’re 3rd generation) and that doesn’t only include their human relatives but also their vines, land, and everything else related to their wines. In fact, they love them so much that once their father handed over the reigns, they set about going organic/biodynamic and getting certified. Two things that jumped out to me about Tatsis are this is the best Greek wine I’ve ever had, and their sentiment: “Since 2002 we have been striving to achieve stress-free vines with healthy fruit. In essence, we are fellow travelers in our vineyards with open eyes and ears and help them where there is a real need.” Wow, they really do love their vines if they want to keep them “stress-free”. Oh, if they could only do that for all of us. What I wouldn’t give for a day with no stress. 🤣 If that’s the reason this wine is so wonderful, maybe I should pack up, head to Goumenissa and set up a tent in their vineyard. Cheers! 🍷

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“Music as an Emotional Tasting Note”

Weingut Weninger
Rózsa Petsovits 2022
Syrah, Zweigelt, Pinot Noir, Blaufränkisch
Grapes are from Austria & Hungary (Syrah)
Biodynamic, hand harvested (take a look at the t-shirts)
Vineyards across the border Hungary/Austria
Horitschon, Austria
Franz & Petra Weninger

Deep shining rose with salmon glints. Breathing in watermelon, strawberry, raspberry, whiff of hay that fades but reappears here and there, plums, cherries, apples, red currants, and a bit of orange zest (there’s a lot in this little glass). Sip and all of the scents are there in the taste, with a squeeze of lime & a shave more of deep citrus zest, and a sweetness that reminds me of the rock candy made from cane sugar my parents bought me as a child on special occasions. It’s bright, light, fresh and joyful.

Pairs with Cheez-Its: Zingy

At first I thought I’d be writing about Franz’s grandmother Rózsa Petsovits since this bottle of deep rosé is named after her, but then I found out about “Sound of Terroir” their music project. Franz gathered musician friends with a proposal or challenge to “visualize the different taste of Blaufränkisch grown on 3 different grounds” (Sopron [Steiner], Mattelburgenland [Dürrau], & Südburgenland [Saybritz])  and express what they tasted & how it made them feel. Oh and they also had to come up with instruments made from the vineyard or cellar materials. With trial and error they sorted out using bottles, barrels (designed a barrel-zither), and even a hose-trumpet. Not sure how much wine was consumed, but from that tasting they began to sort songs that paired with each bottle and then adapt them to work with these new musical instruments. Next up they had to find a performance space since the cellar didn’t work for pretty obvious reasons, so they ended up at the Liszt House which is pretty appropriate and cool. All of this played out pretty fast over a few days too, so pretty amazing wrangling a whole orchestra with homemade instruments and filming the performances. They pulled it off, and you can check out the videos on their site. Franz and friends had achieved as quoted, “Music as an Emotional Tasting Note”.

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🎶There’s A Firefly Loose Tonight🎶

Andrea Marchetti
Lucciola Bianco 2021
La Corte dei Miracoli
Trebbiano Romagnolo 70%,  Albana 30%
Organic (practicing), indigenous yeasts, unfiltered & unfined
Emilia-Romagna, Italy

Orange amber with a few pops of rose. Sniffing and there’s scents of a citrus blend of orange, tangerine, mild grapefruit & more, as time goes a good funk grows that will surely pass on by, and flowers bloom like wisteria, butterfly lilacs, hyacinth, irises, and magnolia thrown in. Sipping and there’s the citrus blend along with zest, a good splash of lemon, green bell pepper, crabapples, the green of a whittled apple tree branch, small ember of smoke, and shake of white pepper. It’s crisp, fun, and has a depth but not brooding.

Pairs with Cheez-Its: brings out a little heat sizzle

Each Marchetti wine never fails to grab my attention and fill me with delight. He’s one creative busy bee as you can see in my previous posts. This man has boundless energy with his collaborations with other natural winemakers, his own wine, launching wine fairs, and more. Take Andrea’s “La Corte dei Miracoli” line is another such project where he farms 2.5 ha near Brisighella. The wines are created and bottled in Filippo Manetti’s (Vigne San Lorenzo) cellar, and I love his viticulture guidelines which align very much with Marchetti, “the first rule is to use LITTLE TECHNOLOGY, the second rule is to DO NOT DO, that is, not to do anything that is really necessary, both in the vineyard and in the cellar”. Back to Lucciola, take note, there are only so many bottles (2,500) so feel yourself gifted to catch one of these fireflies. It brought a smile to my face and that old childhood joy like when I was set free on summer evenings in a simpler, slower time watching the sun go down and running through the orchard following the tiny flashing flying lamps. Treat yourself to a glass and maybe you too will get a chance to see “a firefly loose tonight”.

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It’s All Art

Christoph Heiss
Hotrot 2022
50% St Laurent, 40% Rotburger (Zweigelt), 10% Muller Thurgau
Organic, hand harvested
Kamptal, Austria

Shining like stained-glass garnet with light purple pops. This bottle loves a good chill. Right after the cork is pulled there’s a touch of wild scents that starts to fade, cherries, earth, raspberries, blackberries, orange/lemon zest, a spice blend I am still figuring out and it turns out to be cardamom. Now sipping and boom! There’s so much at once…tart and sweet cherries, blend of raspberry, blackberry, strawberry, a tart tingle that sort of sizzles, young plums, a warmth is added to the sizzle that almost feels like a hot pepper but not the taste, and again cardamom joined with violets.

Pairs with Cheez-Its: deliciously juicy

Malinga is Christoph’s business within a business, or should I say a natural wine venture within his family’s winery & vineyards. Honestly from all the pics it looks like a beautiful life and he’s someone with a true appreciation for the art in the bottle as well as on it. Here’s a quote from one of his posts, “Malinga has achieved a big goal. Labels are more than just printed paper. They have the power to represent the ideas and the attitude of the winemaker and spread those into the world”. So very true, and Hotrot’s label and that post led me to find another artist Anika Katzengold. Her drawings and tattoos are well…just breathtaking. In fact, rather than call them tattoos, to me they feel like a moving abstract artwork come to life on the body she uses as a canvas. Check out her work on Malinga’s labels and on her IG page @a.nik.a.katzengold_______ and take a look into how she works her visions from thoughts to reality.

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