Hello Michigan!

Neu Cellars
Chardonnay 50%, Baco Noir 33%, Léon Millot 17%
Old Mission Peninsula AVA (Baco, LM), Leelanau Peninsula AVA (Chardonnay)
Sustainable & practicing organic
Honor, Michigan
John Keller & father

Looks like an inviting watermelon cranberry cocktail. Giving it a sniff and a river rock waves hi at first to fall back behind cherries, strawberries, raspberries, red currant, and a  light Lemon/lime zest. After a quick swig there’s a zippy slightly effervescent start or a crisp tingle tangle of tart cherry, raspberry,  pink & green strawberries, pomegranate, red currant again with a smidge of just picked blackberry, and a lime spritz that kind of makes me think of kiwi. It’s bright, clean, and a fun co-ferment party in a glass.

Pairs with Cheez-Its: I wasn’t expecting this but it makes all deeper

Well, this is my first Michigan wine and I’m so behind the times and not keeping up with the cool kids. Even this morning, I read an article  from theSkimm, “Forget Cape Cod — Northern Michigan Is the Beach Destination to Visit This Summer”. Turns out John’s family had a holiday place in N. Michigan and eventually they bought and built a little place which gave him a foothold to the area. When he decided to ditch biochemistry studies for wine & head to the west coast in an internship at Ravenswood which once again landed him in a lab environment, sampling, and doing the doing the science end of the “big wine business”. He must have realized he wanted more…something more natural…more authentic & fresh…less structured science and more in tune with nature which is an art. Finding his calling & his father’s retirement project, Neu was born. Grapes are sourced from a like mind and John has also planted an organic vineyard which “is located at the tip of Leelanau Peninsula AVA”. Now he’s making delicious, fresh wines that are as he says, “There are no additions or subtractions. If there were an ingredient label, it would read: grapes.” Cheers to Neu, Michigan, and keeping it real & “Crispy”.

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