Fabulous Night & Beautiful Day

Day Wines
Lemonade Rosé 2022
94% Pinot Noir, 6% Grenache
Grapes sourced from organic & biodynamic vineyards
Dundee, Oregon
Owner & winemaker: Brianne Day

Pinky with a flash of salmon. Scents pop up of raspberries & strawberries, mellow bit of lemon curd, a light bounce of cherries, and later a bit of lime & zest floating in on a fresh cool breeze. Sipping and this is just refreshing! There’s raspberries, strawberries, Rainier cherries, smidge of grapefruit squish with a small salty lick, and lovely fresh zesty homemade lemonade stand blend kiss. 💋

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: gives it a deeper dashing flair

So many parents make such a fuss about their kid getting a tattoo. How many times did I hear that if I got one no one would hire me. Well, things certainly didn’t end up that way for Brianne Day. In fact, her grapevine/grapes tattoo attracted the right attention and brought on a  conversation with a couple who ended up investing in her winemaking career (which she had already been passionately working on) and helped move it forward. Now I’m rethinking my folks outdated advice and maybe…just maybe will finally make that artistic inked commitment and who knows what new adventures might come my way.

BTW if you’re still reading, I just noticed on IG that @daywines has a very cool event coming up. “Mark your calendars, grab your dollars, and dust off your most extra fits because DRAG EXTRAVAGANZA IS BACK AT DAY! Friday (evening), June 16th. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💖” Ooh that sounds like a fun and fabulous night! @winecountrypride 

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698 Bottles Of Wine On The Wall

Cal Xurriu
Xanduné 2020
Biodynamic, indigenous yeasts, unfined & unfiltered
Sant Sadurnì d’Anoia, Alt Penedès, Catalunya, Spain
Winemakers: Agustì Costa & Paula Sandoval

Orange coppery with rose tints drifting in sort of like a sunrise. Sniffing and there’s orange, a little grapefruit (not strong but gentle), lemon & zest with a lime nose tickle, salt breeze, a natural depth or a little good darkness like what you smell while crabbing on the east coast waterfront when I was a kid. (Have you ever been chased by fiddler crabs? Those little guys are feisty.) There’s also a light wave from a magnolia, rained on slate, something a little green like young acorns or raw green peanuts. Sip and tasting orange & back to that citrus mix with a lively natural tang vibe & a smidge of orange bitters, smoke, salt, a lick of limestone, crab apples, on the exhale green strawberries (stems, caps & all), and after time a splash of orange tea.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: ack berg no

When I saw the shelf talker state, “Chardonnay fermented on the skins producing a head turning wine that will have you questioning everything you know”, I knew this bottle was coming home with me, and yes it made my head spin in a good way. Agusti & Paula are bucking Penedès old time convention of growing large vineyards for bulk cava. Their plots of choice are small, very natural & sometimes hidden within other bits of growth. I can only imagine the excitement of hiking to check on the vines progress. They know this land is shared with native plants & animals: wild goats & boars, who can wreck havoc on any vineyard! Their choice is to hope and ask “please don’t come” because  “Life is about sharing”. From what I can find, this man truly loves being embraced by the whole of nature and has a deep gratitude to care for the parts he is gifted to farm. Good grief, this is bringing happy tears to my eyes. BTW there are only 700 bottles & I’m so happy for my 2.

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Bless The Mood

Alright Alright Alright
Fruit Pét-Nat 2021
Swedish apples, pears, plums
Organic, biodynamic
Stockholm, Sweden
Tobias Eriksson, Nick Ivarsson, Joakim Kviberg, Brad Sawicki, Fredrik Winberg

Pink tinted golden haze with active bubbles on the pour. Hovering over the glass and smelling a little bit like a good sour or sharp cider on tap, and just like the label says on content there’s round & tart and baked apples (also crab apples), pears & plums, also all sorts of blossoms, oddly a bag of mixed jelly beans, a touch of holiday spice like cinnamon & clove, and all of it brings on memories of mom’s homemade tart apple pie. Sipping and it’s totally a cider of apples, pears & plums, again the cinnaclove, touch of smoke & sizzle and fruit peels, and a bit again like a sour or at least sour lovers would dig this juicy tangy twang that’s so very lively and awake.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: just lovely

If an apple falls in an orchard…well how about if a bunch of them get shaken from old orchard trees…if you’re like this group, you make some darn good natural sparkling cider or as they call it fruit pét-nat. I know, yeah, yeah, technicalities & purists of the naming convention be darned. This is a bottle of tingly sparky bubbly goodness that surpasses the rules…kinda like its namesake Mr. “Alright, Alright Alright” McConaughey. So pour another glass, revel in the rebel…“look to your left baby, look to your right, who knows you might meet a friend and end up partyin’ all night” and “Bless The Mood”!

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Cafe Culture

Vila Abellus
DO Tarragona
100% Cartoixà Vermell (Xarel-lo Vermell)
Catalunya, Spain
Winemaker: René Barbier

Orange freshly polished gleaming copper. Oh this does a delightful dance on your nose…there’s tangerine, orange & citrus blend, a little apricot in the mix too, bees wax with a tad bit of honey, funkalicious moment that airs out & orange blossoms float in, salt, green stripped twigs, and fresh rained on cobblestones or pavers. Sipping and all that citrus again ranging from Valencias to Mandarins back to a lemon zest & more, apricots, honeysuckle, very light white peach with a sliver of crab apple, salty mineral lick, a touch of greenery, and an exhale taste of spring flowers & blossoms w a little fun bitter bite on the back. Btw it’s really good with a mortadella wrapped hotdog (no mustard please).

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: mmmm smooth

When I saw the shelf tag of this wine mention “people hanging out in Barcelona cafes”, I just had to snag this bottle. Yeah, yeah you may think it’s overrun by tourists, but trust me there’s some divine little gems (some hidden & some not just like here in Brooklyn). It’s one of my happy places, and memories of it helped keep me sane during the lockdown. There’s nothing like wandering the streets in December, finding one of those cozy cafes with the heat lamps & blankets so you can enjoy a lovely glass of wine (or beer) outside, people watch, and sometimes like in all the times I’ve gone…you can find a new friend. ❤️

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Endless Summer

Kiki & Juan
Blanco 2021
90% Macabeo, 10% Sauvignon Blanc
Organic, dry farmed
Utiel Requena, Valencia, Spain
Wine team: John “Juan Casa” House & Kerin “Kiki” Auth Bembry

Palest yellow green translucent starlight. There’s scents of green apples, firm pears my granny used to grow to make relish, a little young honeydew (not don’t), mild lime, light figgy soda, and a salty breeze. Beware this is a waaaaay wasy drinker. Everything is light & lovely. Tasting again bits of apples, pears, & Adriatic figs, ripe kirby, a bit of that lime spark zest, shake of salt, and well it’s just a glass of carefree endless summer.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: smooth sailing take me away

This liter of chuggable joy is from the team behind La Luz Selections and their association with Coviñas who were named the world’s best wine co-op in 2022, and for good reason. Not only do they take great care with their grapes & lands, they also respect their growers or as they call them “Employees”. As they say on their site, “Our objective is to sustain and grow the local economy based on the cultivation of the 10,000 hectares of vineyards belonging to the 3,000 families that make up Coviñas and represent 40% of the wine produced under the Utiel-Requena appellation of origin.” Looking out for their neighbors is pretty darn cool!

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Gothy Goodness

Weingut Müller-Ruprecht
Pet-Nat Rouge 2022
100% Dornfelder
Organic, wild yeasts, unfined, unfiltered
Kallstadt, Pfalz, Germany
Winemaker: Sabine & Philippe Woehrwag

Let it breathe and just give it a little chill. Deep dark vein blood purple ruby with little bubbles clinging to the sides. First sniff and there’s prunes and then next up is citrus zest & a trail of blossoms with a little fresh grass, a bit of farmy darkness funk, blackberries, raspberries, fizzy zip, and a smidge of spice…maybe a gingersnap or a little nutmeg. Sip and ooh sparky! There’s citrus soda zip, cherry, boysenberry, rhubarb, raspberry, blackberry, bubbly mineral water lick with white pepper dash, and a lavender exhale. Also a nice naturally earthy funk that leads to a bottle of Strawberry Switchblade.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: NO

Sabine’s family has been in the grape/wine business for centuries, and now she & her husband Philippe are still seriously dedicated to their land and their wein but are also having fun! C’mon they nicknamed this stuff “vampire soda” which just makes me laugh but still speaks to my younger kinda gothy self. Totally can see why since it leaves a deep dark bit of purple of unfiltered goodness at the bottom of the bottle. It’s so, “I Vant To Drink Your Blood” 🤣🧛‍♀️ Also they have a cool little thing you can do for yourself or someone you love. You can become a sponsor of a vineyard and they’ll post your name there & you’ll get a 3 pack of wine. 🍷

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Vacation In A Can!

La Lata
Wine Spritz
Organic, vegan, gluten free & no chemical additives
Created by Álvaro de la Viña & Ana González (Selections de la Viña)

Light gold (with some green) starlight with a tiny active pop pop pop! Curiously sniffing and there’s hazelnut & a bit of coconut that expands into creamy sherrylicious with citrus sparks that waft in and out. Sipping full and crisp apples/sherry, a nuttyiness (squirrel approved) like a dry Nutella, vanilla splash, light seltzer, and a spritzy citrus cocktail (including delightful grapefruit without the funk). This is a waaaay easy drinker.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: easy as pie

Ooh my friend was right when she said this would be my new warm weather go to can. Definitely a perfect match because I love just about anything related to Spain and of course anything related to festivals! 💃 This little can is Álvaro & Ana’s version of the sherry cocktail “rebujito” that is often used to cool revelers off during Sevilla’s April Festival and other hot days and nights of dancing, hitting the tapas, and just celebrating life. It’s also their “goal is to take you on a virtual trip through their native country with every can you open” which totally matches with why I started @worldbyglass “Traveling the world through one glass at a time”. Cheers and crack that can!

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Rocking & Rolling With The Next Generation

Raïmones Wines
Engrescada Sparkling Orange 2020
Marina, Pansa Blanca (Xarel-lo)
Organic, hand harvested, wild yeast, unfiltered
Penedès, Catalonia, Spain
Winemakers: Montse Carbó, Jordi Jané & Marti Sadurní 

Neon sign on the fritz zingy tangerine orange gold…frrrzzp…white bubbles…frrrppp. Sniffing and there’s Mandarin orange that has a mellow cream soda bit, peachy keen mango flow, a touch of gingersnap with a pop of lemon, and a natural wildness of Queen Anne’s lace. Whew that was a lovely lot. Now onto the taste…apple cider, lemon/lime crisp, tangelo & singed rind, orange blossoms, splash of pineapple into the mix, seltzer & salt, touch of light comfy cardamon, and a green grassy herb on the back. This truly is a bottle of unedited enthusiasm 🤸🏻‍♀️or wheeeee (engrescada).

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: crisp and clean

Ok this one is so fun! These 3 friends/winemakers are the offspring from La Salada, Mas Candí and Raimon Sadurní. Now how cool is it that the kids are “keeping the band together” or in their case the project rolling along, and cultivating & keeping the rare Marina growing. Now as for where they came up with their name…well, here’s what they say on IG:

“Where do you think “Raimones” come from?

a) Two of our partners are called “Ramon” 👬

b) “Raim” means grape in catalan, while “Ones” means waves. RaimOnes, grapes really close to the Mediterranean sea 🍇🌊

c) We like Rock and Roll and its our little tribute to the “Ramones” band 🎸🤘

Or maybe the three of them are correct…😜”

My bet is all 3 because these winestars are definitely rocking. 🥂

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Let’s Bounce Today

Clos D’Audhuy
Queue de Pressoir
70% Ségalin, 30% Malbec
Organic, hand harvested
Lacapelle-Cabanac, France
Winemaker: Benoit Aymard

Deep shining ruby purple. Breathing in a little creme dappled strawberry, raspberry, tiny touch of cherry along with soft & gentle blossoms in the breeze (good grief that sounds cheesy but it’s there), dollop of jam, and a smidge of earth. Oh this tastes so delicious…young & ripe strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries and a few other berries mixed in with a moment of Starbursts that flutters away, a little cherry & plum tart tang, and after a while a zippy shave of citrus zest and back to that bit of earth. As this juicy goodness rolls around in my mouth it gives me a happy bounce. You know that feeling sailing free at the rink on roller skates (NOT blades) and getting in to that dance flow groove bounce. Those were good days filled with laughter and even crashing out didn’t hurt. Just get up again and let the song get you back on your way. 🛼

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: brings on a deeper delight

When Benoit ended up with his old Malbec vineyards, turns out some it also came along with some Ségalin. As he says on his site, “when you find yourself with a plot of Ségalin, a rustic grape variety from Quercy, you are a little annoyed.” Well, he obviously  overcame that little irritation and harnessed it into a beautifully joyous velvet blend that loves a little chill and pairs well with my new favorite YouTube channel @SkateLyfeTV.

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Brothers, Burgundy & Bubbles

Chapuis et Chapuis
La Bulle 2019
100% Pinot Noir
Sparkling wine
Organic, hand harvested, methode traditionnelle
Ladoix-Serrigny, Burgundy, France
Winemakers & brothers: Romain & Jean-Guillaume Chapuis

There was a bit of a tussle between my tiny wiry hands and the cork but as you can see…I won! Pour and it’s warm gold with a touch of rose and fine active bubbles. Sniffing and my first thought is fresh out of the oven Pear en Croute with buttery pastry (no cheese) and blended with apples, dried apricots & golden raisins, and a light citrus zest. Take a sip and it’s zippy, bright, & crisp! There’s a citrus zing along with those pears & apples with buttery pastry/brioche, tart plum, a lick of slate and a teeny grind of black pepper waaaay on the back. Mmmm…lip tingling.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: surprisingly good but I prefer without to get the full flavor

Does anyone know who did this beautiful label? Please help stop me from going down the artist googling rabbit hole again! Back to the Chapuis brothers, who come from a lineage of winegrowers but have gone their own path with not 1 but 2 wine labels, Chapuis Frères and Chapuis et Chapuis (their side project & natural line…which is mighty fine). Before Romain returned to Burgundy to team up with Jean-Guillaume, he spent time learning/working in wine from France, New Zealand, Australia, & Lebanon. Wow Lebanon! Just watched “Wine and War” this weekend and it put so much into perspective about how impassioned winegrowers/makers can be in all conditions. Romain, if by any chance you actually read this post and would love to share, I would love to hear more about that experience! 🥂

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