Apple Kisses








Manoir du Kinkiz
AOP Cornouaille Cider
Brittany France
100% Fresh Apples
Owners Maugane and Hervé Seznec
Cider-Maker Hervé Seznec
Organic and biodynamic

Sparkling very deep orange gold…like antique rose gold. Beautiful bubbles. First sniff and here’s lemon, flowers, tart apple, tangerine, maybe some cinnamon, and good earth funk. Now raise your glass and take a sip. Whoa and wow! Apples (reminds me of golden delicious which is my apple point of reference from childhood but also another richer sweeter apple too), a little celery, and smoke. Opens up to sweet smoothness with a little kick of balsamic.

Pairs w Cheez-It’s: super sweet apple-ness. Glorious. Reminds me of my childhood home, the apple orchard and helping out making cider by hand.

Let’s enjoy another glass along with some Apple Kisses from Alison Moyet.

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Floating on a Berry Filled Cloud








Celler Mas Candí
Cap de Pardals 2018
Sparkling Wine
Viticultor Ramon Jané
Les Gunyoles D’Avinyonet
Penedes Spain
100% Mando
Biodynamic and ancestral method

When I poured it is was like a creamy pomegranate foam on top. It’s a raspberry bubble cloud, and reminded me of a framboise lambic pour. Inhale the wave of raspberries, strawberries, lemon, some cherry, a whiff of hay and a touch of something herbal like maybe thyme. Take a sip and there’s massive berries, a little of that same hay, and some tart cherry. It’s bright and dry and juicy at the same time. It’s a glass of celebration!

Pairs with Cheez-Its: the strawberries explode

Let’s harken back to my one of my favorite Strawberries

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A Tip of the Hat

Flat Brim Wines
Fortune Teller 2019
Red Wine Blend
Columbia Valley
Produced and bottled in Portland Oregon
Pinot Meunier 70%, Pinot Gris 30%
Grapes are sourced from sustainable vineyards
Winemaker Ian Atkins

Gave this one a slight chill. Poured a glass and it’s cloudy, ruby and intriguing.

Breathe in and there’s heady floral perhaps orange blossoms, tart cherry, salt and slate. Sip and there’s cherry cola, orange peel, and smoke. Are we heading toward a cocktail feel? Keeping on swishing, and there raspberries, and a tangy tingle. Oh this is fun, and for some reason a certain Blue Nile song has become an earwig for me. Miss that band and love the album.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: Smoothes any tart out into velvet. No rough edges. Just smooth love like Paul Buchanan’s voice.

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Going Places

Domaine de L’Oubliee
(translates to Domaine of the Forgotten, ok this is haunting and romantic)
Les Valseuses 2018
Vin de France Petillant
Bourgueil France
Chenin Blanc
Organic and vegan
Winemaker Xavier Courant

Glistening pale yellow color with a ton of bubbles. Inhale and it’s citrus, sea breeze, and herbal. It’s hard to just sip this pét-nat. So fresh and lively. It’s tangy and sweet. There’s lemon, pine, herbal, yellow plums, floral which I think is honeysuckle. It’s bubbly sweetness.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: Even more heightens the sweetness

So Xavier Courant loves the work Bertrand Blier, and each of his wines are named for Blier’s films or books that speak to the grapes. I would love to know why he picked the infamous “Les Valseuses” for this happy wild pét-nat. John Tutturro’s “The Jesus Rolls”, (yes, it’s the same character from “The Big Lebowski”) which seemed like forever in releasing, is an adaptation of the 1974 film, and appears to now be finally available online. Quite a cast. May have to add it to next weekend’s list.

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Dance Like No One is Watching

Filipa Pato
3B Rosé Extra Bruto
Baga NV
Baga (71%) Bical (29%)
Bairrada Portugal

Winemakers (wife & husband) Filipa Pato & William Wouters
Their motto: Authentic Wines Without Make-up

Hmmm this one is the color of an aperol spritz. Lots of tiny happy bubbles. Who doesn’t love a good spritz? Sniff and there’s strawberries, raspberries, and some spice that I can’t quite place, or is it maybe like a licorice jelly bean? Yeah, I was the weird kid that liked them. Those bubbles are really tickling my nose. Time for the taste! It’s tart and dry. Again there’s strawberries and raspberries, a little hay, lemon tingle, and a bit creamy. Wakes my mouth up and makes me want to dance. Oh this is one that is going to disappear quick. It’s delicious.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: knocks back the tart and brings out the creamy

Happy Pride Month everyone! Even if we can’t be together, we can celebrate in our own way together. Love to everyone!

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Cartoixà 2016
Winemaker Eduard Pié Palomar
Baix Penedès
Catalunya Spain
xarel.lo (Cartoixà)

Lovely gold color. Nose is light citrus maybe faint orange or tangerine, slate, salt and white pepper. Swig and it’s tart, tangy, a little pepper, citrus (lemon and tangerine), and a small bit of pear. It’s a crisp and clean quencher. Biodynamic and wild yeasts, but not one ounce of funk. Honestly, I cannot remember if I got this wine here, or brought it back from Spain, so going to give credit to all where I may have picked this up.

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Take Me Back to the Plaça

Baudili 2019
Viticultor Ramon Jané
Bottled by Celler Mas Candí (which is a partnership between Ramon and his best friend oenologist Toni Carno)
Les Gunyoles D’Avinyonet
Catalunya Spain
Xarel.lo 50%, Macabeo 50%


Color is a glistening pale golden. Breathe in a bit of a sea breeze of salt, some tangerine, grapefruit and something herbal like rosemary. Now I’m craving jamón. Time for the glou-glou and there’s apples, pears, some tart lemon, clean slate and a lot of love. What I wouldn’t give for some grilled sardines, a dozen oysters, and some squishy cheese. Take me to the plaça, let me feel the sun on my face, get a little pink (maybe from the sun or maybe from the wine), and break out the cribbage board. Let’s take the afternoon off!

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: Brings out lemon and a tart zing

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Bark (or Howl) at the Moon


Folias de Baco
Uivo Curtido Branco 2019
100% Moscatel Galego

Turn my glass in the sunshine, and it’s a murky swampy peachy gold. Inhale and this is definitely not a funky marsh. Instead it’s tangerine, orange blossoms and a sea breeze. Here goes the first sip…Well that was a fun slap in the face. Tangy and zingy! Multiple citrus flavors pop, but especially grapefruit. There’s an IPA thing going on here, and some salt, granite, and spring flowers. This is one complicated wolf, and I want to run free with it.

Pairs with Cheez-Its: Brings out the IPA grapefruit and the delicate sweet floral. Loving it

The more you know: Uivo in Portuguese means howl so enjoy this pack

and of course the obligatory Ozzy

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Night Flight

Stolpman Vineyards
Para Maria Rosé de los tecolotes 2019
100% Syrah
Santa Barbara CA
A collaboration: Ruben Solorzano + Pete Stolpman

A delicate pale salmon color. Inhale and there’s a dozen roses waiting on you. There’s also salt, lemon and something herbal. A small sip and there’s grapefruit, which for some reason has been following me everywhere lately. There’s also apples, a touch mineral, strawberries, and some citrus zest. This is a lovely quencher. Oh and also the artwork/label is an homage to the Great Horned Owl that polices the vineyard at night to keep it rodent free.

Pairs with Cheez-Its: Really brings out the grapefruit

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A Basket of Kittens

Fossil & Fawn

Rosé 2019
Pinot Noir & Pinot Gris

Deep plummy vibrant salmon color.

On the tip of my nose is salt, orange blossoms, orange peel, tangerine, and I do believe slate. Take a gentle swig and pow what an explosion. This isn’t a shy kitten. It wants to come out and play There’s apple, a touch of tart. There’s cranberries (not the band), strawberries, orange peel, tingle, salt, mineral/stone, and a touch of funk.

Day two makes me want to dress up to go to work in the home office. Ok, so it’s still jeans, but with a spring green silk top with fairywrens on it.

Pairs with Cheez-Its: Makes it much sweeter, quite sweet…maybe a touch of honey.

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