How Did I Miss Out?

Casa Mariol
Garnatxa Blanca 2022
100% White Grenache
Organic & vegan
Batea, Terra Alta, Spain
Josep Maria & Marta Vaquer Llop (current generation and brother & sister)

Light yellow that grows as it breathes…kind of like the label. Breathing in gentle orange wrapped in a bit of lime zest & lemon squeeze, pears, green apples, lime blossoms, and a fresh free flowing spring water coolness. Zip…zap and all of the citrus is there in the taste with a bit more zest and as time goes more of that lemon/lime-ade blend, green apples & pears, light honeysuckle, a fun tingle, with a little herby bit of say oregano, flat parsley, and maybe dried basil on the back side with a salt shake.

Pairs with Cheez-Its: NO NO NO please NO

Casa Mariol describes themselves as “one big family” including relatives and their whole team. Not only does this “family” make fab single varietal wines like this Garnatxa Blanca (all of the bottles are dressed in their finest eye catching designs by Mirko Borsche)…they also produce distinctive vermuts (blanc & negre), and have a wine bar in Barcelona. Now here’s the one thing I can’t believe, I have never been to their bar. I’m pretty sure I even walked right by and didn’t realize what a delicious experience I was missing out on according to all the rave reviews. Feeling the wine walk of shame right now and definitely going to have to wander my way there on my next trip. In fact, in order to temporarily absolve myself before I get there, I’m going to track down the rest of their rainbow of bottles. 🌈🍷

Update: I picked up their Vermut Blanc…excited!

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Women Powered Wine

Friã Friõ
Vinho Verde D.O.C.
Loureiro, Trajadura and Arinto
Sustainably grown
Sousa, Portugal
Founders: Jocelyn Brent and Lisa Rankin
Winemaker: Joana Santiago

Bright & lively shining yellow-greenish. Taking a breath and there’s green apple, a clean fresh springhouse scent, light grapefruit & even more light tangerines & kumquat, and a dash of wild flowers with a smidge of fresh cut greenery. Sipping green apples and a few others thrown in, lemon/lime squeeze with other citrus blends, orange blossoms, ripe pears, a tiny sizzle/sparkle, and a little bit of that mineral springhouse again. It’s fresh, bright & easy to drink and love.

Pairs with Cheez-Its: whoa even more bright, tart and zingy

Some people call Vinho Verde wines feminine, well with this one they are right, but not for what they might assume. Friã Friõ was founded by women, has an amazing and established woman winemaker, and then there’s “Rose” (mentioned on their site but no last name given) handpicking the grapes & working in the vines. This is girl power or should I say woman power in its best form. Their creations are as they put it, are “made for your blue sky day”…light, refreshing, and full of their love. Just pick up a bottle, sip it, and know you’ve found your summer go to wine. Oh, and it’s even better when shared with friends, so pass me another glass. Cheers!

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A Viking With A Cause

Lust For Light 2021
60% Valdiguié, 30% Gamay, 10% Gewurztraminer
Organic & biodynamic
North Coast, California
Collaboration of G.E.O. & Hobo Winery

Shining ruby with light garnet rim. Scents float up of cherry (fresh & dried), plum, raspberry, a white/pink pepper blend, and as time goes by roses. First sip after it has warmed up on this damn hot night is tangy with tart cherries mixed with a lemon squeeze, young raspberries & blackberries, green strawberries, yellow plums, pinch of that pepper blend lingering in the back, light boysenberry pops out over time, and realizing there’s a taste of whittled/stripped green fresh apple tree twig. This is one happy fresh chilled viking.

Pairs with Cheez-Its: kind of goes sour so step away from the box

Well, this was quite a surprise. Vichingo (Italian for viking) is a collaboration project with G.E.O (the creative, branding & design team of Garrett Morin & Elisabeth Dilk) and wineries/winemakers from Italy, Spain, California and possibly more that I haven’t found. This “lusty” bottle hails from CA & Hobo Wine Co. who are very invested in caring for the planet and all that inhabit it. Not only do they make decisions to work organic, biodynamic, or sustainable; they also consider the effect their packaging and transport into the big picture and their “winery is powered by local renewable sustainable geothermal energy via Sonoma County’s EVERGREEN CLEAN POWER program”. They’re also a member of “1% for the Planet and donate 1% of their gross revenue from all of their brands to non-profit environmental organizations. Since joining, they have donated over $171,459; $150,043 in cash and $21,271 in wine.” The more I hear of wineries, winemakers, distributors/importers, and sellers caring and taking in consideration to their impact & what they can do to help the world gives me hope and lightens my heart for the future.

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Hello Michigan!

Neu Cellars
Chardonnay 50%, Baco Noir 33%, Léon Millot 17%
Old Mission Peninsula AVA (Baco, LM), Leelanau Peninsula AVA (Chardonnay)
Sustainable & practicing organic
Honor, Michigan
John Keller & father

Looks like an inviting watermelon cranberry cocktail. Giving it a sniff and a river rock waves hi at first to fall back behind cherries, strawberries, raspberries, red currant, and a  light Lemon/lime zest. After a quick swig there’s a zippy slightly effervescent start or a crisp tingle tangle of tart cherry, raspberry,  pink & green strawberries, pomegranate, red currant again with a smidge of just picked blackberry, and a lime spritz that kind of makes me think of kiwi. It’s bright, clean, and a fun co-ferment party in a glass.

Pairs with Cheez-Its: I wasn’t expecting this but it makes all deeper

Well, this is my first Michigan wine and I’m so behind the times and not keeping up with the cool kids. Even this morning, I read an article  from theSkimm, “Forget Cape Cod — Northern Michigan Is the Beach Destination to Visit This Summer”. Turns out John’s family had a holiday place in N. Michigan and eventually they bought and built a little place which gave him a foothold to the area. When he decided to ditch biochemistry studies for wine & head to the west coast in an internship at Ravenswood which once again landed him in a lab environment, sampling, and doing the doing the science end of the “big wine business”. He must have realized he wanted more…something more natural…more authentic & fresh…less structured science and more in tune with nature which is an art. Finding his calling & his father’s retirement project, Neu was born. Grapes are sourced from a like mind and John has also planted an organic vineyard which “is located at the tip of Leelanau Peninsula AVA”. Now he’s making delicious, fresh wines that are as he says, “There are no additions or subtractions. If there were an ingredient label, it would read: grapes.” Cheers to Neu, Michigan, and keeping it real & “Crispy”.

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Drink Me…Share Me

AHA Wines
Bebame Red 2016
Cabernet Franc 98.5%, Gamay 1.5%
El Dorado County
Fair Play, Sierra Foothills, CA
Don Heistuman, Steve Edmunds, and Ron Mansfield

Shining ruby glass. Breathing in tomato leaf, white pepper, cherries, red currants, blackberries, and dried cranberries. Sipping crancherblackberries, red currants again, dark & medium plums (skins, pits & all), boysen & blueberries, and a smidge of white & bell pepper.

Pairs with Cheez-Its: juicilicious

Seen this wine around for a while now and finally stepped up to the plate. As Alice’s curiosity gets the best of her with the “Bebame” or “drink me” potion, this bottle is so enticing too..luckily you won’t shrink like she did. Instead this easy drinker (chilled or not) will take your tastebuds on a trip to the “old world” via loving west coast “new world” hands and vines. So glad Don Heistuman found a way to scratch that European itch with a CA flair. BTW this bottle is one you’ll find on the under $20 shelf, so you’ll want to pick up a few because this is a wine to share with friends along with good conversation. ❤️🍷

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Adventurous Spirits

Ernest Vineyards
Edaphos 2021
Prie Vineyard
Windsor, CA
Erin Brooks and Todd Gottula (co-founders)
Winemaker & Vineyard Manager: Joseph Ryan

Yellowish light amber. Sniffing and there’s pears, peaches, Golden delicious apples (fresh and baked), lemon, light grapefruit & orange  blend, honey, Marcona almonds, over tine also the lightest moment of coconut, golden raisins, and a stainless steel lick end. Reminds of a very light Manzanilla vibe. Tasting the scents but more forward bright lime/citrus crisp takes the stage, coconut disappears into light almond with a pinch of salt. I prefer it best after it’s had a time to sit and not as much chill.

Pairs with Cheez-Its: rounds out everything

Was intrigued when I noticed this CA Picpoul, so of course had to bring it home. Turns out Ernest Vineyards’ line “Edaphos” is Greek for soil, and as they detail on their site, “The wines under this brand celebrate alternative varietals in California while continually exploring winemaking techniques. Curiosity leads the way with all Edaphos wines and that adventurous spirit is captured in the varied bottlings from each vintage.” This “spirit” is not only in the bottle but also on the label and the art they selected from textiles of Japan’s Edo period. These two birds look as if they are about to chirp the secrets of where these grapes were nurtured, grew with love & care, and the travels that brought this wine into my hands. All you have to do is take a breath & then a sip, be still, and listen to their songful tales.

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Cures What Ails Ya

Matchbook Distilling Co.
Blind Duck
Bugle Juice
Metamodernity Bourbon whiskey, Elsewhere blood orange liqueur, fermented young ginger
22% ABV
Greenport, NY

Lovely orange amber pour on the rocks. Breathing in singed orange peel & orange blossoms, sugarcane, mellow bourbon, a smash of ginger that morphs into my mom’s gingerbread. Taking a swig and it’s all of the above scents with a shake of pepper. Feels so good all the way down to your toes!

Pairs with Cheez-Its: step away from the box

Have you ever heard an elk bugle? I haven’t until today. It may be their way of attracting mates, but personally I would run in the other direction if anyone made a haunting overture like that my way…especially if it was on a dark night in the woods. Well, this delicious ginger old fashioned may be named after that call, but it is so much more. Recently I got hit with the bug that has been going around and knocking people on their ass. I have not been this sick in ages and it wouldn’t let go. Lo and behold, I remembered I’d picked up a flask of this “juice”, took a few sips and it was so comforting to my very unhappy throat. Believe me this elixir will cure what ails ya.

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Let’s Make This Moment Last

Red Blend 2021
Teutonic Wine Company
2021 Red wine
Gewürztraminer & some Pinot Noir (more G than P)
Willamette Valley, Oregon
Winemaking couple: Barnaby and Olga Tuttle

Shining stained glass red with an underbelly of orange warmth…oh snd chill this bird. First sniff and it’s a lot all at once. There’s wisteria, touch of jasmine/honeysuckle, strawberries, raspberries, a soft red jelly bean moment, mellow cherry, and a touch of cream that goes cola. All of the scents are there in the taste with mineral river rock from my old creek (Brings memories as a kid hunting crayfish there.), red currants, raspberries rise with a bit of blue too, touch of orange, lemon/lime peel and along with it a little spark. Just so darn easy and as I was told hard to put down.

Pairs with Cheez-Its: nope

Teutonic came about by Barnaby falling in love with how diverse German rieslings can be and later a friend saying they could plant grape vines on her farm. Oh, and Olga telling him which credit card was ok to use to buy the vines (Can you imagine that conversation? Honey, remember we’re buying some vines. 🤣). Now they still grow their own but also source from other vineyards (Willamette Valley) but only ones that are dry farmed and preferably vines that are 20 years or older. It’s a passion and a lot of hard work, and their wines really shine. This gem of a wine is one I hope they keep on repeat like a musical celebration just like one of my go to songs…Moloko’s “The Time Is Now” and as they say “Let’s Make This Moment Last”.

Moloko – The Time Is Now

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Life’s Way Too Short…

Protector Cellars
Central Coast Rosé
Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc
250 ml
Grapes from certified sustainable vineyards, climate positive, 1 tree planted for each wine sold
Paso Robles AVA
Santa Maria, CA
Alex Katz

Shining electric 80s pinky light magenta/orange (it’s so pretty). Breathing in cherries, pomegranate, young not quite ripe strawberries & raspberries still growing in the yard, and fresh rained on gravel. Sipping and there’s strawberries, raspberries & a blend of other bouncing berries, tart cherries, yellow plums, a teeny lemon/lime squeeze sizzle, not fully ripe watermelon, and over time a little bit of earth depth (in a good way & not one of those poop wines). It’s like a happy burst of summer waving from the can, and a very easy drinker.

Pairs with Cheez-Its: bleh

This was an impulse buy at the register, and ended up being a happy one. Turns out Protector Cellars is as they say, “the world’s first climate positive winery”. Not only are the grapes sourced from sustainable vineyards, but they take into account how to package it as in these cans. Both of those choices cut significantly on their greenhouse gas emissions and then they take it a step further….for every wine bought, 1 tree is planted through their relationship with “Trees For The Future” (check out their good work @treesforthefuture). This is an initiative and collaboration I can get behind, and same goes for Protector’s quote, “no excuses, no compromises, no CRAPPY WINE”. Believe me, life is just way too short for crappy wine. 🍷

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🎶Won’t You Be My Neighbor🎶

Noël Bazin
Blanc des Blancs
100% Chardonnay
375 ml
Villers-Marmery, Champagne-Ardenne, France
Noël and Magali Bazin and their son Hugo

Light straw gold with active fine bubbles. Floating up are scents of a french bakery like croissants, brioche & even fresh baked baguettes, butter cream frosting, baked pears & that Poire Williams smell, apricots, apples fresh & baked, and a teeny squeeze of lemon way in the back. Slowly sipping and it’s so crisp. There’s a lemon/lime sparkle along with a touch of Lemonhead candy, as time goes by there’s the apples & pears waving from far away but they keep venturing closer, the before mentioned bakery goodness, a lick of limestone, and a shake of salt. So delicious!

Pairs with Cheez-Its: really really good!

The Bazins sound like the type of people you’d love to have as neighbors. On their importer’s site (Vom Boden) they’re described as incredibly nice & kind, normal, devoted to spending a lot of time in their vineyard, and probably not of the hipster bent with a record collection and tattoos. Well, my view of that changed when I clicked on their IG and boom, there’s tat pics but they adorn the next generation…Hugo. Take a look for yourself, and you’ll see a man totally into the vines & all the hard work and passion that Noël & Magali have for their 3 ha (25 plots) and also their beloved champagne. Bet he’d make a great neighbor too because who wouldn’t want fabulous bottled bubbly just steps away. 🥂

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