A Creative & Delicious Solution

Les Filles des Fêtes
Afternoon Disco 2022
Chardonnay 66%, Viognier 34%
Natural wine, zero/zero
Greenport, NY
Leslie Merinoff

Warm gold just like a perfect ring on your finger. First sniff and there’s a natural seaside tide pool whiff that departs and then heads into a pinch of light pie spice, next up are spring flowers & fruit blossoms, apples, pears, and overall it’s just light, bright and uplifting. Sip & swish and apples & pears appear again with s little zing of lime & zesty tart bit of liveliness, lick of mineral rock that has a small shake of salt sea breeze, and smidge of mace on the exhale with a little sprig of hay. This glass is super chill and comfortable and perfect to ease into an afternoon DJ set.

Pairs with Cheez-Its: bleh. don’t bother

I’ve become quite a fan of Matchbook Distilling & Leslie Merinoff’s creations, and this wine makes me fall a bit harder for them, or maybe I should say it makes me want to get up and dance. Reading on how it all came about and turns out it is a creative solution for what could have been a big problem. Originally it was to be all about Viognier, but in order to keep the ferment process at just the right spot cool they needed more juice to fill their tank. Since Leslie sources & works with local farmers/growers, North Fork Long Island’s Macari Vineyards provided the beautiful Chardonnay to balance everything out. BTW, I’m really glad these two grapes had their chance to mingle because oh they do shine so well together kind of like bright daylight shimmering on a spinning 🪩.

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Bubbling…Morning, Noon & Night

Bernard Vallette
Pét Matin
Sparkling Wine
100% Chardonnay
Biodynamic, Demeter certified, hand harvested, native yeasts
Lachassagne, Beaujolais, France
Agnès Clamens & Bernard Vallette

Warm gold with very active fine bubbles. Breathing in pears, brioche or a memory of mom’s homemade pie crust, sprig of hay, Golden Delicious apples, a lively lemon squeeze that after a bit lime joins in, as time goes by some orchard blossoms & a little magnolia, and a touch of honey dew. Take a sip and again there’s pears & green apples, touch of Nilla wafer, a lemon splash and green smidge of lime zest. It’s crisp, delightful, delicious, and a little seltzer sparky. Makes you just want the bottle to never run out.

Pairs with Cheez-Its: a bright and elegant dance

I love not only this wine, but oh this label! Great retro movie poster style and colors, which has me wondering is there a flick this is referencing? Anyone know? Now as for the type/words, I and Google Translate may be butchering this translation, “When there’s no room in the cellar in the morning, we have to drink”. Yes, just give me an excuse to have a small bit of bubbles with breakfast. I’ll welcome making space in the cave. Also look a bit further down in the small print. Now I really have to chuckle, “There is no explicit mouse in this wine. However, there are scents of wildness that may be considered shocking. No one under 21 will be admitted.” Thank goodness NO MICE! I’m fine with a little wild tumble, but please let’s keep this Mickey free.

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Foxy Stole My Heart

Wild Nature Wines
Valpolicella DOC 2018
Corvina, Corvinone & Rondinella
Certified vegan, organic & biodynamic
Verona, Italy
Winemaker: Emilio Fidora

Shining ruby glass. Inhale and there are cherries & cherry cola, tiny roses & gentle bundle of spring flowers, raspberries, as time goes by a blackberry touch, and boysenberry. Tasting and this beaut is light, lovely and dry. There’s cherries (fresh & dried), blackberry (seeds & all bite), boysenberry, blueberries, tart fresh young plum and the pits, a tiny lemon squeeze in the back, a greenery exhale that’s a bit forest but not juniper, and a little reduction of it all. Even on a steamy summer night, I can really dig this…perfect for a backyard under the stars with a gentle breeze. Ok it’s still as lovely in my apartment near the BQE while the DOT rips up the asphalt under it for the umpteenth time. I’d prefer the sound of frogs to this cacophony of whirring & grinding machines along with the beep beep beep. I swear it seems like they do this so often. Wonder why city? 🤔 Future archeologists will unearth the truth.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: I like it. Deeper, darker, smooth

This is my 3rd “Wild Nature Wines”, but my first from their Valpolicella – Verona estate, and I’m so excited to have this little fox fall into my life. He’s just one of their beneficial neighbors that roam, hop, fly over, or buzz through their land, and grace their bottles. Must be wonderful to watch & listen to the wildlife, the breeze through the leaves and enjoy a moment of peace in such a beautiful part of the world (and not hear that infernal beep beep beep). Makes me grateful that the the Fidoras who took the care to insure their longevity by being the first estate to go organic in Veneto and Emilio to continue to further that path with going biodynamic & vegan certified. Thank you for making space for this little frisky 🦊 to be part of your wine family. He’s wiggled a way into my ❤️.

Wine = Magical Destiny

Franchere Wine Company
Split Infinitves
N/V (2022)
Grüner Veltliner 74%, Chardonnay 26%
Sourced from sustainably farmed & organic trusted vineyards, definitely unfiltered and very natural
Woodburn, Oregon
Owner & winemaker: Mike Hinds

Hazy orange slightly pinky that reminds me of the smoke we’ve been seeing here drifting from Canada. Just opened and sniffing a bit of dragged through the forest floor funk that will head out and a touch of smoke (not from the aforementioned fires), citrusy zest mix, a bit of fresh rain that clears the air and cools things off, apricots, peaches, mellow pears, and a hint of cinnamon. First sip and there’s a delightful natural sizzle, next up are pears along with an exhale of that bit of peat/smoke that fades, lemon & lime kissed, crisp apples, bright peach, apricots, kumquats, and a touch seltzer salty. All of this together blends into a magical mixture of a tangy homemade orchard blend pie that reminds me of my mom’s pastry concoctions.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: eh nah

As I’m learning more about Mike Hinds, I get where he’s coming from with his inspirational moment. Just the right wine encounter can awaken all sorts of emotions. For Mike it was a Vouvray as he says on his site, “’What is this? Why is this so magical with my food? How did this wine come to be like this?’ It launched an obsession.” This led to his path in wine education from working in shops, taking classes, working as a “cellar rat”, and eventually to his own company. Honestly I don’t know if I would have the courage to follow his path, but he  has proved it’s his destiny. Even when I picked this bottle up (it had just been unpacked with no shelf talker) I was told how excited they were about his new pét-nat. Ok, you know I have to mention the label. First off the artwork is gorgeous and I would love to know who is the artist. Secondly, something about this cat really grabbed my heart. Not yet but at some point I may need to add to our 🐈‍⬛ family, so casting that out into the universe.

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698 Bottles Of Wine On The Wall

Cal Xurriu
Xanduné 2020
Biodynamic, indigenous yeasts, unfined & unfiltered
Sant Sadurnì d’Anoia, Alt Penedès, Catalunya, Spain
Winemakers: Agustì Costa & Paula Sandoval

Orange coppery with rose tints drifting in sort of like a sunrise. Sniffing and there’s orange, a little grapefruit (not strong but gentle), lemon & zest with a lime nose tickle, salt breeze, a natural depth or a little good darkness like what you smell while crabbing on the east coast waterfront when I was a kid. (Have you ever been chased by fiddler crabs? Those little guys are feisty.) There’s also a light wave from a magnolia, rained on slate, something a little green like young acorns or raw green peanuts. Sip and tasting orange & back to that citrus mix with a lively natural tang vibe & a smidge of orange bitters, smoke, salt, a lick of limestone, crab apples, on the exhale green strawberries (stems, caps & all), and after time a splash of orange tea.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: ack berg no

When I saw the shelf talker state, “Chardonnay fermented on the skins producing a head turning wine that will have you questioning everything you know”, I knew this bottle was coming home with me, and yes it made my head spin in a good way. Agusti & Paula are bucking Penedès old time convention of growing large vineyards for bulk cava. Their plots of choice are small, very natural & sometimes hidden within other bits of growth. I can only imagine the excitement of hiking to check on the vines progress. They know this land is shared with native plants & animals: wild goats & boars, who can wreck havoc on any vineyard! Their choice is to hope and ask “please don’t come” because  “Life is about sharing”. From what I can find, this man truly loves being embraced by the whole of nature and has a deep gratitude to care for the parts he is gifted to farm. Good grief, this is bringing happy tears to my eyes. BTW there are only 700 bottles & I’m so happy for my 2.

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Enchanted Reality

Fattoria Corzano e Paterno
Il Corzanello 2021
Toscana IGT Bianco
Chardonnay 26% Sauvignon Blanc 20% Trebbiano 20%, Petit Manseng 13%, Verdicchio 15%, Semillon 6%
Organic, hand harvested
San Casciano, Firenze, Italy
Founded by Wendel Gelpke; now run by the extended Gelpke & Goldschmidt families

The lightest yellow green pale starlight. At first breathing in a little good floral funk that morphs into a little headiness and then lightens up into mellow pears, apples, a light blend of orange, lemon, grapefruit…citrus mix, and lychee. Sipping and all the scents are right there with a mineral conglomerate lick, along with ripe Kirbys (skins and all) green, a touch of light honeydew, honeysuckle, and a shake of salt.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: sharpens everything

This is a story of friendship and families. The Niccolini family held the farm for generations but when it became time to sell… the Marchese wanted his friend Wendel to get first dibs. Now that is a good buddy in my books. Over time he & his sister (Katerina Goldschmidt)’s family took up house, brought in Sardinian sheep (fab for their vineyards & cheese), restored accommodations (perfect for an architect like Wendel), and most importantly began producing wine. Their original aim was to not bounce off in many differing venues but to create the best possible product & be self-sufficient. Look at them now with their acclaimed cheeses & award winning wines. Btw if you want to read a very detailed history of this land’s past-future, please read Susan Gepke-Doran’s tale of going from art historian to farmer’s wife. I love one of her early perceptions, “The estate seemed under an enchantment, a romantic ruin”. It’s a start to not a fairytale but the reality of a  beautiful life.

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A Good Cat Scratch

Viña Echeverria
Pét-Nat Wild 2022
100% Chardonnay
Single vineyard grapes, from ungrafted selected clones of prep-phylloxera French rootstock
Curicó Valley, Molina, Chile
Organic (practicing), sustainable (certified), wild yeasts, unfiltered, family owned & managed winery
Technical Director Chief Winemaker: Roberto Echeverría Jr.

Hazy yellow gold with a shimmer of green and a bit of bouncing bubbles. Going in for the sniff and wah! whoa! There’s mango mellow, pears, with salt & touch of smoke, apple, citrus spritz, and a something green. First sip and whoa again! All of the scents are in the taste with that green that’s a fresh stripped apple tree twig & lime zest. It’s crisp, vibrating, and a tingle tangle kiss of the wild or a good cat scratch satisfying that itch.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: dances together well but I prefer going solo

Just have to say I love the fun the Echeverrias bring to their natural wines. There’s always a little tidbit, fanzine, instructions, or like this pet’s label giving you and heads up about what you’re about to get hit with “aromas & flavors up to 11” and that its open & inclusive and pairs with Waldorf salad, BFFs, and true crime podcasts🕵️🔍. Oh this is so my regal feline groove. 😽

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Sipping Langa Style

La Ganghija
Nebbiolo d’Alba DOC 2017
100% Nebbiolo
Treiso, Piemonte, Italy
Winemaker: Enzo Rapalino

Super ruby. Breathing in cherries, plums, earthiness along with smoke, and a bit of warm spice blend peppercorns, clove & more. All of the scents are right there in the taste with more earth, and as it breathes cherries & strawberries pop out more and eventually morph into Jolly Ranchers, and some anise on the sides & oak on the back. This glass is rolling in some depth that dances with brightness.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: yuck no

The last “La Ganghija” I had was back in 2021, and was their Langhe D.O.C. Chardonnay 2018 that was dreamy, unique & delightful. The Rapalinos had eons of generations working/selling grapes, but it took Enzo (and his family) to jump into the business of creating their own wine. Love & enthusiasm for Treiso led to his  dream taking root. Yeah, yeah I know enough with the vineyard references, but this one comes from the source. Their name “La Ganghija” in Piemontese means vine tendril which represents “small but powerful”. Well, this little green coil has now grown to have vineyards that reach from Trieso to Magliano Alfieri and Madonna di Como (Alba). Their family venture has an extended one too known as “Langa Style”. Enzo and 4 other guys from Langhe all studied oenology in Alba, and now bond together as friends and independent winemakers who support each other, promote each others’ wines, and believe it’s better to be colleagues instead of rivals. 🍷

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Something To Smile About

Domaine des Trouillères
Annolium Blanc 2021
Chardonnay 80%, Gamay d’Auvergne 20%
Organic, biodynamic, hand harvested
Les Martres-de-Veyre, Auvergne, France
Winemakers: Mikaël and Camille Hyvert

Gold with a slightest touch of green. There’s scents of pears, melon with a bit of musk & light smoke that fades in and out, then dandelion flowers, light hyacinth, and a pinch of pie spice. Sipping those pears now joined with green apples, a slice of honeydew and that touch of musk/smoke again that gives some oomph, smidge of gooseberry, lime & zest tingle, and as it opens longer and longer a little green/light pink strawberry that finishes with a mineral/stainless lick.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: delicious!

Is that what I think I spy on the shelf? Yes, I’ll admit it, the label with what looks like a cave painting of a deer sucked me in (I have a thing for all things ancient). Then I asked and was told by a very reliable source that this was a wine for me, and boy was she right. Reading Mikaël and Camille’s history brings a smile that I so need right now. Blending his wine studies & experience with her being an archeologist is a perfect pairing for their winery. Also didn’t hurt they had the opportunity to meet and befriend Jean-Pierre Pradier who was ready to put his Domaine into another’s caring hands. The lands were already organic since 2009 (now certified), and had the perfect “location, location, location” of Auvergne’s ancient volcanic soils. Now all of that is fueling their natural wines. See it’s something to smile about.

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Créé Avec Passion

Croix d’Irval
Premier Cru Extra Brut
Pinot Meunier (primarily), Chardonnay, Pinot Noir
Sustainable, indigenous yeast, hand harvested
Coulommes la Montagne, Marne, Champagne, France
Owner & winemaker: Jean Servagnat

Golden with tiny very active bubbles tracing geographic patterns on the surface. Once the cork is popped elegant & rich/savory fragrances flow out. There’s biscuits/scones (maybe even almond scones), a soft blend of cherry, raspberry and dark plums almost heading toward dried, and a warm toasty vibe. All of the scents are in the taste joined with a squish of citrus, Marcona almonds, and a savory dry toasty depth that makes you feel special. Comfortably festive and romantic!

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: crisp & delightful

Créé avec passion (created with passion) greets you when you first visit Croix d’Irval’s site. Reminds me of a quote by Elle Woods (“Legally Blonde” don’t judge I can see you shaking your head….)if you want to see why see below*. “On our very first day at Harvard, a very wise Professor quoted Aristotle: ‘The law is reason free from passion.’ Well, no offense to Aristotle, but in my three years at Harvard I have come to find that passion is a key ingredient to the study and practice of law — and of life.” Jean Servagnat has incredible passion for Pinot Meunier. He’s one of the few growers in Champagne making that grape his home grown star in his own label bottled creations. Hey, he even left a life in finance to follow that dream, and when you taste his bubbly, you’ll know what a wonderful thing that is for the rest of us that have a chance to experience his artful collaboration with nature.

*After 9/11, due to my job, my office was temporarily relocated out of state due to our building being damaged…very damaged…and holed up in a hotel for a very long stretch. “Legally Blonde” was one of the happy movies accessible to us, and I kept it on repeat. Was a good end to the day(s) of wondering where life would take us and you know what…I still love it.

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