Moment Of Elegance

Domaine des Gerbeaux
Mâcon-Villages 2020
100% Chardonnay
Hand harvested in small baskets, no herbicides or pesticides, just natural (biodynamic without the paperwork)
Solutré-Pouilly, Burgundy, France
Owners and winemakers: Béatrice and Jean-Michel Drouin (and son Xavier)

Glistening golden glass. Breathing in mellow pears, nectarine, mild honeysuckle & other blossoms, green & golden delicious apples, and a citrus squish (blend of lime, lemon, tangelo). This is an elegant swish on my tongue of full pears, golden delicious apples, honeysuckle nectar, and honeydew starter with a melon mix & a lick of limestone & salt. Just svelte and sexy like a bespoke suit.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: mmm takes you to the seaside

So this is what happens when two souls from winemaking families tie the knot, blend their knowledge & passion, and in 1979, take on the Domaine (started in 1896, by Jean-Michel’s grandfather). They are dedicated, if not obsessed with the health of the vineyards & lands (check out their IG page to see the beauty!) and especially the quality of their much loved wines. If you need proof take a gander at Berry Bros. & Rudd’s site, where they declare the Drouins produce “some of the best and most distinctive wines in the Mâconnais region”. On top of that they are very partial to their St Véran wine to the point that, “Berry Bros & Rudd take the entire crop of this cuvee every year.” Guess I won’t be able to get my hands on one of those for quite some time. Ah well, I’m happy with my bottle of elegance.

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Artfully Familiar

Nature’s Revenge
Millésime 2020
100% Chardonnay
Super natural, hands off, no manipulation
Carcassonne, France
Crafted by Pierre Caizergues & Antonin Bonnet

Pale yellow with green undertones and vibrant bubbles. Scents of pears, apples, fresh blossoms & I can just hear the bees buzzing & seeing their cute little bee butts wiggling in joy, and a light vanilla/Nilla wafer/almond croissant moment. Sipping and it’s limey lemony crisp, some pear and apple cider with a sliver of pineapple and honeysuckle as it opens. There’s also a sprig of grass, a light smidge of ginger that stays way in the back at first that gets lost, and a little almond and sparkling water mineral feel.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: oh yeah…it goes all creamy and but keeps it’s crisp tingle

I was like…wait, wait, wait…I know this artwork. It’s kind of like being at an art gallery opening, you look across the crowd, and can’t quite place the face that is heading your way until you’re both mid conversation. Sure enough, I’ve seen some of Oscar Lett’s work in person (on a building in my neck of the woods) and had no idea. What a beautiful hand in these murals and on this bottle. Check out how he blends nature & urban on his site. It’s truly breathtaking, and makes sense that it pairs so well with “Nature’s Revenge”.

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Message In A Bubble

Domaine des Tilleuls
Les Fines Perles
Brut VMQ
Méthode Traditionnelle
100% Chardonnay
Sustainable agriculture (HVE)
La Regrippière, Loire, France
Family owned and run by: Daniel & Evelyne Houssin (parents), Jérôme and Noémie (children, who look pretty grown up to me)

Light golden with a little green hint and very fine active bubbles drawing ever morphing Rorschach blots on the surface (Is it a signal? Are the bubbles trying to tell me something? 🤔). Scents float up of crisp pears, green apples, tiny white flowers, and toasty brioche bits. That first sip is so super lively and crisp with crunchy pears, golden delicious apples, lemon/lime spritz starts to vibrate on my tongue, a little mineral conglomerate, and honey droplets weave in and out with a bit of creaminess. It’s like a festive dance between the tart and the sweet/spark and smooth that lures you to pour another glass.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: do I really have to? It’s meh

5 generations of wine dating back to 1905, that kept evolving and expanding over the years. As one would expect, for a family sticking with the business for so long, they truly care about their land and product, with the latest generation looking toward the world. Jérôme emphasizes in an article from “Loire On Tour”, on the importance of seeing the relationship with an exporter should be treated more like a “partnership and not one of supplier and client” and traveling far and wide to where his wines are being sold. The good ol’ face to face definitely builds trust in any relationship, it means you care enough about others to make the effort, and you believe that much in your wine to want to share your gift to the rest of the world. 🥂

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Bringing The Right Pick

Swick Wines
Wyd? 2020
Bring It.
100% Chardonnay
Willamette Valley
Conley Vineyard, Yakima, WA
Produced & Bottled by Swick Wines, Newberg, Oregon
Winemaker/Proprietor: Joseph Swick

Light yellow gold with a smidge of green. Scents of pears, honeydew, light cantaloupe, and all mixed with a touch of earth & smoke and finally a tangelo/grapefruit squish. Tasting a mash up of pearpineappledewalope along with a smokiness that sings in good way, followed by crisp and zingy fresh citrus popping around, and the ever tiniest drop of pie spice…like on the exhale. Why can’t more chardonnays taste like this..oh that’s right, they don’t have Joe.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: fuller, richer and deeper…it’s different and I like with and without

Not my best friend’s mama’s grocery store chardonnay. Ok seriously, who didn’t that scar? That smack you in the face overoaked semi-plastic fatty taste had me shying away and picking a red every time they were the only two offered. So glad I didn’t give up on this lovely grape, and the first time I realized not all Chardonnays are created equal was an amazing moment (kind of like when Dorothy opens the door to Oz and it goes all Technicolor). You just have to pick the right winemaker and Mr. Swick is definitely the one for me because man, does he “Bring It.”

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When You Can’t Stay Away From Your Roots

Sambucese (The Heart of a Native Sicilian) 2020
Catarratto 70% Chardonnay 20%
Terre Siciliane IGT
Sicily, Italy
Made by native Sicilians and the man that brings them together, Charlie Verde

Pale straw and the slightest twinge of green. Drifting in are scents of honeysuckle, fresh rained on slate, and then shortly light lilacs pop up along with a blend of pears, peaches and nectarines. First sip and there’s honeysuckle, pears, peaches and nectarines again and this time very crisp with a spark of grass. Oh, this is a little fun surprise, there’s a tiny pop of Lemonhead candy (but not the sweet part) and some lime zest which is a delicious combination. You’ll be charmed by this youngster by first glass!

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: just smooth drinking

From what I’m finding, Charlie Verde couldn’t stay away from his Sicilian roots. Born in Sambuca di Sicilia, he did venture to the U.S. to seek his fortune & future. Time passed, a wife and family were included and it was time to revisit his homeland. Needless to say he felt that spark, the beauty of Sicily and it’s inhabitants and of course the wine. Now, he’s bringing the best of his Sicily to you (more than just wine too!), through Verde Imports, and as they say, “we understand that not only is quality of our products important, but quality of the people we work with, as well”. The honest, hardworking and passionate people that Mr. Verde has chosen are a recipe for delicious success.

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A Bottle of Family Heritage, Dedication & Love

Domaine Barmès-Buecher
Crémant d’Alsace
Brut Nature 2018
48% Pinot Gris, 36% Pinot Auxerrois, 16% Chardonnay
Biodynamic, Méthode Ancienne, hand harvested, no added sugar
Wettolsheim, Alsace, France
Winemaking family: Maxime, Sophie and Geneviève Barmès

Pale straw with very active teeny bubbles. At first my nose tingles and then there’s a light creaminess of pears and golden delicious apples (as y’all know is my favorite), a fresh tiny citrus squish that leans toward green fruit, next up are toasted mellow almonds, a little salt, and as it grows…whiffs of a fresh baked bâtard that go in and out. Here comes the sip. Sparkle, sparkle, zing! It’s crisp and creamy at the same time…a bite of green apples picked right off the tree with a lemon zest, Ya Li pears, nectarines, and a smidge of Marcona almond or macadamia nut on the backside which brings it all together in a glass of dry refined elegance. For the love of all things sacred, please do not use this in a brunch cocktail!!!

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: surprisingly fab and brings out the pears

The Buecher and Barmès families had wine roots in the area since the 17th century. Once Geneviève and François married along came the creation of Domaine Barmès-Buecher in 1985. Currently brother and sister (Maxime & Sophie) have joined their mother in honoring the family heritage, values, dedication to keeping everything biodynamic, respecting the terroir, and letting the moon guide them; which is quite admirable and a whole lot of hard work. They’re also keeping their wine team small with only 5 other members (other than themselves), and they look pretty bonded. If you take a peek at their social media you’ll see a recent outing they went on to what looks like an amazing spa day. With perks like that, this is a team/family that I wish I could join!

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Birds & Bacchus In The Vines

Domaine Des Rouges-Queues
Bourgogne Hautes-Côtes de Beaune Blanc 2018
Vin de Bourgogne
100% Chardonnay
Organic, biodynamic, dry farmed, hand harvested, spontaneous fermentation
Burgundy, France
Winemakers: Isabelle and Jean-Yves Vantey

Shining warm medium gold. Breathe in and a glass of springtime, says “hi did ya miss me?”. There’s apricots, nectarines, pears, a little honeysuckle and as time ticks along there’s a perfume droplet of spring flowers along with a little smoke that merges into the background and ends in salt. Sip and those pears appear, apples and also apricots but now dried and fresh, salt, thyme, a lick of granite, a tiny pinch of white pepper…and it all goes silky.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: ooh this is like putting cheddar cheese on a hot apple pie…delicious

Isabelle and Jean-Yves Vantey fell in love with each other and then with Sampigny-lès-Maranges. You know what you do for land you love (and the wild things that live there too)…you care, nurture, and give it your organic/biodynamic best like Isabelle & Jean-Yves. Hence the homage to their feathered friends in their name “Rouges-Queues” and the Redstarts on their labels. BTW Isabelle seems to be quite the nature photographer too. Check out her IG page for a little of their enchanted wonderland, and if you swipe down far enough you might catch Bacchus in the vines.

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Kitty, What’re You Meowing About?

Viña Echeverria
Pét-Nat Rosé 2020
98% Chardonnay, 2% Cabernet Franc
Organic, sustainable, vegan friendly, wild yeasts
Curicó Valley, Molina, Chile
Sustainable, low yield vineyards, estate grapes, wild yeasts, unfiltered, family owned & managed winery
Technical Director Chief Winemaker: Roberto Echeverría Jr.

For a rosé this is quite warm hazy antique gold with fine bubbles creating morphing shapes on the surface. Btw what’s up with the side-eye glancing cat. Is a selfie being taken? Breathing in wildly herbal magic, field flowers (like dandelions and daisies), smoke, dried and fresh apricots, peaches, bananas, and silt. Hello you adventurous wine, where are you taking me on a fun ride? Hay and grass tangle on my tongue along with apples, pears (calvados), citrus spritz, apricots, deep peaches, smoke, honey, and dried banana chips.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: ACK ACK ACK (hairball sound effect) ACK

So excited to get my 3rd wine by Viña Echeverria (Es Pituko Cabernet Franc & Es Pituko Chardonnay) and they’re definitely consistent in delightfulness and instructions on the label. This little kitty says to “shake me, chill me, drink me.” I’d listen to her advice…this family knows what they’re doing. Roberto Sr. revitalized the family winery, brought it into the modern age and dedicated so many years of his life to this passion. He had to completely replant and rebuild, but as you can see, it was worth it for his children (Paulina, Viviana, Roberto and Diego) and for of course us. Miao y’all! 😺 Oh and I just have to add, this label is just asking for a little good ol’ Tom Jones.

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A Dashing Waltzing Partner

Val de Mer
Sparkling Non Dosé NV
100% Chardonnay
Sustainable, hand-harvested & no dosage added
Sourced from Tonnerre, France
Co-owned: Patrick Piuze & Moutard-Diligent

Golden with a little warm glimmer and tiny bubbles popping all over. Those bubbles send my sniffer some apples, a smidge of apple brandy that walks out the door but closes it gently, toasted brioche, a little vanilla, and  an Oreo cream center. Smooth sipping ripe apples of all sorts, lemon lime twist, crisp like seltzer but not salty, touch of toast, and some mellow limestone. She’s a polished accomplished lady that I recommend keeping well chilled and she’ll shine through the evening.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: really good! Sharpens everything

Before this sparkler came into existence, Patrick Piuze, had a winding, globe trotting road to wine. Hailing from Quebec and 3rd son of a blue collar family, the vines called to him from what I’m reading when he was 18. With guidance and inspiration he worked with wineries abroad before returning to Montreal to open the wine bar “Le Pinot Noir”. Drawn back to France for studies and more experience he opened his own winery and became a Chablis master, or as it is said on Bowler Wine’s site, “Patrick has become walking encyclopedia of the terroir of the area.” Now with Val de Mer, he has joined up with Moutard-Diligent for a 2nd wine venture. The grapes for the Sparkling Non Dosé are from 25 year old vines and the winery (& above ground cellar) is in Tonnerre which is 10 miles from Chablis. He’s still all about minimal intervention and letting the land speak, and in this bottle it says celebrate and take an elegant waltz with your dashing partner under the stars.

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Generation to Generation

Domaine Victor Sornin
Beaujolais Lantignié Nature
“Les Monthieux” 2019
100% Chardonnay
Appellation Beaujolais Villages Protégée
Organic, sustainable, hand harvested, native yeasts, and NO OAK in aging
Lantignié (vineyard), Régnié-Durette (winery), Rhône, France
Winemakers: Frédéric Sornin (Domaine Frédéric Sornin) and his son Victor who this cuvée is named after

Light straw yellow. Inhaling crisp apple and pears, orangey bits floating on a fresh clean spring breeze, and clean wet granite. First sip and say hello to crisp and clean apples, then luscious pears, some tartness and tang from a smidgen of orange rind, and a little nectarine. It’s clean and fresh, a splash of salty; and no I haven’t been crying into my wine. There’s something bitter in the end. It’s like biting into rosemary but not the fragrant exhale, but all the fruit comes quickly back. I have to say, thank the Lord there is no oak and you get to embrace the pure chardonnay.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: ooh perfect! More fruity goodness

Frédéric Sornin’s father passed down the estate to him in 1990, and now he has his son Victor learning and working with him, so what better way to honor that than have two cuvées in his son’s name (a red and this white). It truly must be wonderful to watch your offspring grow while working by your side and sharing the same love of the land and creating wine. It’s such a beautiful snapshot of family love, and I bet Frédéric is one proud papa. Oh by the way, they’re also joined in the vines by free roaming sheep that graze and replenish the land, the natural-organic-bio way.

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