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Cantina di Mogoro
Le Giare (The Jars) 2022
Vermentino di Sardegna DOC
100% Vermentino
Mogoro (Mòguru), Alta Marmilla, OR, Sardegna, Italy

Light spun straw yellow. Breathing in apricots, peaches, honeydew, something like a cool/fresh stream running over rocks, smidge of baguette, and as it opens a citrus blend emerges of kumquat, lemon, and more. Taking a few sips and the citrus blend starts, soon  followed by apricots & white peaches, tart pears, even a touch of crabapple, a good lemon/lime squeeze and a shave of zest, s sprinkle of thyme & oregano, along with a bit of fresh cut grass. Absolutely delicious!

Pairs with Cheez-Its: brings out more of an herbiness

Cantina di Mogoro (dates back to 1956) and is still making fabulous wines that truly represent the beauty of Sardinia. Just another reason for me to ask myself (as I did even last week)…why haven’t I traveled there to experience all of this wonderful wine & food in person? I have to stop putting things off! Anyway, I’ve written before about Sardinia’s beautiful woven arts and it turns out Mogoro has their own art & craft festival (or artisan might be a better word albeit at times overused), “Fiera dell Artigianato Artistico della Sardegna“ (textiles, clay, metalwork like knives, etc. & more) where you can just look or it you’re so inclined can bring some home. The local women also have their own group passing down the history of their looms, “Su Trobasciu”, and I love this description of how they are set apart from other weavers…“In Mogoro the joyful floral explosions, capable of escaping the rigid schematisms more typical of other areas of Sardinia.” Way back in time they used to even have more than 600 of these looms which turns out was “more than one per family.” No wonder it is so important to carry on this beautiful & passionate tradition, and see how their members artistically & creatively grow in modern times. Now, when should I start packing a bag? 🧳❤️

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