Lighter On Their Feet

Core Wines (their house wines)
Crispy White
Organic & vegan
Abruzzo, Italy

Starlight with a blip of yellow green crayon. Breathing in and as it opens it starts off with Texas toast, then emerges honeydew & other melon balls, pears both crisp & full, fresh cool rained on paving stones that turn into creek rocks, and a smidge of wild chives/onions that I used to pick by the lake as a kid…that fresh sweet but savory green moment. All of the scents are in the sip with crisp green & crab apples, a lemon/lime crisp squish, and garden fresh peeled cucumbers. It’s easy-peasy fresh, crisp and lively.

Pairs with Cheez-Its: scrumptiously delicious

Djuce started popping up in my feeds maybe a week or so ago, so when I saw one in person of course had to try one. They work with organic/natural/biodynamic/like minded European winemakers and pair them with a cool assortment of artists whose work makes it a little hard to toss in recycling because you might want to make a little art shelf to display your collection (this can’s little creature is by Johan Alenius and check out the animation here ). Speaking on recycling & the good it does for the environment…since they are using cans, it also trims back on their carbon footprint. They’re also very portable and can be cracked anywhere like hanging by the pool, hiking in the woods (just remember if you bring it with you, take it back out with you when you leave),  dancing at a concert under the stars, or like me chilling on a hot summer night at home. Anyway, I bet you’ll find your favorite sipping spot. Oh and I know a some of you are still iffy on wine in a can. I’ve had my share of stinkers too, but these are definitely a hit.

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