Will You Do The Fandango?

Barranco Oscuro
La Traviesa Tinto 2020
Garnacha & Tempranillo
Organic, unfiltered, unfined, indigenous yeasts
Alpujarra, Granada, Andalucía, Spain
Manuel (Manolo) & Lorenzo Valenzuela

Chill this bottle but after the pour let it linger a while. Shining glass of maroon/ruby and a bit of bubbles. Breathing in raspberries, ripe strawberries, a slight touch of balsamic, and flowers dance in & out. Sip and it reminds me of a framboise lambic. There’s raspberries, pucker up sour cherries, dark & red plums, and a touch of cedar. FYI Joe, this one’s for you.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: step away from the bag…just say NO…but please pass me the pretzels

So if I’m understanding this right, if it were not for a politically motivated exile, this wine might not exist. During the era of Franco, Manolo had to leave Spain for France and was bitten by the natural wine bug. Once he was able to return home with high aspirations…or shall I say altitude…which is where he decided to cultivate & tend to his grapes with no pesticide. Their “La Traviesa” line’s grapes are still from 1,300+ meters up but sourced from local organic growers/neighbors. BTW this bottle’s name, it’s feeling a little bit naughty & mischievous (since they can’t officially put the “Sierra de La Contraviesa” DO), and giving a wink & nod to the 1935 flick, “Naughty Marietta” & the leading lady Jeanette MacDonald is sending you a flirty look from the label. Look closely and there’s also another treat in a phrase by trovador (troubadour) Epifanio Lupión, “¡Como la leche en la lumbre esta tierra ha de subir!” which led me to investigating Andalucía’s folk music & fandango, but I am stumped when it comes to the proper translation (betting it’s political). Can someone please help a fellow wine lover out, so I can stop chasing my tail and uncover all the easter eggs this wine has to offer? This educational adventure is fun, and so much more than the SNL bit from years ago, that first popped into my mind.

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Sipping Langa Style

La Ganghija
Nebbiolo d’Alba DOC 2017
100% Nebbiolo
Treiso, Piemonte, Italy
Winemaker: Enzo Rapalino

Super ruby. Breathing in cherries, plums, earthiness along with smoke, and a bit of warm spice blend peppercorns, clove & more. All of the scents are right there in the taste with more earth, and as it breathes cherries & strawberries pop out more and eventually morph into Jolly Ranchers, and some anise on the sides & oak on the back. This glass is rolling in some depth that dances with brightness.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: yuck no

The last “La Ganghija” I had was back in 2021, and was their Langhe D.O.C. Chardonnay 2018 that was dreamy, unique & delightful. The Rapalinos had eons of generations working/selling grapes, but it took Enzo (and his family) to jump into the business of creating their own wine. Love & enthusiasm for Treiso led to his  dream taking root. Yeah, yeah I know enough with the vineyard references, but this one comes from the source. Their name “La Ganghija” in Piemontese means vine tendril which represents “small but powerful”. Well, this little green coil has now grown to have vineyards that reach from Trieso to Magliano Alfieri and Madonna di Como (Alba). Their family venture has an extended one too known as “Langa Style”. Enzo and 4 other guys from Langhe all studied oenology in Alba, and now bond together as friends and independent winemakers who support each other, promote each others’ wines, and believe it’s better to be colleagues instead of rivals. 🍷

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Wine = Resource

Col di Corte
Anno Uno 2021
100% Verdicchio
Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi
Biodynamic, organic
Montecarotto (AN), Marche, Italy
Giacomo Rossi & Claudio Caldaroni (winemaker)

Springy light gold with a green sheen here and there. Scents of peaches with a touch of heady magnolia, a blend of citrus popping, and what I think is a little puff of smoke. Sipping those fresh peaches along with pears, a honeysuckle drop, blend o lemon, lime & zest, a squeeze of lovely Valencia too and every time I lean back and exhale there is a flutter of fresh cut grass. So fresh, “so good, so good!”…oh noooo now I have that song stuck in my head. Fully admit it, I can’t stand “Sweet Caroline” and still have nightmares of getting pulled into that karaoke. 

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: delightful. Neil has left the building

Have you seen “Natural Resistance” (Jonathan Nossiter’s documentary)? I did a while ago, and revisited it after meeting this wine. Turns out Giacomo was a producer on this film and that experience had a sway in his organic/biodynamic choices. Early on in the film, there’s a great quote by Giovanna Tiezzi (Pācina Wine), “We’re midwives. Our power lies in respecting completely only what nature gives us and understanding nature’s time.” At Col di Corte they definitely let that respect guide them, their lands speak through wine, and acknowledge each harvest’s seasonal bliss or twists & turns on each label in weather symbols. These guys are proud of their collaboration with their environment…their part of Marche, and that they “produce wine with the intention of offering a resource (not a product)” and a delicious one at that. ❤️

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Bottles of Discovery, Emotion & Growth

Azienda Vitivinicola Gianni Doglia
Ruché 2021
Castagnole Monferrato DOCG
Sustainable (members of The Green Experience)
Castagnole delle Lanze, Italy
Family run winery: Gianni Doglia and his sister Paola

Garnet with a maroon touch stained glass. Breathing in blueberries, tart cherries, wisteria & butterfly lilac intwined, blackberries & raspberries, and after a good rest butterscotch weaves in and out. Sipping and all of those tastes are here along with juicy plums, more cherries (fresh, dried & even the pit bite),orange zest, touch of anise and a tiny bit of warm spice. As all of these flavors roll around it reminds me of the taste of a fountain Dr. Pepper in my teenage days of working at the record store in the mall. Those were good times.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: lovely, sweeter & sharper

Castagnole delle Lanze…so beautiful & historic…who wouldn’t want to fall for this land and put down roots here (FYI in May they have an annual Barbera Festival! Now that’s my type of fun)? I can see why Gianni & Paola’s grandfather wanted to make the vineyards his, produce their own wine, and pass it on to future generations. Now, they’re part of Piedmont’s “The Green Experience” keeping everything sustainable, protecting biodiversity & more, which looks like it has really paid off. Big congratulations to Gianni for being crowned Gambero Rosso’s Viticoltore Dell’Anno 2022! 👏🏻🦐🥂👏🏻 As they say on their site, “every vintage, every harvest, every bottle that comes out of the cellar is a discovery, an emotion and an extraordinary opportunity for learning and growth”. Would be so cool to experience that up close and personal, and you can by booking a picnic in their vineyards with a guided tour to learn about their world & history through Gianni & Paola’s eyes and their infectious smiles. That sounds like a naturally perfect day.

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Share Some Memories

Casa Favöt
L’È MA L’È 2020
100% Pinot Nero
Vino bianco frizzante
Natural wine, sustainable agriculture
Oltrepó Pavese (PV), Italy
Owners: Fraschini Family

Super pale starlight with a tiny bit of green & teeny bubbles clinging to the glass. Sniffing something stirring old memories…it’s not exactly an almond croissant but more of a brioche or cookies from my childhood that I can’t find anywhere. They were in an assorted box from I think Nabisco (in the 70s) that my parents brought out on special evenings, and the biscuit had a fireplace imprinted on it. I would always save them for last because I didn’t know when I’d get them again. Ok back to the scents, baked pears, a mixed apple roundness with a bit of homemade cider, whiff of hazelnut, a bit of Kirby cukes, and white peaches. Sipping crisp pears, tart apple/crab apple & some smooth cider,  a sliver of almond in the back, lime twist, super young yellow plums, of all things a smidge of garden fresh yellow banana peppers, a little sizzle, and a touch of salt. After sipping over time, it’s really beautiful on the exhale.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: ooh goes a bit floral and sweet

Back in December was my first encounter with Casa Favöt with their rustic and charming 13PV, and learning about how their wines ended up being more than just something only for their family but darn good enough to share with the world. L’È MA L’È (It is but it is) isn’t a wine you want to sit on and squirrel away, but of the moment. As they say, “That moment in which these bottles are drunk, because you know when a good bottle is opened and drunk at the table with friends, relatives or simply acquaintances, the moment even if ‘it is as it is’ immediately becomes a happy moment and pleasant memory.” Keep sharing, making those warm memories, and please pass me another glass of this lovely wine.

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Behind (Or Beside) Every Great Woman, Is Another Great Woman

Pinotage 2021
100% Pinotage
Western Cape, South Africa
General Manager & Winemaker: Praisy Diamini
Consultant Winemaker: Natasha Williams
Viticulturist: Ruth Faro
Logistics: Jody-Ann Appollis
Accountant: Janine Goosen
Production Clerk: Nichole van Wyk
Quality Manager: Verna Ross

Shining ruby. Starts off with scents of tomato leaves (oh I love tomato leaves!), plums, prunes, cherries (fresh & dried), a touch of Pepsi, and a dried fruit bundle of raisins, figs & apricots. Tasting all the same fruit along with strawberry, blackberries, boysenberry, some garden fresh red bell peppers, lemon twist, a pinch of anise & forest herbs, and a bite of an olive pit. It’s young, lively, and a perfect wine for grilling season. Bring on the steaks!

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: actually smooooooth and adds blueberries

You may wonder why I mentioned the names of the whole HER team. Every single one of these women are important to the whole entity. As they say on their site,  “Each of us brings our skills, our heritage, our energy and our expertise. The HER Wines Team is comprised of a group of black women who, by grabbing at opportunity, working hard and relying on each other, have stepped into the world of business, previously unattainable to our families, particularly the women.” They also know the importance of giving back, and are setting aside 2% of their profits toward a scholarship for the driven, talented & passionate children from families that work with the vineyards where HER sources their grapes. Who knows, some of these young ones may be the next big winemakers that we’re all chasing for their next bottle in the future. 🍷

Oh and this has sparked an old Eurythmics (ft Aretha Franklin) song to get stuck in my head.

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What Do You Do In Your Spare Time?

Poggio di Cicignano – Vanempo
Aura 2017
Bianco Toscana IGT
Trebbiano Toscano 45%, San Colombano 35%, Malvasia Bianca 20%
Biodynamic, organic, hand harvested, indigenous yeasts, 5 days skin contact
Montemurlo, Italy
Michele Sacchetti & Laura Fabbri

Deep prehistoric amber sans the mosquito. Give it a bit of time to breathe, and out pour scents of a blend of apples & pears and a bit of their cider, citrus zest, a hint of candied orange peels, dried apricots, tangelos, and a bit of that smell when you roll down a grassy hill. Wheeee! Take a swig and ooh there’s oranges, lemon squeeze, all sorts of citrus zest, tart apple cider, dried apricots, what I first thought was a memory of circus peanuts but actually as it warmed, morphed into one of my favorites of childhood…the taste of Original Pop Rocks without the popping (oh I loved that feeling!), and at last a touch of oregano. Fun, lively and btw is really good with bacon.

I had been wondering where the name “Vanempo” came from (btw it’s a well designed logo), and turns out it comes from a combo of two words, “Avanza and Tempo” which pretty much means “spare time”. Well, Michele & Laura originally started this wine adventure in their “extra time” as a passion project. As Michele says, “I’ve always believed in beautiful things, and beautiful things arise from a child’s dreams.” They launched those youthful dreams, and turned them into a full fledged bio certified winery reality, filled with “hands off” celebrated wines. Now, that’s so much more then a side gig. Been working my way through their line up, and all the ones I’ve tried so far have been pure natural magic.

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🎶She Put Love Above Everything🎶

Azienda Agricola Luretta
Castello di Momeliano
Boccadirosa 2019
Malvasia Aromatica di Candia
Colli Piacentini DOC
Gazzola, Piacenza, Italy
Owner: Lucio Salamini

Orange light amber. At the start smelling a bunch of spring flowers that as it opens goes honeysuckle & roses, vibrant oranges & their blossoms, a blend of dried citrus peels, fresh lime zest, ginger, and oddly a poof of Lemonhead candy right after you open the box. Sipping and it’s just sweet enough with lemons, Valencia and Mandarin oranges, tangerine, ok…don’t laugh but a few Fruity Pebbles, a shake of salt, and a lovely drop of honey. It’s a beautiful start or end to an evening.

Malvasia Aromatica di Candia may have its origins in Greece, but the Salamini family’s is something truly special that is like nothing I have ever tried before. As they say on their site, “Malvasia is often produced in sweet or sparkling versions. But according to Luretta, this traditional method could not exalt all the potentialities of such a rich and intense grape. For this reason, since 1992, we have been producing Boccadirosa, a unique still white wine, which has not been modified for thirty years. Why? No need for change.” Boccadirosa aka Rosemouth, please never change, I beg of you! You are a classic elegant beauty…and as the lyrics go:

“They called her Bocca di rosa
she put love, she put love
they called her Bocca di Rosa
she put love above everything.”


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Pairs With Pina

Bodegas Altos de Montanchez
Vegas Altas Orange 2021
Cayetana 50%, Pardina 50%
Organic & biodynamic
Extremadura, Spain
Winemakers: Juan Sojo and Ángel Luis González

Deep warm orange amber. Breathing in and there’s so much at once! Starts with orange creamsicle, orange blossoms that goes earthy with a light touch of smoke, a bit of caramel, dried apricots, and mandarin oranges & zest. All of the scents are there in the taste with a bit of grass, a spice moment of ginger along with tarragon, and as it warms up apple/pear cider.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: smooth operator

Sounds like these two winemakers were thrown together in oenology school and their blend of specialties in farming (Ángel) and science (Juan) creates a perfect mix in their creation of their wines. Their grapes are sourced but they are really selective and particular about when they are harvested under the moon in September…or in other words just at the right bio time. Not to forget they are the only organic winemakers in Extremadura, and they have an extra ingredient of “patience”. Also I’d like to add about this particular bottle, I don’t normally pair a wine with dance/theater but this goes so well with Pina Bausch. The structure, the romance, the passion and the strength…so damn good. Please check it out alongside a viewing of Wim Wenders 2011, “Pina”.

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Where Wild Horses Still Roam

Aphros Wine
Phaunus Pet Nat 2021
Vinho Espumante Rosé
50% Vinhão, 50% Alvarelhão
Minho, Portugal
Owner/general manager: Vasco Croft
Winemakers: Tiago Sampaio, Miguel Viseu
Biodynamic viticulture consultant: Dominique Massenot
Viticulture manager: Alberto Araújo

Pinky/salmon with fine white dancing bubbles with a little bit of unfiltered goodness like a little piece of broken hard candy about one a glass. Scents of strawberries, tart cherries, a hint of teeny white flowers breeze through and seltzer. Sipping ripe & also young strawberries, a few raspberries & blackberries, tart & mellow cherries, cranberry pomegranate cocktail, touch of a lemon twist, and a zingy zaggy crisp spark. Such a happy bubbly and perfect for Valentine’s Day. It’s coming up soon you know…tick tick tick. As you know, flowers fade and die but this bottle is bursting with life and will make a beautiful memory.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: blerg NO

I knew these three natural winemakers names sounded familiar, but it’s the first time I’ve read of Vasco Croft’s past. His bio is a little mystical/magical with a youthful interest in astrology, then later a 3-D artistic leaning of various forms, a life journey of philosophies & spiritual, and evidently a pivotal moment of having a bottle of wine with a Buddhist monk. All of those experiences led Vasco’s life to the Aphros project, the team and their biodynamic way. Oh and when I say team, I’m not just including the people listed above, but also all the creatures joining them in the lands. Just the thought that there are still indigenous wild horses (yet endangered) roaming nearby & benefitting the area is truly exciting, along with sheep weaving their way through the vines and bees dancing from flower to flower. Their part of the world sounds like a peaceful piece of harmony. ❤️

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