Rock On!

L’Essenziale 2021
Prosecco Col Fondo
Colli Trevigiani IGT
Old school natural re-fermentation in the bottle, hand harvested, unfiltered, member of ColFondo Agricolo
Valdobbiadene, Italy
The Ruggeri brothers (Ruggero and Andrea)

Yellow with green hints and lots of fine active bubbles. First up are creamy yeasty fresh baked scents followed by a pears & mellow apple blend, touch of lychee as it opens, and over time a teeny very light citrus tingle in the way back…it’s beautifully light & dainty. Sipping and all the scents & creaminess are right there…gentle, free and as it grows more full with a little more of a lemon/lime crisp tingle in a good way, and a crumble of sugar cookie with a pinch of salt. Just a dreamy, enchanting glass of bubble love that has enough edge can pair with some good ol’ rock n roll.

Pairs with Cheez-Its: Not tonight

Ruggero & Andrea have designated themselves as “guardians” for their land, and what a beautiful rich, green, sloping vision it is. As in their own words, “We have the duty to transfer a little of the wonderful landscape in which we live into the glasses.” L’ Essenziale completely transports you to their history (how it’s made & etc) and celebrates their native grape. It also links you to a group (ColFondo Agricola) unified under 10 winemaking commandments, secondary fermentation in the bottle, and the sparklers being able to pass a blind tasting & seal of approval before they can carry the project’s logo on the back label. Oh and it doesn’t hurt if you like a little head banging to AC/DC, to join this sparky band of vintners. 🎸🤘Rock on!

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“It’s A Kind Of Magic”

La Masera
Anima 2020
100% Erbaluce
Erbaluce di Caluso DOCG
Settimo Rottaro, Italy
Alessandro, Gian Carlo, Davide, Sergio and Marco

Just like that good old yellow green crayon but shining. Breathing in white flowers & blossoms, mix of green apples, a  little green grass, firm crisp pears, a little bubbling citrus spark with a savory herb bundle with sage, thyme, & more, and of course my old familiar of that mineral spring house. Oooh this is delicious! Tasting green apples, pears, light honeysuckle, a sprig of fresh cut grass, a salt rim, and that same herb & mineral hit again. This is gentle, delicate and adventurous at the same time, and as it opens in the heat of tonight it blooms & shows its beauty.

Pairs with Cheez-Its: it’s ok but better on its own

Once upon a time there were five boys/friends that watched their elders revel & devote themselves to the growth & creation of an elixir, “Erbaluce Passito”, and well…it stuck. They did grow up, find their place in the world, but their minds circled back to that happy reminder from their childhood, or as they say “with our project we try to replicate those ancient gestures to give new life to that wonder of taste and inner search that springs out of a Settimo Rottaro Erbaluce Passito glass …”  Oh, to have a chance to recapture the past, harness a dream and make it real. Just like their native jewel of a grape…it’s a kind of magic!

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Nothing Can Be So Beautiful

Vini Conestabile della Staffa
Rustico 2020
Umbria Rosso IGT
100% Sangiovese
Monte Melino, Italy
Winegrower & maker: Danilo Marcucci

Ruby…think deep stained glass like Mary’s Immaculate Heart. Breathing in scents of cherry, plum, a dash of good funk then violets, mini roses, a slight vanilla touch, and a mix of blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, and as it says a rustic vibe. Tasting and it starts off tart & alive with cherries & plums, oil cured olive pits, dried crushed herb blend maybe tarragon & thyme, smoke, black & white pepper, juicy blackberries, red currants, tart & fresh green & pink strawberries, and a wood shaving from my grandfather’s shop.

Pairs with Cheez-Its: deliciously smooth

Y’all know how much I love wine, but it’s also the tales, the history, and what draws people to work the vines. Reading about Danilo Marcucci on SelectioNaturel’s site and they write he’s the first to say this is his wife’s land and “he is merely a guest, married to the vines and his wife Alessandra’s noble lineage” (dating back to the Middle Ages w an arranged marriage in the 1700s sealing the families’ deal). He just rebooted everything, and was lucky that chemicals were never used on the land, since he’s been called “Italy’s Lord of Natural Wine”. He learned from old school masters after being introduced to a glass of nature, and his philosophy is “No chemistry in the vineyard, no technology in the cellar.” Sometimes keeping it all about nothing can make everything oh so beautiful.

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What A Wonderful World

Cantine Benvenuto
Zibibbo 2021
100% Zibibbo di Pizzo
Calabria Bianco IGP
Organic, sustainable, hand harvested, native yeasts
Francavilla Angitola, Italy
Giovanni Benvenuto

Yellow green shining light. Sniffing and wow! There’s melons (honeydew with a bit of cantaloupe & more), pears, peaches, lemon soda & citrus blend with a touch of tangelo, a whole bed of flowers including a heady bit of wisteria & magnolia, dusting of vanilla/Oreo cream filling, and a lovely lush & lingering memory of a night filled with amore. All of those scents are there in the taste but a bit more festive & floral with a musky melon, a cream feel evened out with that citrus lemony lime-arita zing with a salty rim, and a gentle touch of our old cool spring house (sans salamanders). Just so good!

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: crisps it all up so depends on your mood

Zibibbo di Pizzo has one passionate champion and protector in Giovanni Benvenuto. After his studies in agronomy, he returned to his grandfather’s land and treated it (and still does) in the natural reverent way it deserved…going organic and sustainable. He’s also joined in his/their cause with a few other growers/winemakers (aka “I vignaioli dell’Angitola”) to resurrect, rebirth & keep this ancient grape (Zibibbo) flourishing. Honestly if there was a fan club for this grape, I’d be more than happy to join because this wine is flirtatious, romantic, just makes me so happy, and reminds me that beautiful experiences like this show me that we do live in “What A Wonderful World”.

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Modena Magic

Torre Tusini
Sparkling wine
Modena, Emilia-Romagna, Italy

Rosy berry orange magenta dappled sunset (sailor’s delight!) with teeny white bubbles. Floating upward to my nose at first is a beautiful creaminess, raspberries, strawberries, boysenberry, blueberries, heck…all the ripe berries! Also a splash of cherry & plum, that Easter morning scent of a bag of jelly beans being popped open (Hoppity, hoppity down that trail) and some fresh cut really ripe red watermelon. Those same scents are right there in the taste with a bite of lemon spitz, with a lick of watermelon Jolly Rancher on the exhale, and all that fruit flows in the taste yet crisp & dry at the same time. Best of both worlds and this is a really good bottle on this steamy night.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: delightful and sparky

As I’ve said before, Modena, what a city of magic. Is it something in their water (or maybe the famous Balsamic vinegar) that births great artists in multiple fields, such as Luciano Pavarotti, Enzo Ferrari, and Massimo Bottura? Now from this label I’ve learned of another, Ernesto Maranesi and “his writings… ‘Il Piccolo Vocabolario del Dialetto Modenese’ is a work of great historical and cultural value…he guides us to discover the expressions and idioms of the local dialect, providing a valuable testimony of the richness of the language spoken by ordinary people in the Modena area.” ❤️ the play of the name “Petnè” which led me to think of pét-nat, but as I found in the small type from Maranessi’s dialectology studies tucked down the side of this bottle, “Petnèr – Pettinare. Ravviare i capelli. -Petnerès Pettinarsi. Fig. Accapigliarsi, accapellarsi, acciuffarsi. Pigliarsi a capelli.” it’s more about styling or combing hair and maybe even getting caught up in it. Now I wonder which “do” would I rather get tangled up in while sipping this glass…Mohawk, Beehive or Flapper? What’s your vote?

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“Get On Your Bikes And Ride”

Tenuta San Marcello
Movimento 2021
Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi DOC Classico
100% Verdicchio
Organic, sustainable, and indigenous yeasts
Marche, San Marcello, Ancona, Italy
Winemaker: Massimo Palmieri

Golden spun hay. Breathing in pears, pineapple, mango, citrus oomph (like a good IPA), a little hey, hey, hay & cool wet slate, and a little mace with a smidge of crushed coriander. Sipping and here comes ripe fat bottomed pears, mango, pineapple splash, on the exhale a little fresh oregano, then next up are yellow ripe plums & a little twang that the skins give (just enough not overpowering), and after time a sliver of starfruit. Fresh, easy going, and I could sip this all afternoon swaying in a hammock under a tree.

Pairs with Cheez-Its: goes musky and loses the finesse & beauty

Tenuta San Marcello’s wines have always been a delight. I’ve written before about how Massimo & Pascale Palmieri left the city for a country, natural lifestyle. Massimo did have a lot of wine studying to do, and reached out to a specialist in soil and crops and also an oenologist. Trial, error and reflection on his grandfather’s love of making wine for family and friends, spurred him on to his beautiful bottles filled with heart and emotion. You can also get a chance to experience this life/dream they’ve built through their “Agriturismo e Cantina con Cucina”. Stay a while, learn the organic/sustainable ways, have some traditional meals, and of course enjoy the wines or as they call it, “Magic potion that transforms people in more attractive ones and stupid ideas in brilliant ideas”. I love that quote. You also might even meet the donkeys, and if catch sight of the one on the label, please send me a pic, join in and “Get on your bikes and ride”!

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Foxy Stole My Heart

Wild Nature Wines
Valpolicella DOC 2018
Corvina, Corvinone & Rondinella
Certified vegan, organic & biodynamic
Verona, Italy
Winemaker: Emilio Fidora

Shining ruby glass. Inhale and there are cherries & cherry cola, tiny roses & gentle bundle of spring flowers, raspberries, as time goes by a blackberry touch, and boysenberry. Tasting and this beaut is light, lovely and dry. There’s cherries (fresh & dried), blackberry (seeds & all bite), boysenberry, blueberries, tart fresh young plum and the pits, a tiny lemon squeeze in the back, a greenery exhale that’s a bit forest but not juniper, and a little reduction of it all. Even on a steamy summer night, I can really dig this…perfect for a backyard under the stars with a gentle breeze. Ok it’s still as lovely in my apartment near the BQE while the DOT rips up the asphalt under it for the umpteenth time. I’d prefer the sound of frogs to this cacophony of whirring & grinding machines along with the beep beep beep. I swear it seems like they do this so often. Wonder why city? 🤔 Future archeologists will unearth the truth.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: I like it. Deeper, darker, smooth

This is my 3rd “Wild Nature Wines”, but my first from their Valpolicella – Verona estate, and I’m so excited to have this little fox fall into my life. He’s just one of their beneficial neighbors that roam, hop, fly over, or buzz through their land, and grace their bottles. Must be wonderful to watch & listen to the wildlife, the breeze through the leaves and enjoy a moment of peace in such a beautiful part of the world (and not hear that infernal beep beep beep). Makes me grateful that the the Fidoras who took the care to insure their longevity by being the first estate to go organic in Veneto and Emilio to continue to further that path with going biodynamic & vegan certified. Thank you for making space for this little frisky 🦊 to be part of your wine family. He’s wiggled a way into my ❤️.

A Romantic Character

Cantina Valle Isarco (Kellerei Eisacktal)
Grüner Veltliner 2021
Alto Adlige Valle Isarco DOC
Chiusa, Italy
Co-op with 135 members
Enologist: Hannes Munter; Agronomist: Alexander Damiani

Yellow golden green starlight. Breathing in delightful peaches, pears, green apples, a breeze of grapefruit, bell peppers, honeydew, winter melon, and a few blades of fresh cut grass. It’s a bit of a steamy night here so it’s a welcome refreshing sip of peach, pear, apple, again that grapefruit drop & melon along with cool cucumbers. This glass is just begging for a dozen  oysters.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: brings out the crisp

Oh this wine co-op resides in such a perfect setting. Valle Isarco’s steep verdant vineyards is just so naturally breathtaking and beneficial. As they say, “In these winegrowing areas, the northernmost in Italy, where glaciers meet the gentle rolling hills of the Mediterranean, vines have been grown for centuries producing wines of great character. Thanks to variety in soils, cultivation areas and sunlight exposures, as well as to the particular microclimate, each vineyard develops a personality and special character of its own.” There’s another “character” I have to point out…the town of Chiusa (Klausen). Its tiny streets are wedged between colorfully painted medieval looking buildings that are varying to the point of a pastel rainbow and make me feel like I’ve dropped into a period piece flick. It’s a vision of sheer romance; and I can only imagine how much that is heightened with their Christmas Market where you’ll walk by candlelight & strands of holiday lights, sip mulled wine, and maybe even run into a night watchman.

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Making My Day!

La Battagliola
Gran Pignoletto DOC Millesimato
Spumante Brut
100% Pignoletto
Sustainably produced
Piumazzo, Emilia Romagna, Italy
Owner & wine family: Alberto Salvadori and his children (Beatrice & Tommaso)

Deep gold (kind of the color of an IPA/lager not hazy blend that my friend Bob orders at The Gutter) with active bubbles tracing continents on the top. Breathing in and it starts off with a vanilla puff on the first pop that turns into memories of Mom’s pineapple meringue pie, firm pears, golden delicious apples that as it lingers takes on a little caramelization, teeny tiny lemon tingle, and old time Texas toast that goes brioche. Going in for the sip and again there’s pears, my favorite apples with that crunch, sliver of pineapple & a little of it grilled, a tiny drop of honeysuckle in the back with a bit of lemon sizzle that happily grows to a perfect balance, and a touch of that toast reappears here and there.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: good but better without

I just love learning how people end up living the life of the vine, but I will admit sometimes I am a bit jealous. How wonderful it would be to inherit like Alberto and end up with their mother’s country house and realize your life is going to change. He went from logistics to farming! Once again another wine family living the dream. Just makes me smile and yes, yearn for that lifestyle. Oh and they’ve given me a little wine education from this bottle since this my first Pignoletto. Turns out after some genetic testing this grape is also known as Grechetto Gentile (or di Todi) which I have met in the past. So pleased to meet you Pignoletto through such an addictive delicious sparkler. You’ve made my day much brighter and lighter! 🥂

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“I Just Wanna Be Part Of Your Symphony”

Falanghina del Sannio DOP
Campania, Italy

Springy gold with a touch of green. Breathing in white peaches, ripe sun kissed cucumber, mango, lychee, and a bundle of white flowers, a light touch of grapefruit, and wet limestone after a cool & cleansing rain. All of the before scents are in the taste along with firm pears, lemon/lime squeeze & zest, a bit of yellow watermelon added to the mix, trace of honeysuckle stamen dragged across my tongue, and a mineral bit on the back.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: heightens everything

This is one of those wines that pulled me down the rabbit hole of information. Tales of the Samnites…witches, warriors & the written word. Ja’na:re is part of the co-op La Guardiense that has been around since 1960. They started out with only 33 members but are now around 1,000 and all very proud of their history which leads back to Ja’na:re or rather janare who were the local women/witches, “who weave the secrets of the earth with silvery moonbeams and dance in the shade of a walnut tree” and carry on tradition & natural knowledge to this day. Then there are Sannio’s men once fierce warriors are now strong & noble farmers driven with the same passion of their heritage. Finally there’s this bottle that comes from their “Alfabeto line” which their designs are Inspired by the Oscan-Samnite language/alphabet (btw it’s read from right to left and words are separated by dots). Grapes for this collection are selected from the best of their vineyards/terroirs and are brought together as they say “Just like conducting an orchestra where each component must give its best, guaranteeing absolute harmony to the whole”. Love that their gift to the world is this beautiful bottled symphony.

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