Keep It Chill

Swick Wines
2022 American Red Wine
Mourvedre, Malbec, Verdelho, and Pinot Noir
Organic & practicing organic
Yakima, WA & Newburg, Oregon
Winemaker: Joe Swick

Do you remember that jiggling color of cranberry sauce that slid out of the can during the holidays…that color. Scents started emerging immediately of raspberry, strawberry, cranberry, cherry& a little cherry blossoms too, apple/blueberry jelly bellies, dark plums dance through with some earth thrown in with orange zest, a touch of vanilla (or Oreo cream), violets, and the slightest bit of wisteria. First taste and there’s cherries/plums with depth, followed rapidly in the next sip of a mad delicious blend of raspstrawcranblackblueerry along with a tangy twist of all and a Skittle or two thrown in.

Pairs with Cheez-Its: sharpens all the flavors

Ok, as many of you know I love Swick Wines, and I’m betting a whole lot of y’all do too. When you see that distinctive font, you know you’re getting a winner. “Chillable” knocks it out of this blazing hot park with ease…oh, and take the optional advice on the  back label and don’t forget to fridge it. Love that they work with “historically farmed regional varieties” and also experiment with others to mix it all up. It’s like Joe is weaving the song of summer with his carefully selected grapes with this bottle…you know like that track you keep going back to and fuels your memories and keeps you moving and grooving through these bright months. What’s your go to tune? My latest is one by my favorite spinner Fatboy Slim and to my surprise it’s his 500th single. Check it and the video out, keep the Swick flowing, and keep it “chill”.

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