A Rocking Winemaking Jedi Master

Gönc Winery
Anna 2021
Dry Rosè
50% Žametna črnina, 20% Pinot Noir, 20% Pinot Grigio, 10% Blaufränkisch
Hand harvested, natural winemaking
Štajerska-Slovenia, Eastern Slovenia
Winemaker: Peter Gönc

Salmon on the lighter side. Beautiful mix of scents that sing summer…cantaloupes, honeydew, watermelons, strawberries, red currants, SC peaches from my old orchard (used to make the best hand cranked ice cream), and a whiff of slate. Sipping mild cantaloupe, strawberries, super ripe cucumber, peaches, lemon tingle, and a flinty mineral lick.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: makes everything more crisp and sharpen

I’m asking all of you to PLEASE watch “I Hate Everything About Wine”, a very short documentary on Gönc Winery. Just going to say it, I’ve never met this man, but I think I’ve just fallen in love with Peter Gönc within over 5 minutes of video. He hated wine because as a boy because his dad kept him working in the vineyard while all the other kids got to go out and play, so when he had his chance to head in a different direction he just took off only to realize later…maybe it’s not so bad after all. On return he realized whoops, he didn’t know how to make wine, so he just Googled & Youtubed. He somehow is like a natural wine Jedi Master or DJ. He feels what is right, and oh boy does it work. While he’s alone in the cellar, rock music keeps him company. One day he just wrote Starman on a barrel and it went from there. Names began to mesh with the labels, so you’re drinking his groove. Albeit the two I had weren’t from that series. Instead I got a UFO abduction and this one “Anna” named for his grandmother. Guess that means I’m going to have to pick up more asap to spin with some Bowie. ⚡️Peter you seriously rock!

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The Language Of Flowers

Sonshine Vins
Blanksia 2019
100% Colombard
Biodynamic, indigenous yeast
Jujurieux, France
Winemaker: Lisanne van Son

Spun gold. Breathing in and it starts out soft or should I say creamy with mellow peach, pear & apple, a tiny tangerine whiff, pluots, and salt. Sip and it elegantly glides in with nectarine, pear & apple, also those pluots again & green plums, a lime/citrus stabilizing spark, and lick of slate. It’s just fresh, delicious, and full of life.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: vibrant joy

Blanksia’s name is taken from Australia’s Banksia flower(s). I had always wondered what these exotic looking beauties were. Turns out they symbolize rebirth and new beginnings which could represent each part of Lisanne’s wine globe hopping tale. Originally from the Netherlands (somm life started there), then on to the stops in the UK & Belgium, next up is France where she set her sights on making her own wine in a troglodyte cave with grapes from reputable organic/biodynamic grapes which she was part of the hand harvesting. She doesn’t stop there either, bc there’s also Australia and another project with other natural wine friends in the Adelaide Hills. I can’t wait to see where or what she has coming up next!

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When Life Brings You Grapes

Commune of Buttons
Gloria 2019
100% Pinot Noir
Organic, biodynamic, indigenous yeast
Basket Range, Adelaide Hills, South Australia
Winemakers, owners & farmers: Sophie & Jasper Buttons (sister & brother)

Shining ruby with purple splashes. Ooh what’s that waving at my nose…strawberries, cherries, some forest floor with a dash of cardamon, and then back to blossoms. Tasting strawberries ( both ripe and green), cherries…and oddly a little of a cherry starburst (over time), lemon (fruit & zest), a splash of mandarin orange, red currants, and a pinch of white pepper. Just remember give it a little breathing room…don’t crowd it…a little extra space and time is a good thing.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: yummy

Jasper and Sophie came back not to get into winemaking but to revitalize their parents’ farm. Well..sometimes life just throws you a new route. You know how the saying goes, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”, and in their case it brought them grapes and influence & knowledge from natural winemaker Anton van Klopper, so then hey, make organic/biodynamic wine! Not only did they make wine but Jasper was voted in as the 2016 Best New Act at the Young Gun of Wine Awards. Guess they were really fast learners and got into the rhythm of the vines to the cellar. Also in 2016, they branched out past the farm to become a partner in the restaurant/wine bar and communal conversation place, “The Summertown Aristologist” which added on their “Cellar Door” in 2020, where you can do a wine tasting and if you like, take some home. Sounds like they are keeping quite busy in a beautiful way of life. 🍷

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Naturally Engineered

Pinot Noir 2014
McMinnville AVA
Biodynamic, native yeasts
McMinnville, Oregon
Owners: Moe & Flora Momtazi and their 3 daughters: Tahmiene (winemaker), Naseem (sales manager), Hanna (events & hospitality)

Ruby stained glass beauty. Breezing in are fresh & dried cherries, puff of smoke, plums, prunes, very ripe strawberries, roses, and dried marjoram. Tip and tasting cherry, a tobacco tingle, prunes, singed orange zest, raspberry, rhubarb, a pinch of earth, and a good berry darkness. Alive, bright and smooth all at the same time and stays that way over several days.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: mmmm silky

“Pure, female-made biodynamic wines: grown with intention, crafted in harmony with the land we farm.” Reading a statement like that always piques my curiosity, so I wondered about how did the parents of these brilliant young women start this wine dream, and it was more than I expected. Moe was originally from Iran, but had come to the U.S. for an engineering degree, and after finishing he returned home with his wife Flora in 1978. I was a kid back then and remember my parents having the news on at dinner and hearing about unrest and upheaval and then the “Iran hostage crisis” so I can’t imagine how their family felt when they knew it was time to leave. Luckily they did get political asylum in the U.S. and in 1997, they bought their farm because it turns out Moe did have more than just an engineering background…his dad and grandfather both used to make wine. From the start they were dedicated to biodynamic, so as for the pesky weeds…no problem just plough and turn the earth over and over and let it rejuvenate. Also instead of chemicals they use natural tea concoctions. As they say”90% of the winemaking is in the vineyard”, and it’s so gloriously natural with such a delicious outcome!

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Don’t Forget To Have Fun

Gabernik 23
Rose Piquette (Pikola)
Sparkling Wine
55% Blaufrankisch, 35% Riesling, 10% Pinot Noir
Sustainable, dry farmed
Štajerska, Slovenia
Small family owned winery passed down from father to son
Owner: Janko Bogatic
Winemaker: Nicholas Gee

Color electric cran-raspberry with a big pale pink poofy foam. Popping out of those bubbles are nose tickling raspberries, pomegranate, faint lemon, apricots and their blossoms, and dainty tiny roses. Tilt the glass and take a taste and it’s fresh, zippy and fun…like a last bit of summer memories. There’s watermelon juice, raspberries, those tiny roadside wild strawberries from Canada that I so love, pomegranate cocktail with a little limoncello splash, lilac, and seltzer. You’re not going to want this bottle to end.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: not bad but better solo. Let those flavors fly!

This wine is a reminder to have fun (and not to always be over thinking everything…like I can have a tendency to do), and if I could pair a painting with this wine, it would be Will Cotton’s 2010, “Cotton Candy Katy”…you know the one that was Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” album cover. I just LOVE Cotton’s confectionery dreams so c’mon join me and let’s head over to Candyfornia!

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Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo!

Populis Wine
Made in partnership with and farmed by Les Lunes Wine
Pétillant Naturel
Sparkling Wine 2020
Sonoma County
Zinfandel 75%, Pinot Noir 20%, French Colombard 5%
Organic, old vines, no intervention
Orinda, CA
Winemakers: Shaunt Oungoulian and Diego Roig

Shinny plummy cranberry. Take a whiff and there’s a little bit of natural funk/depth and hay that merges into cherries, plums, raspberries, a tiny crush of Sweettarts, and blood orange zest. Sip and poof and magic explosion…bibbidi bobbidi boo…berries and smoke all at once and a bit of a roll in the hay. (Oops, I think I lost my glass slipper!) Throw in some cranberries, raspberries, strawberries, jolly ranchers, and a little citrus spritz with a dash of raspberry vinegar. It’s a glass of fun!

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: absolutely delish and fresh

Shaunt and Diego’s Populis (they also have another wine line “Les Lunes”) is their more affordable gift to the world. Grapes are sourced from amazing old & organic vineyards and as they say other site, “And once we hunt down these special vineyards we do all we can to not screw it up — and by that we mean no additions, no intervention, no tomfoolery– just straight up“. Well, they must be doing it right because they are all sold out in their online shop and also Les Lunes  too (shhh…Les Lunes also has a wine club)! So if you want to track one down asap, head out to your local brick & mortar and hope they’re not all snatched up.

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Party Pig!

La Mongestine
Bob Singlar 2020
Vin de France
Merlot 40%, Marselan 10%, Pinot Noir 40%, Roussanne 10%
Organic, minimal intervention, & on its way to biodynamic
Coteaux d’Aix-en-Provence, France
Owners: Harry and Celine Gozlan
Winemaker: Maxime Gamard

Color shining cran-raspberry lollipop. It’s a light red masquerading as a rosé so give it a little chill. Take a little sniff and there’s raspberries, strawberries, dark plums, cherries, and a little natural funk wiggling there in the air and if you give it a time out…poof it’s gone. (Also if you wait a loooong time there is a whiff of hazelnut.) Tip and sip and absolutely freaking delicious! There’s raspberry, strawberry, boysenberry (giving that little tart spark). It’s fresh and light but this young little piggy has some depth and wonderment. Ok piggy doesn’t really fit, Bob is a wild boar, and from the looks and the glouglou…he’s a party animal. Dare I say, I could see him cheering on a rugby match.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: just makes it more fruity

Harry and Celine Gozlan took on Domaine de la Mongestine in 2017, but the land has a very long history (you can still find artifacts like pottery, etc in the earth) and had at one point been pretty much abandoned. They lucked out though because it was replanted in 2001, and certified organic in 2014. Another plus is they have a fabulous winemaking team that keeps it natural. If you want to see what they’re doing behind the scenes, you can even do a workshop to find out more about the whole organic process from vineyard to cellar, which I think would be a whole lot of enlightening fun. You’ll respect that bottle in your hand even more.

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Drifting Through Space On a Song

“Ground Control To Major Tom”
Pinot Noir 2020
Pét-Nat Rosé
Whole cluster, unfiltered, no added sulfites, and very natural
Templeton, CA
Cellared & bottled by Pomar Junction Wines
“Drifter” domaine project started in California from Wine Mc2 (Jean Luc Lametrie)

This is 80s Merry-Go-Round electric orange pink pour. Oh the memories of that store! 🤣  Scents start emerging of cherry-strawberry cotton candy, roses, mandarin zest, a smidge of lemon-lime and some creaminess. Sip and whoo! A ripe juicy cherry strawberry watermelon cocktail, blood orange zest, and weirdly Muscadine grape (which is bizarre since it’s not). We had a small vineyard of these when I was growing up. The grapes were delicious. The wine my father attempted was not. Keep on going and there’s seltzer crispness and smoke. Let it BREATHE for a little and you will be rewarded. There’s so many scents and flavors that pop out of everywhere and some of them mellow out later. This is one fun Pét that is ready to soar!

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: adds the flavor of grapesicle…BLEAH! Dreadful!

I am going to admit, I fell for the label. It’s absolutely beautiful and as fun as the wine. Whoever the artist is for MOOA wine’s bottles is seriously talented. And yeah, I’m a huge David Bowie fan, so having this song in my head on repeat is a real treat.

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Approved By Hitchcock

Pinot Nero 2019
Dry white wine
Oltrepò Pavese DOC
Organic,  hand-harvested 
Casteggio, Italy
Owners & winemaking family: The Odero family, latest generation: Valeria Radici Odero

The absolute faintest glimpse of blush warmth on a pale gold like a smile from a crush. Scents of wet granite, tiny roses, light cherry, peaches, and a little lemon in the back. This is a delicious jumble of peaches, nectarines, pluots, yellow and red cherries, a citrus splash, and a little funk way back. Within this mellow and velvety fruit basket there is a dry slate that ends it all quite nicely. Dress me up, dress me down…this glass is welcome anywhere.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: Nope it destroys the delicate beauty

Here’s a bottle tracing a hundred years of history (1919-2019). The latest generation, Valeria Radici Odero, can look back to the start with her great grandfather resettling back to Italy from the UK by acquiring a majestic new home on a hill called “Frecciarossa” (red arrow). Well this arrow’s real name was “fraccia rossa” (red landslide)…oops! His son Giorgio not only fell for the land but also Pinot Nero, and was so passionate about it he went to France to learn from the best. Bottling his own magic, the wine garnered notice…even a high alert from Alfred Hitchcock who downed a few at the posh Villa D’Este. Giorgio passed the torch to his daughter Margherita, and now we are full circle with her daughter Valeria. Can’t wait to see where the next 100 years takes them.

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Spring on a Wing

Wild Nature Wines
Prosecco Rosé Brut DOC 2019
90% Glera, 10% Pinot Noir
Certified vegan, organic for more than 40 years, and biodynamic
Veneto, Italy
Winemaker: Emilio Fidora

Salmon rose pour with delicate white bubbles. So alive and romantic! Breathing in a salty fizz, laid back strawberries and cherries, light cherry blossoms, red delicious apple peels, and a dreamy breath of Spring. This is a beautiful mouthful of cherries, strawberries, cranberry, and salt. The tingly bubbles also have a spritz of lime, and an apple roundness, a smidge of cinnamon on the back, and as time goes on all of a sudden a cherry jelly belly drops in. It’s a total party!

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: Makes it even more crisp if that is possible

Wild Nature Wines are essentially that. They have two estates in Veneto (Venice and Verona) where they live in harmony with the all sorts of four-legged and winged neighbors such as owls, foxes, rabbits, and even this regal and funky pheasant on this label. Each wine gets their own unique familiar drawn entwined with the environment and growing as one. I don’t know who the artist (anyone know?) is but they are truly talented. Talent also runs in this family, and innovation. Emilio’s grandfather (Guido), made history bringing on the organic over 40 years ago (Veneto’s oldest organic estate); and then Emilio decided to embark forward in the steps toward biodynamic and now they are certified bio and vegan and living up to their name.

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