How Did I Miss Out?

Casa Mariol
Garnatxa Blanca 2022
100% White Grenache
Organic & vegan
Batea, Terra Alta, Spain
Josep Maria & Marta Vaquer Llop (current generation and brother & sister)

Light yellow that grows as it breathes…kind of like the label. Breathing in gentle orange wrapped in a bit of lime zest & lemon squeeze, pears, green apples, lime blossoms, and a fresh free flowing spring water coolness. Zip…zap and all of the citrus is there in the taste with a bit more zest and as time goes more of that lemon/lime-ade blend, green apples & pears, light honeysuckle, a fun tingle, with a little herby bit of say oregano, flat parsley, and maybe dried basil on the back side with a salt shake.

Pairs with Cheez-Its: NO NO NO please NO

Casa Mariol describes themselves as “one big family” including relatives and their whole team. Not only does this “family” make fab single varietal wines like this Garnatxa Blanca (all of the bottles are dressed in their finest eye catching designs by Mirko Borsche)…they also produce distinctive vermuts (blanc & negre), and have a wine bar in Barcelona. Now here’s the one thing I can’t believe, I have never been to their bar. I’m pretty sure I even walked right by and didn’t realize what a delicious experience I was missing out on according to all the rave reviews. Feeling the wine walk of shame right now and definitely going to have to wander my way there on my next trip. In fact, in order to temporarily absolve myself before I get there, I’m going to track down the rest of their rainbow of bottles. 🌈🍷

Update: I picked up their Vermut Blanc…excited!

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