Pop Muzik

Domaine Arsac
Pop Color 2022
100% Sauvignon Blanc
Biodynamic/organic farmed, horses working in the vineyard, compost from their cows, native yeasts
Saint Jean Le Centenier, Ardèche, Rhône Valley, France
Winemaking family: Sebastien & Dimitri Arsac

Lemon yellow with a touch of skin contact orange-ade. Sniffing and there’s lemon, lime, a blend of Valencia & Navel orange. orange blossoms, a refreshing cool mineral rock, and greenery covered in fresh morning dew. Taking a sip and then another and all of the scents are in the sip with a gentle squeeze of light grapefruit, citrus zest with the tiniest touch of thyme on the back, as time passes there’s a bit of green bell pepper, and it all ends in a dry delight. BTW I could see beer drinkers turning to the wine side for this bottle.

Pairs with Cheez-Its: ACK I RAN OUT

This is my 2nd wine from Domaine Arsac, and both have been absolutely delicious & delightful. For those that didn’t read the 1st post on their “Rosé La Chaumette 2023”, here’s a recap on who they are, how they see wine, and their dedication to the land & the whole process. “Wine is an incredible social bond, and in order to introduce it to a wider audience, it is important to have an uninhibited, sharing approach. A glass of wine is a story of the lives of men, of territories, but also a story between friends.” The Arsacs’ shared story on their site took me by surprise. Their history begins with Gaston (the grandfather) and his return to France after being a POW in WWII. Honestly, I can’t even imagine what he saw, went through, and then the feeling of returning to his homeland, getting married and channeling his energy & passion into the farm & vines. The latest generation of Sebastien & Dimitri have followed in their grandfather’s footsteps by adhering to his old school teachings which has led them to becoming organic & practicing biodynamic. I know, I know…everyone says “organic”, but this family really cares about keeping tradition, digging deeper & expanding their natural knowledge for the good of all even in our hectic contemporary times. 🐄🐎❤️

BTW this bottle has given me the gift of M’s “Pop Muzik” stuck on repeat in my head.

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