A Novel Surprise!

Marine Dubard (Famille Dubard)
Sauvignon Blanc
Coeur du Mont 2020
Sustainable, HEV
Saint-Méard-de-Gurçon, Dordogne, Sud-Ouest, France
Winemaker: Marine Dubard

Twinkling starlight and I made a wish & got it! My nose is wiggling in anticipation! Sniffing a splash of light grapefruit, lively lemon/lime, pineapple, pear/apple smash, and apple blossoms carried on a spring breeze. Sipping lime & zest, pears, apples, that grapefruit again with a dainty touch of musk, a smidge of fresh sliced ginger but not a kick in the pants…just enjoyable, pineapple, and a lick of a rock or should I say limestone.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: didn’t get a chance to try since I was out and about

Oh this is one glass caught in the wild that rocked my weekend. I have such a soft spot for anything Dordogne/Bergerac, sustainable, and to top it off a female winemaker; and did I mention it’s at my local Sugarburg. Seriously what a surprise, when I strolled in last Sunday and found out they had switched to a new blanc(this goes so well with their shrimp tacos) and it is so darn delicious! There’s more than one reason I have affection for Dordogne, but a special one is the writer Martin Walker (I love his books, fictional & non). His “Bruno Chief of Police” series transports me with every page to a region that you can smell, feel, taste and fully immerse yourself in and begin to feel a part of this world. If you love a good mystery, better food, and fabulous wine…please check these out. I didn’t discover them till his “Black Diamond” which isn’t the start of the tales but you can still plunge in headfirst*. Who would have known that the books I’ve been carrying to read while solo would meet their perfect pairing just steps from home. ❤️

*Side note in case you’re still following along this far: “Black Diamond” was a life preserver of a book for me when I was sorting out a diagnosis to why my faulty body was such a hot mess that I now know is Chiari Malformation & Ehlers-Danlos. I don’t know what I would have done if I didn’t have Mr. Walker’s novels while I was dealing with my own physical mysteries. In a way they are part of my life that inspired @worldbyglass. Travel any way you can! 🇫🇷

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Pucker Up Sunshine

Geuzestekerij Hanssens Artisanaal bvba
Oude Gueuze
6% ABV
Each bottle matured for over three years
Dworp, Belgium
Blenders: Sidy Hanssens and her husband John Matthijs (4th generation)

Beautiful orange gold with fine light bubbles on top, like champagne. Pop that cork and out comes scents of lemon, lime, tart apple, tangy sourdough, and a few stalks of hay. Sip and it’s a very bright wakeup hello to your tongue. There’s lemon, lime, crabapples, rhubarb, and  vinegar that is a good thing. Also a little twist of black pepper and funk on the backside. Just deliciously fresh and sour and reminds me of some natural wines.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: meh

It’s really cool that Sidy Hanssens and her husband John Matthijs decided to take on the family tradition even though Sidy’s dad (Jean) did not teach her or her brother the business. Supposedly back in the 80s Jean even said “gueuze is dead”, but I beg to differ. This historical bottle is very much full of life. In fact this one was caught in the wild on a very hot day at Sugarburg. Sending a huge thank you to my dear friend Danielle for sharing it with me. I highly recommend you to pucker up with this glass of sunshine.

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Chipotle Redeemed

Wandering Barman
Miss Casanova
Hibiscus orange chipotle daiquiri with rum
19% ABV
Ridgewood, NY
Mixmasters/founders: Julian Mohamed, Roxane Mollicchi, and Darren Grenia

Cranberry color and reminds me of Hawaiian Punch Fruit Juicy Red. I will never forget my trip to Sea World as a small child and dining at one of the restaurants where one of the few things I could drink was that signature Fruit Juicy Red in a tall skinny glass filled with ice. Goodness knows how much my parents had to pay for that (it was scorching I had at least 8)…definitely more than this mixed drink. Shake, crack open, pour and smells just like the label says hibiscus, orange, and chipotle; but with the addition of lime. It’s like a fruity Jolly Rancher with peppers. Woof, first swig and there’s the fruit smoke bomb. Again hibiscus, orange, chipotle, and cranberry, lemon, and lime. That Jolly Rancher is back but the heat keeps growing. Ok you guys have redeemed chipotle for me since I got so sick of it from Bobby Flay. I used to run in the other direction. He killed blue corn for me for a while too. Do you know what this would go good with…fried cheese curds at Sugarburg. I can’t wait till they reopen. I also can’t wait till I can sit at a bar, sip a drink and play cribbage again and chew the fat with my friends. I know we’re getting there, and I’m counting the minutes.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: brings out more heat!

Yeah, I know this is becoming a thing. I’m hooked on Wandering Barman and am slowly working my way through the list. Even though the bars and restaurants are opening back up more and more, I’m not going to lie…having these easy access perfect pours are a bright spot on special evenings. One of these days as it gets warmer, I’ll find my way over to their “proof of concept”, Yours Sincerely cocktail laboratory. Their happy hours look fab at $5. BTW am still wondering who designed these labels. If anyone knows, please let me know. Very inventive across the whole line. I really want to tag them because they really deserve credit, and this is not my last Wandering Barman.

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Where’s My Burger?

Château d’Oupia
Les Hérétiques 2018
Pays d’Hérault IGP
Languedoc, France
Carignan 90%, Syrah 10%
Sustainable farming
Owner: Marie-Pierre Iché
Winemaker: Laurent Battle

Beautiful shining ruby just like those famous slippers. Inhaling buttery that goes away to develop into flowers, cherries, raspberries, plums, and earthy dried pine straws. Sipping dark cherry and dried cherries, raspberries, blueberries and a smidge of pepper. This is screaming for a really good fatty burger, or maybe that’s me screaming for that burger. Where on earth is it? Oh, and don’t forget that side of salt and pepper fries to go with that…Sugarburg any chance you’re delivering at this hour?

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: makes the wine more bold and structured.

Marie-Pierre Iché and her mother are now in charge of the Château (along with winemaker Laurent Battle), but Marie-Pierre’s father, André Iché, paved the way for them. As others in Languedoc were just selling their harvest for basically nothing to a co-op, he decided to invest in more sites that he knew would in the end produce in his favor. Being the only independent winemaker around, he took full  advantage of the wonderful terroir and produce quality yet affordable wines. The tales I’m reading, this was an amazing man who had a deep romance with his land, not just for the soil but also the historical beauty that surrounded him. Raising a glass to him and his family, who continue his dream!

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Searchin’ For My Lost Shaker of Salt

Frozen Margarita
Acquired at Sugarburg
Made with love

A tall takeaway glass of frosty yellow. Sniff and it’s citrus candy. Pop in the straw and again citrus candy that becomes tart and white pepper thrown in. Then there’s that tequila kick and small burn! This is so so delicious on this sweaty hot day, and I know I should only drink one because boy, this is strong.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: Heightens the white pepper and the tequila!

Ok, this is fun and I didn’t have to think a lot, and after one or two of these you won’t be able to either. Also pairs really well with Sugarburg’s Throwback Burger. Now that’s a mini-staycation for me. Happy holiday weekend y’all!

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My Oh My Pie!

Willie’s Superbrew
Hard Seltzer with Real Fruit
Sparkling Pear and Cinnamon
ABV 4.5%
Charlestown, MA
Acquired at Sugarburg

Very light golden pear pour and tiny champagne-like bubbles. Before I even get it anywhere near my nose, cinnamon is full on present and then pear or maybe apple pie. Sipping in pear/apple pie and cinnamon. Taste is true to the scent. It’s fresh and crisp and not at all sugary. Even though it is called a cold weather hard seltzer. I think this is yummy in any weather.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: cinnamon mostly disappears. This is now the third beverage where I have to say, “IN NO CASE SHOULD YOU PAIR THIS WITH CHEEZ-IT’S!”

Willie’s Superbrew, is really into the environment. In the past they’ve made a call to their fans to help “Clean up the Cape”; and they are committed to donating 3% of their profits to an environmental cause every year. They also want the public to help them select who receives this donation. Check out their site and nominate who you believe in, and then join in the vote!

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Solid Beer with a Purpose

Non Sequitur Beer Project
The Little Dipster
ABV 7%
Hops: Galaxy and XJA 46
Brewed by Keg & Lantern for Non Sequitur Beer Project
Brooklyn, NY
Acquired at Sugarburg

Cloudy straw color with a thick foamy head. After the foam has settled there’s tangerine, grapefruit, peach, and mmmmmm pineapple, and they say candied papaya on the label, but I’m not sure. Also a little funky armpit, but then my S.O. is an IPA drinker so that may be my point of reference. Taking a swig and it’s bitter piney, pineapples, grapefruit and a splash of some other citrus. To me this is more of a solid IPA and not a NEIPA in taste. No matter what, I know my S.O. and his IPA buddies in Cambridge would love this, so crack a can and celebrate summer! Would have also fit in well back in the day at Mugs Alehouse, and their Mystery IPA contest. Man, those were the days.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: does not change it one iota

Non Sequitur Beer Project has been donating to a lot of great causes from New York Immigration Coalition, Planned Parenthood, to the Restaurant Workers Community Foundation and more. Check out the rest on their site and help them continue doing the good work!

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A January Tale

Graft Cidery
Book of Nomad: Crystal Temple
January 2020
Cabernet Franc Black Currant Cider (Sour)
NY apples, Cabernet Franc Grape Skins, Black Currant
Newburgh, New York
ABV 6.9%
Wild yeast
Acquired at Sugarburg

After popping the can, I have a pretty glass of ras-cranberry. First thing that hits my nose are super fragrant flowers, then some orange peel, and here comes the hay. Next are strawberries, tart apple, more berries, and seltzer. Ok enough of sniffing, going in for a sip. Mmmmm tart strawberries. Wait maybe not that tart after all. Some cranberry, and currants from my past CSA boxes, raspberry, soda, a splash of lemon/citrus or unripe gooseberries, and some very fresh apples. Reminds me of a light frambroise, and it is a waaaaaay easy drinker.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: celery and strawberries oh my!

It says sour cider, and it is tart but a comfortable tart. It’s begging to be made into a cocktail, or just drink as is. This is one of the best ciders I’ve had. Well done Graft…well done!

Also well done to Caleb Luke Lin, the illustrator who designs all of their really cool labels and brings their Book of Nomad “fruited story series” to life. Check out his website, and if you want to make some of his work your own (prints, phone cases, bags, and more) go here.

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Grapes Plus Beer Equals Gose

Two Roads
Tanker Truck
Rosé Gose
ABV 4.8%
Stratford, CT
Brewed with 100% real grapes featuring Grenache
Acquired at Sugarburg

Pinky amber pour with a nice head. Yeast bready whiff and then smacked with of all things, grape?!, then strawberry, soda mineral, and some lovely hay. Let’s kick it back and yep it’s a gose. It’s tart, easy drinking, especially in summer, like a tart lemonade. Of course there’s that hay again. Kind of like a pét-nat with a shot of seltzer. It’s also sassy strawberries and raspberries with their seeds for that bite.

Pairs with Cheez-its: brings out the grape of all things and lessens the tarty lemon

Oh this is a good beer/pet. I’ve heard mixed reviews in the past. Some really hated it, and others thought it was amazing. I’ll say I came in with trepidation and was happily surprised. It’s a natural wine lover’s beer.

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Raise a Glass and Amplify Your Art

Collective Arts Brewing
Stranger Than Fiction
5.5% abv
Artist: Tim Barnard
Brewed in Stratford CT, (small contract batch made at Two Roads). Collective Arts Brewing is based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.
Acquired at Sugarburg

After cracking the can, it’s a dark chocolate coffee color with a big frothy head. Letting it settle down. Now here comes the wafts of coffee or should I say coffee cola, chocolate, molasses, and a touch of bitter like an almond or a roasted coffee bean. Tipping back my glass and tasting chocolate, coffee, refreshing, smooth, some sweetness but not overpowering, and a bit of baker’s chocolate cookie bitter delicious bite.

Pairs with Cheez-its: Turns the porter more bitter. If you really love the true essence of this beer, do not pair it with Cheez-It’s. I’ve only ever had to say this once before and that was a sherry, but let me repeat myself…IN NO CASE SHOULD YOU PAIR THIS WITH CHEEZ-IT’S!

Collective Arts Brewing has a fabulous program of pairing artists, musicians, video artists, etc. If anyone out there wants to join their long list of amazing artists, they are having a call out for “Amplified Voices”. From the site: “A call looking to expose issues of social justice and convey a sense of hope for a safer and more inclusive future.” Work fast because the deadline is August 31st.

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