Grapes Plus Beer Equals Gose

Two Roads
Tanker Truck
Rosé Gose
ABV 4.8%
Stratford, CT
Brewed with 100% real grapes featuring Grenache
Acquired at Sugarburg

Pinky amber pour with a nice head. Yeast bready whiff and then smacked with of all things, grape?!, then strawberry, soda mineral, and some lovely hay. Let’s kick it back and yep it’s a gose. It’s tart, easy drinking, especially in summer, like a tart lemonade. Of course there’s that hay again. Kind of like a pét-nat with a shot of seltzer. It’s also sassy strawberries and raspberries with their seeds for that bite.

Pairs with Cheez-its: brings out the grape of all things and lessens the tarty lemon

Oh this is a good beer/pet. I’ve heard mixed reviews in the past. Some really hated it, and others thought it was amazing. I’ll say I came in with trepidation and was happily surprised. It’s a natural wine lover’s beer.

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