Searchin’ For My Lost Shaker of Salt

Frozen Margarita
Acquired at Sugarburg
Made with love

A tall takeaway glass of frosty yellow. Sniff and it’s citrus candy. Pop in the straw and again citrus candy that becomes tart and white pepper thrown in. Then there’s that tequila kick and small burn! This is so so delicious on this sweaty hot day, and I know I should only drink one because boy, this is strong.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: Heightens the white pepper and the tequila!

Ok, this is fun and I didn’t have to think a lot, and after one or two of these you won’t be able to either. Also pairs really well with Sugarburg’s Throwback Burger. Now that’s a mini-staycation for me. Happy holiday weekend y’all!

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