Manners Maketh The Wine

Tenuta Belvedere
Moscato 2021
Provincia di Pavia IGT
Natural wine, organic, hand harvested, indigenous yeasts, “just flip the bottle a little not too much”
Montacalvo Versiggia, Oltrepò Pavese, Lombardia, Italy
Winemakers: Federica & Gianluca Cabrini

Shimmering gold with tiny bubbles. Right out of the gate and headed for my nose are pears & golden apples, yeasty moments of fresh out of the oven goodness, hyacinth, a touch of mango, pineapple & honeydew, and a salty breeze on the back with a pinch of white pepper. Sipping and all of the scents are there in the taste and a bit more honeydew with a pinch of some spice that I’m trying to place. I know it’s pepper related but a warmth that grows like ginger sprinkle…that’s it! Also a short scrape of lime zest and it’s all so crisp and lovely.

Pairs with Cheez-Its: beautiful bursts of fruit

Oh Tenuta Belvedere, you continue to make life brighter. Have lost count on how many of your wines I’ve tried and you never fail to deliver a beautiful bottle. There’s something I never thought to question before is why, WAI? Turns out it’s a simple answer. Gianluca’s MIL liked the Thai traditional greeting. How fitting for such a friendly and welcoming sparkler. Did you know there are 3 levels of Wai? Honestly, I didn’t until this glass led me to these lessons in politeness. For an etiquette tutorial check out this video: Learn Thai Culture | How to “wai” like a Thai ไหว้อย่างสวยงามแบบไทย ๆ

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