Sense Of Discovery

Tenuta Belvedere
Una Scoperta (A Discovery) 2019
100% Pinot Grigio
Provincia di Pavia IGT
Natural wine, hand harvested, indigenous yeasts
Montacalvo Versiggia, Oltrepò Pavese, Lombardia, Italy
Winemakers: Federica and Gianluca Cabrini

Golden amber or even coppery glint like Julia Child’s precious whisking bowls and grows even more the longer open. Sniff and there’s full pears, a little sherry (butterscotch/nuttiness but not heavy), orchard blossoms, a smidge wisteria, and when very first opened only the slightest bit of grapefruit/tangerine that fades…no IPA here…just light lovely love. Sipping pears, yellow plums, a bright and happy citrus blend (including a mild grapefruit squish) that’s dancing around with some Orangina, a little bit of honeysuckle nectar that circles and a touch of almond on the back (I can’t help but think again of a nod to sherry). A wondrous discovery that keeps beautifully blooming and evolving, and hey now later here’s some mango. Keep the flavors rolling!

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: NOPE step away from the bag

I love how Tenuta Belvedere keep creating bottled adventures that lead me down all sorts of paths. I wonder with Una Scoperta, if it’s about what I find in my glass or what moments of introspect it brings me. Maybe it’s just a combo of both, and as in their previous bottled delights, it’s full of their love and passion for  local varieties, keeping it natural, and family. You can’t help but smile from your first sip or encounter with any of their wines because they just vibrate with life, and this one brings you a sense of discovery

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Guilty Pleasures

Terra di Briganti
Falanghina 2020
Benevento IGP
Organic, biodynamic, vegan, and indigenous yeasts
Casalduni, Campania, Italy
Winemakers: Toni and Romeo De Cicco

Shining golden yellow that deepens as time goes by. Breathe in and that creamy mango feel floats in, pears & mellow mild peaches, tiny arbor blossoms, green apples, and I think the tiniest whiff of caramel but waaaayyyy back and so tiny toward the end that blends into salty slate. Well, well, well isn’t this elegant and damn lovely sipping with still a little natural flair, pears, a tad bit peach, mild mango, a smidge of papaya, citrus squish, and a lick of granite that finishes and then the cycle goes round again. It’s like a fresh smooch of summer. Now I’m going to have another glass and just stop dissecting and enjoy.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: yuck it ruins it. Stay away

Let’s see, this my 5th Terra di Briganti and the last was a “joy ride” (oh that chilled red Sciascinoso became my delicious go to), but this one is a guilty pleasure on a sultry afternoon. So what are your guilty pleasures? Come on, I know you have at least one…we all do. Mine are really good squishy stinky cheese, a towering raw bar plateau that must include langostines & periwinkles (and this bottle would pair nicely), chocolate dipped Oreos with a little sea salt on top, and lately…I’m going to admit something…watching old reruns of Hart to Hart and reveling in those oh so wonderful 1980s fashions, the cars, the hair, and flirty innuendos. Now don’t laugh, we all need our little escapes. Just grab a bottle of this wine and join me. If you do, I’ll make sure to save you some winkles.

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The Grape Collector

Domaine du Mont Verrier
Beaujolais Pierres Dorées 2020
HVE sustainable & working on organic, hand harvested, indigenous yeasts
Saint Julien, Beaujolais, France
Owner & winemaker: Gérard Legrand

Deep ruby and purple pops. Breathing in mellow fresh & dried cherry with a bit of vanilla, dark plums, prunes, dried Turkish Smyrna figs, raspberries, a bit of earth, and the lightest hint of cinnamon. Wow, all that and we still haven’t gotten to the taste, so here we go! Sipping a light & lovely summer red with a backbone that’s filled with tart and smooth cherries, prunes, young plums, raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, a pinch of black pepper, and a little bit of friendly forest pixie magic dream. 🧚‍♀️

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: makes it darker and a little more weight

This domaine has a lengthy history dating back to the 17th century that includes 2 centuries of Aubry family residence, a hospice, and nuns. Nowadays, it’s driven (and resurrected) by Gérard Legrand and his passion for the property’s past, and the part that fascinates me the most is his grape/vine compilation. His ampelographic collection and preservation ranges 200 grapes (some are quite rare)! That takes a lot of commitment, collaboration with French Institute of the Vine and Wine, hard work, research, and a little bit of obsession in a good way. As climate change continues we may all be looking to him, his knowledge, and foresight to keep us from running out of delicious French wine. Thank you so much, Mr. Legrand! 🍷

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Keep It On Repeat

Tenuta Belvedere
Coccìnea 2016
Provincia di Pavia IGT
100% Croatina
Natural wine, hand harvested, indigenous yeasts
Montacalvo Versiggia, Oltrepò Pavese, Lombardia, Italy
Winemakers: Federica and Gianluca Cabrini

Deep ruby darkness. Let it breathe just a bit and scents of dark plums, prunes, dried cherries, raisins, a tiny bit of dried pineapple, whiff of pinesap, and earthy hillside…just rich enough. Wow, the taste, is…this is so much or should I say a powerful embrace filled with emotion. Again there are dark plums/prunes, dried figs, a pinch of black pepper, cherries and dried ones too, strawberry caps and some grass, piney pops, blackberries with seeds for the bite, and blueberries. It’s a lovely harmony of field and forest.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: deeper darker harder velvet tang

My first Tenuta Belvedere wine, was WAI 2018, Sparkling Rosé and it was a glass of bright, fun “summer love”. Coccìnea 2016, is also full of love…but it’s comforting and passionate at the same time, and creeps up on you as you sip away. Kind of like a Mark Eitzel song, the way his voice floats and wraps around you filled with such warm emotion. Yeah, the more I think about it, dim the lights and put his song “An Answer” on repeat, pour a glass and it’s a perfect romantic pair.

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Perfume of Adventure

Vinos Malaparte
Pico Lunar Amphora
Natural farming, no pesticides or herbicides, indigenous yeasts & spontaneous fermentation, aged 8 months in amphorae
Cuéllar, Segovia, Spain
Winemaking family: Mariano de Frutos, Elisa de Frutos, Ruben Salamanca

Deep purple tapestry with a ruby rim. Holding the glass up and a puff of buttery caramel that floats out and then morphs into cherries, biscotti, raisins, cola, forest fronds, and a little of the green fairy. Alcohol alert…you have been warned because it will go into hiding as a spicy dried fruit but this is 14.1%, yet it’s soooo smooth. First splash on my tongue and there’s plums, cherry and dried cherries jammy, raisins, hay (that fades), sage/thyme bouquet garni, smoke, and after a bit more breathing time it is so smooth once again. BTW this wine will make you tipsy before you know it, so beware of wine goggles. You might fall in love with more than this wine, and sometimes…well you know, it can spell trouble, oh and don’t go shopping online while drinking…you might end up with a pair of 1976 roller skates…trust me.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: FAB! Love them

My 1st Malaparte wine was their Dindi Blanco which I loved and this one brings on that same feeling but is such a different deep lush creature. The taste and smell of their natural land and all that grows and nourishes their vines just shine in their wines. I love this quote from their site, “When you walk through the vineyard, in a second, you bring clothes caught on forever perfume of adventure. The scent of thyme, lavender, rosemary, odor open field, later, hunting and feathers. And how many of those scents we are in the wine after a spring and summer of coexistence with pines, lavenders, sage, thyme, rock roses and evergreens.” Ah, it’s a celebration of Tempranillo and their part of Segovia in a beautiful bottle.

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Roses, Satin, and Romantic Notions

Forti del Vento
AltoFhrà 2018
100% Dolcetto
Organic, biodynamic, hand harvested, and native yeasts
Ovada, Alessandria, Piedmont, Italy
Owners and winemakers: Tomaso Armento, Marco and Manuela Tacchino

Light red and somewhat plummy. Fragrances of cherries, cranberry, raspberries, a dozen roses, lilacs, and some natural forest funk that runs out the door. First sip and there’s a little exciting tingle on my tongue. Next are strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and all so deliciously juicy. Also a tangy spark in the very back of my mouth. Smooth easy sipping…like relaxing back on a satin pillow.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: Ack! No!

Their name alone conjure up dreams of castles, period dramas, and winds fleeting over the hills of Castelletto D’Orba (as I’ve said before, I’m a hopeless romantic). Guess that’s why I love the stories of the young taking on the mantle of the old and recreating their inherited land (from their grandparents) and winemaking skills into natural, organic, bio, and have been proudly accepted as a member of Vinnatur. They (Tomaso, Marco and Manuela) have such high standards and most importantly respect for their part of the world, and have a very important rule of their cellar, “Do not remove or add anything to the wine, so it can be the expression of the vineyard.” Sounds simple, but it takes a lot of patience, knowledge, practice, and of course the best ingredient…love.

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Country Wine & a City Snack

United Colors of Wine
Giallo 2019
Albana and Trebbiano Romagnolo
Organic, indigenous grapes, hand harvested, spontaneous fermentation, unfined & unfiltered
Brisighella (Ravenna), Romagna, Italy
Winemakers: Andrea Marchetti & Paolo Babini (Vigne nei Boschi).

Cool it but not too much…say like 58F. It’s a lovely glass of coppery orange/amber. Breathing in a whole lot…there’s orange rinds, apple and some apple cider vinegar twinge, celery, and grass. The apples are back again, along with hazelnuts, caramel, brioche, chamomile, and it has a total Manzanilla vibe waving it’s little scarf at me flirtatiously. A little bIt more and it lightens up and brings in some wild flowers, and is ever evolving. Tasting and that scarf starts waving again. Delightful crunchy apples, rhubarb, a sprinkle of hazelnuts or almonds, grassy/herby/hay/tangy/rustic mix, orange rind, and again a little brioche just a smidge in the back with a apple cider twinge, and white pepper. Smell and taste in total synch.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: I am very scared to try this…ok so it’s good, really good.

So there’s only 501 bottles of 2019’s Giallo. I had no idea! So happy to be one of a few from all over the world. It’s unique and tons of the spirit of the countryside where the Albana and Trebbiano Romagnolo grew in their own separate vineyards. They do get to mix it up together for 90 days with their skins too. Quite a little steel party until the bottling of this new very natural fun baby. I know this would be good with fried sardines, and you may think I’m crazy, but honestly I’m craving a fresh baked extra salty pretzel and a naked dirty water dog. Why not? A country wine for a city snack.

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A True Treasure

Galgo Wines
Uva Attack Airén Ancestral 2020
100% Airén
Organic (certified since 1998), dry farmed, hand harvested, vegan, unfined, and unfiltered
Alcázar de San Juan (Ciuded Real), Castilla La Mancha, Spain
Partners in wine: Ezequiel Sanchez-Mateos and Jesús Sánchez-Mateos Campo/Bodega La Tercia

Golden yellow shining pour with lots of teeny bubbles and some crunchy natural bits. Right after popping the crown cap vanilla hits me in the nose then gently hangs out with fennel fronds, cream or better yet Oreo centers, light coconut, and some floral funk fun. Tasting a mishmash of bright citrus and lemon rind, a vanilla touch that rounds out to lemon cream soda, and then a smidge of grassy goodness. Bright, fresh and beautiful and makes your tastebuds go kaboom!

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: even more crisp and apples and sharp, but it loses a lot of the grape’s beauty.

As I’ve said in a previous post, Sanchez-Mateos has the best job in the world! Owning Galgo Wines gives him the opportunity to travel, meet interesting souls that have the same love of wine, and when everything is just right and in synch, he can team up with the perfect match for each new project. Uva Attack Airén Ancestral pairs Ezequiel with Bodega La Tercia and their 80+ year old Airén vines (some pre phylloxera). Oh these are a treasure! The grapes are treated with kid gloves and carefully selected (they’re even double sorted in the cellar) so only the best ends up in your glass. They’re a gift or as it says on Galgo’s site, “Child of the earth, the best wine is not necessarily the most expensive, but the one that is shared.” Pass one on to the one you love.

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You Can Be Born Again

Le Quattro Volte
Bifaro 2019
80% Malvasia, 20% Mantonico
Calabria IGP
Organic, sustainable, sheep grazed and fertilized, and a member of Vinnatur
San Marco Argentano (Cosenza), Calabria, Italy (seriously breathtaking beautiful!)
Winemaker: Daniela De Marco

Deep orange gold (60 day skin contact) that is darker at the top and flows down. Has some unfiltered goodness. Reminds me of copper plates from my printmaking days. Before we get any further, don’t over chill. You’ll lose some of the beauty, especially in the scent department…trust me because I did on one of my glasses. There’s orange blossoms, wisteria, strawberries, a little greenery of parsley or grass, also orange/tangerine/grapefruit funk, and hay. Now lets get to the sip…oranges, lemon, and then it hits with apple pear cider with that lovely tanginess. Next up is light grapefruit that makes me think IPA but not overpowering, an herb like cilantro that fades, salt and then here’s that natural hay again popping in and out. Delightful!

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: mmm mellow and yum

Le Quattro Volte was not so long ago known as Masseria Perugini. There was a revamp of members, so a name change seems fitting. They’re now a power quartet of Daniela De Marco (winemaker), Giampiero Ventura and Emilio Di Cianni (agronomists), and the newest addition…Dario Brunori (aka Brunori Sas) whose song is now their moniker. He was inspired by the beautiful film or should I say a true work of art, “Le Quattro Volte” by Michelangelo Frammartino. Dario’s lyrics fit so well, “You can be born again, and then, be born again one more time, if you feel like it.” These four partners in wine are bringing that bit of rebirth to this beautiful, hilly, ever so natural and established piece of the world.

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Hands Off Creativity

Vigne del Pellagroso
Light White 2019
Field blend of Garganega 45%, Riesling 45%, and Moscato 10%
Monzambano, (near Garda’s Lake, Mantova, Lombardia), Italy
Chemical free, organic, biodynamic, Guyot training, indigenous yeasts, no cellar manipulation, unfined, and unfiltered
Winemaker: Antonio “Billy” Camazzola

Golden from the 3 day skin contact. Sigh, I would love a ring like that. Day two it appears even darker, or is it just me? So let this baby warm up a little to get the full scents of apricots, Red Delicious apples, pears, salt, orange blossoms that turn into lilacs and back again, a little mandarin, honeysuckles, and ginger. At first sip it’s a giant wow! There’s just so much going on.There’s peaches, apricots, yellow plums both sweet and tart, salt, crisp like you’re biting into a not completely ripe green apple. a twist of lemon, smidge of cardamom, white pepper and a little forest floor touch. Not overpowering…just like a pleasant walk through a fern filled wonderland.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: Nope don’t do it unless you want it to all go sour.

This is my first solo Antonio Camazzola wine (other 2 were paired with Andrea Marchetti), so here’s his story. Last time had to chop it up for IG. He started small when he was still in the restaurant business. Found a little bit of land that needed a LOT of love, and worked hard at making this chemical free. His “Vigne del Pellagroso” name also came from nearby where a long gone newspaper. Il Pellagroso was only around from 1884 to March of 1885, when it was shut down due to their director being arrested for being on the side of human rights, justice and proper working conditions which stirred up local farmers to strike. Needless to say the govt. wasn’t happy. It’s a fitting name for Billy’s wine since he’s so dedicated to biodynamic, organic and bucking the norm. He’s expanded over time, added in veggies, grains and flowers to make the bees happy, and still kept it green, natural, and bio! Bravo on your hands off creativity of the Light White! So happy I was able to snag one of the 2,000.

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