Something’s Always On My Mind

Bodega Frontio
Follaco 2021
Juan García 70%, Tempranillo 30%
D.O. Arribes
Vineyards certified organic, low intervention, native yeasts; & every 6 bottles sold = 1 tree will be planted in their forest
Fermoselle, Castilla y León, Spain
Thyge (Chus) Benned Jensen

Purple ruby stained glass. Scents of red currants, a bit of wild flair that flees, cherries, strawberries, plums, and an alpine herbal pinch. Sipping and it’s a light & fresh strawbluecranpomrasberry cocktail that has a lip tingling brightness and goes delightfully dry. Let it keep opening and a bit of tomato leaf roams out and the Juan Garcia begins to groove & grind even better with the Tempranillo.

Pairs with Cheez-Its: snacking good

After trying “Bébeme”, I knew I had to grab the other Bodega Frontio I could find (there’s others so I’m still on the lookout for more). Kept glancing at the label art, and started to see more than a bottle and a mountain range…remembering a trip to see the Grand Tetons and we all know where that name came from (those naughty French-Canadian trappers 🦫). Wondering if it’s just my naive or dirty rambling mind. So I was bit curious about this name and just like the previous bottle of “Drink Me” it has a little twist. “Follaco”, I’m betting has to relate to the Spanish verb “follar” which translates to a word that flies off my tongue way too quickly and sometimes gets me in trouble. No matter if I’m the one that is assuming too much and is lost in translation, I say give this bottle a try bc it’s good with things sexy or even spicy (like a good curry)…yes, this time I’m talking about food…do you really think my mind is always only on one thing…well other than wine?

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