Hands Off Creativity

Vigne del Pellagroso
Light White 2019
Field blend of Garganega 45%, Riesling 45%, and Moscato 10%
Monzambano, (near Garda’s Lake, Mantova, Lombardia), Italy
Chemical free, organic, biodynamic, Guyot training, indigenous yeasts, no cellar manipulation, unfined, and unfiltered
Winemaker: Antonio “Billy” Camazzola

Golden from the 3 day skin contact. Sigh, I would love a ring like that. Day two it appears even darker, or is it just me? So let this baby warm up a little to get the full scents of apricots, Red Delicious apples, pears, salt, orange blossoms that turn into lilacs and back again, a little mandarin, honeysuckles, and ginger. At first sip it’s a giant wow! There’s just so much going on.There’s peaches, apricots, yellow plums both sweet and tart, salt, crisp like you’re biting into a not completely ripe green apple. a twist of lemon, smidge of cardamom, white pepper and a little forest floor touch. Not overpowering…just like a pleasant walk through a fern filled wonderland.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: Nope don’t do it unless you want it to all go sour.

This is my first solo Antonio Camazzola wine (other 2 were paired with Andrea Marchetti), so here’s his story. Last time had to chop it up for IG. He started small when he was still in the restaurant business. Found a little bit of land that needed a LOT of love, and worked hard at making this chemical free. His “Vigne del Pellagroso” name also came from nearby where a long gone newspaper. Il Pellagroso was only around from 1884 to March of 1885, when it was shut down due to their director being arrested for being on the side of human rights, justice and proper working conditions which stirred up local farmers to strike. Needless to say the govt. wasn’t happy. It’s a fitting name for Billy’s wine since he’s so dedicated to biodynamic, organic and bucking the norm. He’s expanded over time, added in veggies, grains and flowers to make the bees happy, and still kept it green, natural, and bio! Bravo on your hands off creativity of the Light White! So happy I was able to snag one of the 2,000.

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A Day Under the Trees

Cantina Marilina
‘Fedelie’ Bianco Frizzante NV
Ancestral Method
Terre Siciliane IGP
Noto, Sicily, Italy
100% Moscato
Organic, indigenous yeasts, no fining or filtration
Winemakers: Marilina, Federica and Angelo Paternò

Orange gold with tiny natural bubbles. Starts with tiny toasty scents but ditches out and turns into orange soda (not Orangina), citrus peel, lemon, and that candy called something like ginger chews. Mmmm sipping orange fizz, honeysuckle, and pear cider-esque, with a dash of salt, tingly bubbles and a hint at the finish bitter. Fabulous pét-nat.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: pairs deliciously well and brings out the pear cider

This is my second wine by Cantina Marilina, and I’m just as impressed as the first (Sikelé 2017). This time though, I’m taking more time to look into the family behind the vines. Angelo Paternò worked for many years in the wine industry until he settled in Noto (a very sunny and windy area) and built his own cellar and vineyard. Working alongside him were also his daughters Marilina and Federica Paternò. As you can see from this sweet video on their site, the next generation is already pitching in too. They’re also very into keeping everything organic and natural. Keeping the fruit trees within the vineyard, using recycled paper for their labels, recyclable glass bottles, and real corks. Staying sustainable, the old fashioned way. Would love to one day visit and sit under their olive trees. You can relax with either their basket of a bottle of wine, pane cunzato, some of their jam, cheese and a Sicilian salad; or you can opt for a tasting of 4 wines, homemade bread and their olive oil, cheeses and salami, their homemade jams, Sicilian salad and scacce. Absolutely mouthwatering delicious!

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