Wine = Magical Destiny

Franchere Wine Company
Split Infinitves
N/V (2022)
Grüner Veltliner 74%, Chardonnay 26%
Sourced from sustainably farmed & organic trusted vineyards, definitely unfiltered and very natural
Woodburn, Oregon
Owner & winemaker: Mike Hinds

Hazy orange slightly pinky that reminds me of the smoke we’ve been seeing here drifting from Canada. Just opened and sniffing a bit of dragged through the forest floor funk that will head out and a touch of smoke (not from the aforementioned fires), citrusy zest mix, a bit of fresh rain that clears the air and cools things off, apricots, peaches, mellow pears, and a hint of cinnamon. First sip and there’s a delightful natural sizzle, next up are pears along with an exhale of that bit of peat/smoke that fades, lemon & lime kissed, crisp apples, bright peach, apricots, kumquats, and a touch seltzer salty. All of this together blends into a magical mixture of a tangy homemade orchard blend pie that reminds me of my mom’s pastry concoctions.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: eh nah

As I’m learning more about Mike Hinds, I get where he’s coming from with his inspirational moment. Just the right wine encounter can awaken all sorts of emotions. For Mike it was a Vouvray as he says on his site, “’What is this? Why is this so magical with my food? How did this wine come to be like this?’ It launched an obsession.” This led to his path in wine education from working in shops, taking classes, working as a “cellar rat”, and eventually to his own company. Honestly I don’t know if I would have the courage to follow his path, but he  has proved it’s his destiny. Even when I picked this bottle up (it had just been unpacked with no shelf talker) I was told how excited they were about his new pét-nat. Ok, you know I have to mention the label. First off the artwork is gorgeous and I would love to know who is the artist. Secondly, something about this cat really grabbed my heart. Not yet but at some point I may need to add to our 🐈‍⬛ family, so casting that out into the universe.

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