Between Two Seas

Chateau Turcaud
Blanc 2021
50% Sauvignon 45% sémillon, 5% muscadelle
Entre Deux Mers Blanc AOC
La Sauve, France
Purchased by Maurice & Simone Robert (1973) and now passed to their daughter & son-in-law Isabelle & Stéphane Le May

Yellow with green shimmers. First scent speeding out of the gate is grapefruit followed by tangelo, lemon/lime (just a lively citrus mix), a whiff of pine needles, mango, hmmm lychee, and crushed pineapple. Whee it’s a whole cocktail, where’s the little paper umbrella? Sipping and all of the scents are right there in the flavor yet pulled back & leaves me craving coconut, a little almond on the back, and the taste when you walked into our old spring house with all the cool fresh mineral driven water bubbling. I really miss that delicious so naturally clean water source that I totally took for granted as a kid and into my teens. There was truly nothing like it.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: ooh delicious

Chateau Turcaud purchased only 50 years ago is progressing & growing with the passion of the 2nd generation. Residing in Entre Deux Mers (between two seas) they have a nearby neighbor in the historic La Sauve Majeure Abbey which is now a part of an UNESCO World Heritage site. Through centuries it suffered damage from war, storms & earthquake but in 1960, France’s govt. took over in order to keep what was left stable. Now you can visit the beauty that is left and also this Saturday (June 10, 10am-10pm) for 8€ you can join in a wine tasting celebrating 38 local growers, check out games & other wine activities, and get your groove on with a DJ under the stars. ✨

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