Finding Paradise By The Stars

Hager Matthias
Riesling Terrassen 2022
100% Riesling
Certified biodynamic (Demeter)
Mollands, Kamptal, Austria
Owner & winemaker: Matthias Hager

Shining medium gold, Breathing in pears, something like an Oreo center, refreshing cool spring house scents from my childhood home, white peaches, smidge of grapefruit but not overly strong, tangerine, Valencia orange blend & blossoms, and apricot. Sipping and this lovely glass that brightens my spirits. There’s pears, apples, apricots, a citrus spark & lemon lime sizzle, honeysuckle, and way in the very back the teeniest ginger winks flirtatiously.

Pairs with Cheez-Its: Brings on a citrus rolling wave

Matthias has his head in the stars, oh and also the moon, sun, planets, etc. In other words, he is devoted to biodynamics and follows Maria Thun’s calendar (related to the cosmic rhythm) that guides the farmer/winegrower when to plant, tend, and harvest. This is so much better than me reading my daily horoscope. Anyway, he and his family are very in tune and devoted to their lands & vines…as they say, “For us, biodynamic viticulture means much more than ‘just’ making wine. It’s much more about understanding the context of life”. Wine is also as Mattias’ brother Hermann says is his “challenge” to pair with food that he has accepted with their “gourmet paradise” Weinbeisserei. The restaurant (culinary experience) has beautiful views of the vineyards, wonderfully crafted meals with ingredients sourced from locals or from his garden & his Turopolje pigs (they are really cute), and of course the properly selected wines. I guess they truly have found their paradise. ✨✨

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