Say it Loud and Proud

Dyke Beer
Tallgirl Gose
Brewed with Blackberry, Lingonberry, Raspberry, Himalayan Pink Salt
4.9% ABV
Brewed & Packaged by Greenpoint Beer & Ale Co. Brooklyn, NY
Co-founded by Sarah Hallonquist and Loretta Chun (organizers of Dyke Bar Takeover founded in 2017)

Pink grapefruit cocktail pour with small white foam. Strawberries, and raspberries first greet my nose followed by a whiff of grapefruit mixed with old fashioned fruity bubblegum. Sipping raspberries, tartness of the lingonberry, edge of blackberry, salt, and a lick of a lime wedge. It’s crisp, fresh, light, perfect for summer and is brewed in honor of: “Transwomen, Femmes, Drag Queens & the all the tall queer girls in our community.”

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: surprisingly good and brings out the berries

You know the old saying when life gives you lemons? Well, we all got a pandemic and “Dyke Bar Takeovers” had to shift gears and thus “Dyke Beer” was born. Everything I’m reading about Sarah and Loretta…well they are damn cool. They celebrate LGBTQIA+ and their spaces and saw a need in the lesbian bars they loved for better beer. Not just cheap whatever on tap but a really good craft beer. It’s more than that though. As they say on their site, “People could grab a Dyke Beer to go and bring home some solidarity with them. Dyke Beer says, ‘You exist and you are important.’” For now, there’s only a saison ale and this gose (which is also their special PRIDE beer), but according to their IG there’s a new seasonal one coming in September. BTW just from picking up this beer I’ve learned there are less lesbian bars now than there were in 1980. That kind of blew my mind.

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Golden Levitation

Omnipollo x Evil Twin Brewing
Even More Bianca
Raspberry Maple Pancake Lassi Gose
Sour Ale with Raspberries, Vanilla, Milk Sugar, Marshmallow flavor & natural flavors
7% ABV
Brewed and Packaged by Twelve Percent
North Haven, CT

Deep hazy raspberry pour that almost goes purple with a raspberry light pink head. There’s scents of milky/creamy raspberry candy, sugary marshmallow fluff, and vanilla. Sipping tart and sweet raspberry candy with a small squish of grapefruit/tangerine, the creamy center of an Oreo, and of course some vanilla. Oooh it’s like raspberry/strawberry cobbler with vanilla ice cream on top, yeah that’s it…well minus the biscuit dough part. This berry baby has a little weight or oomph to it. I definitely can’t drink more than one or I’ll be waddling. Just slowly sip and enjoy.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: meh, doesn’t do much…all the flavors overpower it

Now this is one happy brewery pairing! I feel like I found the golden ticket or should I say egg, and on that note a levitating one. BTW these are limited, so if you want one…go get it now!

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A Graceful Collaboration of All Parts

Public Access (in collaboration with Root + Branch)
Gose style ale w/pineapple + dragonfruit
8% ABV
North Haven, CT
Brewers: Ramón Manrique Hung, Anthony Sorice, and Ryan Mauban

Looks like a watermelon/grapefruit cocktail with a small light pink head. Beautiful scents of pineapple, dragonfruit, grapefruit, and spring flowers. This just smells delightful! Now on to the taste and there’s a salty mix of pineapple, dragonfruit, papaya, mango, and watermelon jolly rancher at the end. This is perfect for a sunny day and would be great for slow cooking pork!

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: doesn’t change a thing

Public Access and Root + Branch are currently both nomadic beer projects, but Root + Branch is working on building their own space in Copiague, NY. Public’s Ramón Manrique Hung has a true American Dream story. From Venezuela, he knew he wanted more and made his way to the US, worked his way from the bottom up in the beer/bar world, and is now a US citizen and a Certified Cicerone® (beer sommelier). It is true as cheesy as it sounds, that if you have a dream and determination you can make it happen. As for the guys from Root, Anthony Sorice went from home brewing to full on professional through stints with Three’s Brewing, Coney Island Brewing, and most recently head brewer at Long Island City Beer Project. And to think he went to college for European History…hmmm. Not to forget is his partner Ryan Mauban who is also a Certified Cicerone® who has worked for Michelin Star chefs, and in 2017’s Wine Enthusiast Magazine, he was one of the only beer professionals picked for their Top 40 Tastemakers Under 40. All three of these guys deserve accolades for how far they have come and how fab their creations are. Also have to give a nod Public Access’ graceful label art by Gizem Karatas (you can see more of her designs on their site). I’ve been trying to find a her site/portfolio, so if anyone can point me to it, I would love to view it. If the rest of it is anything like these labels, it’s going to be beautiful.

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A Phantom Dance of Life and Death

Nightmare Brewing Company
Colombian Necktie
Gose Ale
Soured on Mangoes, with Lulo, Soursop, and Colombian Lime Zest
7.2% ABV
Brewed & Canned by Dorchester Brewing Co. for Nightmare Brewing
Boston, MA
Founder and Phantom Brewer: Billy Powell

Very deep orange/deep gold with a small head, dancing bubbles, and some light sediment has settled the bottom. Scents of exotic mangoes, pineapple, and limes. This is a beautiful tropical drink! Transports me to a warm island, and would be wonderful with fish grilled on the beach under the stars. Glassful of mangoes, lime, strawberries, pineapples, rhubarb, kiwis and the bubbles make it so elegant. What a crazy description for a Gose named, “Colombian Necktie”. Although, after doing a little poking around, I did find this beer is influenced by Champús that has ties to funeral rituals in South America, which would explain the “necktie”. It was/is a form of tortuous death used to send a message and sometimes would be done post mortem, and appears to have started in Colombia during their La Violencia, civil war (1948–1958). Well…death may be the inspiration, but this goes is full of life.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: brings out the lime

2019 was a smashing year for Nightmare Brewing (Farmingdale, NY). They were named Best New Brewer in NY, Best New Brewer in US, and 2nd Best New Brewer Worldwide, and they keep cranking out the hits. All inspired by horrific history, mythology, torture, and of course death. What else would you expect though from Death Metal brews…cute puppies and unicorns? Oh, definitely not, just check out their labels (collaborations with metal artists) that leap off the shelf at you. This can has a concept sketch by Billy Powell after a break with his original artist this past summer, and is the last label that he calls, “sketched like a toddler”, because he’s found wonderful new artists after a post on IG. Bravo for the move, Mr. Powell!

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Searching for that Nut

Prairie Artisan Ales
Pineapple Upside-Down Cake
Sour Ale with pineapples, pecans, cherries and yellow cake
4.9% ABV
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Color golden somewhat fuzzy with very little head. After the pour it’s toasty-cakey and pineapple. Tilt back the glass and take a sip and it’s tart, pineapple smashed with cherries, lemon salt and sweetness, and then toasty after taste but not sure I’m finding pecans. They may faintly be there mixed into that toast. I grew up on fresh ones from my Granny’s trees. I never understood how they were so pricey in the stores. All we had to do was throw a stick up in the tree, and they’d come raining down. We’d spend hours in the living room near the fireplace cracking and picking them. That’s one of my happier family memories. It’s the simple things in life you cherish.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: Hmmm not so sour. More of that cake.

This is a light fun easy drinking sour-gose. Don’t over think it. Just relax, enjoy it, and take the break you deserve in this tipsy topsy upside-down world.

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Tacos Not Necessary

Off Color Brewing
Beer for Tacos
Gose style beer with lime juice and salt added
Malts: Pils, Wheat, Flaked Wheat, and Oats
Hops: Nugget
Secret Ingredients: Lime juice, Coriander, Pink Himalayan Salt
4.8% ABV (at least that’s what is printed on the can because the site says 4.5%)
Chicago, IL
Brewers and founders: John Laffler & David Bleitner
Acquired at Beer Boutique

Deep murky gold pour. The head disappeared pretty quick, leaving behind light bubbles. In a way it kind looks like a margarita. My nose says this is definitely a sour. There’s also a little mellow waft of corona (the beer), some lime and a little funk. Sipping and there’s tangy, sour, and then here comes the lime and coriander. Taking another sip and now I found that salt. Nice citrus too. Can see why this is a cocktail inspired beer because over time this grows into a sweet margarita. Yes, I can totally see why this would go great with tacos, but honestly, it’s great all on it’s own.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: brings out a sweet smooth lime flavor.

Reading about how Beer for Tacos is brewed, and it turns out they make it from two different beers. One is made with a Belgian yeast strain and coriander and the other is fermented only with Lactobacillus. Then they blend them and re-ferment with lime juice. Due to the Lactobacillus, not only is this Gose tangy delicious, but it also makes it good for your gut.

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A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That

Southold Farm + Cellar
Sparkling Rosé Wine
A blend of the pomace of all the grapes they grow
Texas Hill Country
Fredericksburg, Texas

This piquette is a dark watermelon/cranberry cocktail and a bit of bubbles. Intriguing… do let it breathe because there’s some natural funk. Got some gose a going here. It’s summer, so let’s kick back that swig. There’s tart, sour, white pepper, and a mix of berries. It’s light and fresh, and just go with it.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: Less sour and more raspberries. Got to love those berries.

Hey it’s only 4% ABV, and it’s hot so crack one and then another. Enjoy the afternoon, and grab a straw for this wine. Neneh Cherry – Buffalo Stance (Official Music Video)

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Grapes Plus Beer Equals Gose

Two Roads
Tanker Truck
Rosé Gose
ABV 4.8%
Stratford, CT
Brewed with 100% real grapes featuring Grenache
Acquired at Sugarburg

Pinky amber pour with a nice head. Yeast bready whiff and then smacked with of all things, grape?!, then strawberry, soda mineral, and some lovely hay. Let’s kick it back and yep it’s a gose. It’s tart, easy drinking, especially in summer, like a tart lemonade. Of course there’s that hay again. Kind of like a pét-nat with a shot of seltzer. It’s also sassy strawberries and raspberries with their seeds for that bite.

Pairs with Cheez-its: brings out the grape of all things and lessens the tarty lemon

Oh this is a good beer/pet. I’ve heard mixed reviews in the past. Some really hated it, and others thought it was amazing. I’ll say I came in with trepidation and was happily surprised. It’s a natural wine lover’s beer.

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A Glass of Stars

Papras Bio Winery
Pleiades 2019 (Orange Wine)
Roditis 100%
PGI Tyrnavos Greece
Biodynamic  and wild yeasts

A glass of orangey gold that is sparkling like the stars they’re named after. Breathe in orange peel, grapefruit, salt, orange blossoms, and floral. As it spends time opening white pepper smokiness appears. I’m feeling something of a beer here. Let’s give this a sip…orange, tangerine, grapefruit, and pineapple. Wow that’s a lot of fruit, yet dry. There’s also lovely smoke, spice, salt and oh so tart. Let it hang out for a while and you can taste orange blossoms and there’s that white pepper again. A beautiful spot-on orange wine. Also if you like Gose beer like I do, you’ll love this wine.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: Mellows out the tart yet it’s still lurking somewhat there.

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