Searching for that Nut

Prairie Artisan Ales
Pineapple Upside-Down Cake
Sour Ale with pineapples, pecans, cherries and yellow cake
4.9% ABV
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Color golden somewhat fuzzy with very little head. After the pour it’s toasty-cakey and pineapple. Tilt back the glass and take a sip and it’s tart, pineapple smashed with cherries, lemon salt and sweetness, and then toasty after taste but not sure I’m finding pecans. They may faintly be there mixed into that toast. I grew up on fresh ones from my Granny’s trees. I never understood how they were so pricey in the stores. All we had to do was throw a stick up in the tree, and they’d come raining down. We’d spend hours in the living room near the fireplace cracking and picking them. That’s one of my happier family memories. It’s the simple things in life you cherish.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: Hmmm not so sour. More of that cake.

This is a light fun easy drinking sour-gose. Don’t over think it. Just relax, enjoy it, and take the break you deserve in this tipsy topsy upside-down world.

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