Tacos Not Necessary

Off Color Brewing
Beer for Tacos
Gose style beer with lime juice and salt added
Malts: Pils, Wheat, Flaked Wheat, and Oats
Hops: Nugget
Secret Ingredients: Lime juice, Coriander, Pink Himalayan Salt
4.8% ABV (at least that’s what is printed on the can because the site says 4.5%)
Chicago, IL
Brewers and founders: John Laffler & David Bleitner
Acquired at Beer Boutique

Deep murky gold pour. The head disappeared pretty quick, leaving behind light bubbles. In a way it kind looks like a margarita. My nose says this is definitely a sour. There’s also a little mellow waft of corona (the beer), some lime and a little funk. Sipping and there’s tangy, sour, and then here comes the lime and coriander. Taking another sip and now I found that salt. Nice citrus too. Can see why this is a cocktail inspired beer because over time this grows into a sweet margarita. Yes, I can totally see why this would go great with tacos, but honestly, it’s great all on it’s own.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: brings out a sweet smooth lime flavor.

Reading about how Beer for Tacos is brewed, and it turns out they make it from two different beers. One is made with a Belgian yeast strain and coriander and the other is fermented only with Lactobacillus. Then they blend them and re-ferment with lime juice. Due to the Lactobacillus, not only is this Gose tangy delicious, but it also makes it good for your gut.

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