Famille Arbeau
Rince Cochon 2021
100% Negrette
Organic, less is more
Labastide-Saint-Pierre, Sud-Ouest, France
Anne and Géraud Arbeau (sister & brother)

Ruby/cherry haze. Chill it a little, let it breathe and you’ll start catching scents of cherry, blueberry, green peppers/tomato leaves, strawberries with the caps too, young raspberries, and digging in the dirt. Sip and it’s very bright tart cherries, bell peppers, blackberries, green bitey strawberries, springy green flowers, and it’s popping full of life and light…and needless to say it’s piggy perfect! Sooie! Yes, I do actually know how to call a hog…even though I’m a city gal now. You probably don’t want to hear it though, it’s pretty ear shattering.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s:  good but rather have a fried pork rind

As with many wineries, this family has farming roots (theirs from 1878), but as they say, “already, back then, it was the vine that led the dance.” Géraud had known for a long time he wanted to be continue in these wine steps, and aligned his studies for it. Anne ventured a different path at first, receiving a PhD in Fluid Mechanics before returning to the family business based in their lovely town Labastide-Saint-Pierre, which I ❤️ their description of “where cassoulet and rugby form part of our DNA”. Sounds like my type of place! Soul warming food, a fun scrum, and damn good wines. Cheers to that vine that keeps on leading, or to quote Bryan Ferry, “Don’t Stop the Dance”. 

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