Pair ‘Em Up!

Alsace Blanc 2021
65% Pinot Blanc, 15% Muscat, 14% Riesling, 6% Gewurztraminer
Biodynamic, organic
Alsace, France
Owner & vigneron: Jean-Baptiste Adam
Winemaker: Olivier Raffin

Yellow gold and a little green shimmer. Lovely scents of yellow melons, mango, a well shaken citrus cocktail, and pineapple,  All of the scents are their in the taste with pears, Lady apples, kirbys, and fresh basil herby in the back. Crisp, dry and hits the spot.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: oh so smooooth

This young Kuentz-Bas blend just sings of its Alsatian roots, tradition & terroir; and plays well with just about anything from a romantic candle light dinner of seared tuna in a black pepper crust to an afternoon in the sun backyard grilled cheeseburger with a side of onion rings. Actually this domaine got its start from a pairing. First there were the Kuentz from back in 1795 that blended through marriage in 1895 with the Bas family. Now it’s in the hands of Jean-Baptiste Adam (since 2004) and he and his team take great care of their lands and all that inhabit it with their biodynamic ways. If you want a moment of zen, watch this video of them prepping and applying the “Bouse de Corne”. With a workout like that you’ll never need a gym membership. 💪💪💪💪

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