Happy As A Lark

Domaine de la Chanteleuserie
Cuvée Alouettes 2020
Cabernet Franc
Bourgueil AOC
HVE certified
Benais, Bourgueil, Loire, France
Winemaker: Thierry & Christine Boucard

Chill it…more than just a little bit. Lovely dark ruby with maroon and bluish rim glass. Hover a bit and out floats fragrances of strawberries, raspberries, plums, currants, and buttercream smooth that fades in and out as it warms and turns into a creamy berry scent like a bit of a mixed berry smoothie, and there’s also a touch of green bell peppers, and lively white pepper. First sip and it’s a tart zip and then cherries, red and green strawberries and their caps, raspberries, blackberries, young yellow plums, and a peppery edge. It’s refreshing and begging for a hot day to head down to the river with friends and a cooler full. Who wants to push me on the tire swing? 

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: brings out a more mixed bag of fruit

Oh this wine and the Domaine are just happy as a lark! You can’t escape it…from their name to this cuvée, and it even greets you with our feathered friend’s melodious song when you pop onto their website. So why is this little birdie so chipper and chirpy? I’m betting it’s due to the Breton (Cabernet Franc) in it’s pure beautiful form, and also the fact that the Boucards respect and care about their land and everything in it. That’s something to tweet about!

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Aperitivo Time!

Punta Crena
Pettirosso Colline Savonesi 2018
Colline Savonesi IGT
50% Rossese, 50% Crovino
Sparkling Liguria Wine
Savona, Liguria, Italy
Organic (not certified, but it should be), indigenous grapes, saignée
Winemakers: Tommaso Ruffino & Family

Sunset streaked orange with tiny bubbles. As the saying goes, red skies at night, sailors delight”. Pop that cork, and there’s smoky scents, heady floral, orange and orange blossoms, peaches, lychees, mandarins, strawberries, creaminess and tarragon. Sipping and there’s strawberries, raspberries, a splash of blood orange, mango, papaya, a drop of cherry, and flowers keep blooming. Has an aperitivo hour cocktail feel…you know with the tiniest drop of dry of bitters. Bring on the prosciutto, sunshine, people watching and a warm breeze!

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: makes it a massive fruit smash up cocktail! Transports me to the tropics

Punta Crena’s vineyards have been in the family for over 500 years and not much has changed over the years. Here’s the perfect quote that sums it up on Kermit Lynch’s site: “Ask Paolo if the family follows organic methods in the vineyards and he’ll laugh. We’re not “organic,” he says as if you had asked about some crazy new technology. We just do everything the same way our ancestors have for hundreds of years. They even build their stone terraces by hand, using the method established here three thousand years ago.” They also work with indigenous grapes, like Crovino which if it wasn’t for this family’s dedication, it might not exist anymore because it’s a low yielding brat. One more thing you might notice about this rosé bubbly, it’s a bit more on the dark side due to the saignée method or bleeding. The extra juice left post skin contact (the bleeding) is what you’re looking at and loving right now. This is a bottle you want to kiss and keep a back up in the fridge.

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