Orange is the New Black

Castello di Stefanago
Stüvenagh Orangiosauro 2019
“Mi stai sulle bucce!”
Provincia di Pavia IGP
Fortunago, Lombardy, Italy
80% Chardonnay, 20% Cortese
Organic, hand harvested, ambient yeasts and unfiltered
Winemakers: Antonio and Giacomo Baruffaldi

Jail jumpsuit orange. Raising the glass and there’s orange, tangerine, and oooh barnyard. Waiting for the yard to bail out (not as much on day two).Ok it’s starting to fade and orange blossoms are added, but the hint of dark is still there (on day one), followed by salt and smoke. Sipping orange and orange blossoms, lemon, salt, and a lick of granite. There’s still some earthy darkness, but on day two it’s pretty much gone. Replaced with super light honey. Let it breathe more and it is refreshing, tangy and definitely fun. A fashionable glass of sunshine that would really go well with anything with cloves

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: more light and smooth. I kind of prefer it before the pairing.

This isn’t just an orange wine, it’s a wine that beer lovers would seriously enjoy. Kind of makes sense because on their website it says they partner with Stüvenagh brewery (and their logo/name is on this wine label). Also learning that Stüvenagh comes from the Celtic word for Stefanago. Another fun fact it the brewery is just as organic as the winery. If you want to get a good look as to how magical their lands and castle are, please check out this video. A little more than a minute of your time will take you on a vacation that we are all longing.

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