Like the Song of the Summer

Succès Vinicola
Patxanga Rosado 2019
D.O. Conca de Barberà
Catalonia Spain
Trepat 100%
Winemakers: Mariona Vendrell and Albert Canela

This is a deep and I mean a really deep rosado. Swirling and going in for the first sniff. Juicy cherry and watermelon hit you first. Next there’s salt, plums, strawberries, and something that may be basil. Trust me I’ve had a whole lot of basil lately due to summer. Now for the sip…there’s a tingle on the tongue. Dark cherry and watermelon explosion! Also some citrus tang, salt, and a dash of white pepper.

Pairs with Cheez-Its: the tingle is still there but they intensify this watermelon cherry love gusher

This wine is like a song of the summer, you want to keep it on repeat. Since I’m reading all over that it’s hard to pinpoint the song of this summer, I’m picking a really old fab groove to pair with this lovely glass.

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