Let it Grow Free and Wild

Mathieu Apffel
Cremant de Savoie Bulles de Rouzan NV
Savoie AOP
Saint-Baldoph, Savoie, France
Organic, native yeast, no filtration, and has been letting the grass grow as it wants
Winemaker: Mathieu Apffel

Pale yellow with big bubbles. First thing that hits my nose is creamy vanilla, lemon, and super ripe just picked cucumber that I left growing for a tad long in the garden, so not quite a melon but fresh. Sipping and it’s a little creamy, then a citrus zing of lemon and lime, a little crisp green apple, and brioche toast. Fresh and clean and dry

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: gives it more body which is odd but good

This would be good with an Epoisses quesadilla. Yeah, I love stinky cheese. I have a fond memory of it when my S.O. was working/living in Basel and when I visited, we would sit on the balcony and devour it with bubbly and beer. Smells so funky and tastes so good. All I can say was grocery shopping there was so amazing! The array of cheeses puts NYC to shame. I miss Basel!

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