Old World Meets New

Viña Echeverría
Es Pituko
Cabernet Franc 2019
Curicó Valley, Molina, Chile
Sustainable, aged 11 months in French barrels
Chief Winemaker: Roberto Echeverría Jr.

Murky rosy ruby with nice sediment. From out of the cloud comes whiffs of strawberries, raspberries, cherries, blueberries, and something toasty. Btw this is a chilled red and as recommended on the label, drink in the next 5 minutes, so let’s see what comes out first…strawberries, tart cherry tart, and all of the above but the toast. There’s dark stony finish, and a little oak and smoke. Also “Es Pituko” means “It’s Fancy!”, so where’s my bow tie? This is going to be a top notch night.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: fruit goes crazy

I feel like I’m drinking a bit of history from all over the world. Echeverría family roots started in the Basque region of Spain, then they transplanted themselves to Chile in the 1750s. 200 years later a taste of France (and pre-phylloxera French vines) was brought to the town of Molina by Roger Piffre de Vauban coming to Curicó Valley. As time went by and their families blended through marriage, offspring, and two wineries. Next Roberto Echeverría brought in a splash of the U.S. through his studies at Cornell and degrees in agronomy, winemaking, and economics; and living and working for a while in D.C. for the World Bank. Feeling the pull and seeing the great possibilities, they returned to Chile and rebuilt and revitalized the family winery. Now Roberto’s sons and daughters are the latest generation that are hands on and just as passionate about the land, their wines, keeping it sustainable, and keeping it natural.

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