Hidden Treasures

Domaine L&C Poitout
A.O.C. Bourgogne Blanc 2021
Organic, HVE since 2018, hand harvested, keeping it as natural as possible
Burgundy, France
Louis and Catherine Poitout

Straw yellow golden with a green pop. Sniff and there’s easy going apples & pears with a touch of cream, honeydew & a little cantaloupe, orchard blossoms, a salty shake, and a spice I know but my brain is not working…maybe nutmeg…yeah it’s nutmeg. All of the scents are there with a citrus squish of lemon, lime, grapefruit, a little tangerine, and a refreshing bit of summer ripe cucumbers…all in all very clean and bright.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: NO!

I ❤️ stories like Louis and Catherine’s. Childhood friends with family histories in vines & wine, who fall in love, grow together, leave the nest only later to return to Chablis & join their inherited plots to create their own winery…or as they say on their site, they’re “two destinies” growing as one. So it’s not only their tale of romance for each other but also their passion for their lands & vineyards. They also bought another parcel in 2012, that came with a bit of a surprise. After some pruning and investigating they realized (and verified) these were own-rooted vines and possibly 150-200 years old, and due to the soil are phylloxera resistant. Now that is quite a cool hidden treasure to find!

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